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Preparation and Application of Carbon Molecular Sieves

Author: NieLiHong
Tutor: XuShaoPing
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Chemical processes
Keywords: Carbon molecular sieve Acrylamide Vapor - phase carbon deposition CBM Breakthrough curves
CLC: TQ424.25
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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This work consists of three parts: the development of new carbon molecular sieve (Carbon Molecular Sieve, CMS) binder, gas carbon deposition adjust the the CMS aperture and CMS separation the CH 4 / the N 2 . In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the CMS during the preparation, the use of acrylamide as a binder preparation CMS. Acrylamide pyrolysis between 220-400 ° C pyrolysis, the final carbon residue of about 26%, mainly gaseous products generated NH 3 , CO, H 2 and phenolic resin, coal tar environmental pollution compared to small, the pyrolysis products easy to handle, can be used as a CMS Binder. The experiment investigated of acrylamide ingredients and additives for the CMS particle strength, as well as acrylamide as the binder, coconut shell as a raw material preparation CMS empty stars performance. The final system had higher strength PSA air separation the product gas N 2 > 96% of the CMS. The vapor-phase carbon deposition is to adjust the the CMS pore size of the most commonly used means. Adjust the CMS aperture on the vapor-phase carbon deposition is mainly divided into three parts: a carbon deposition had a certain air separation performance of CMS, CMS air separation performance, study the deposition secondary carbon deposition process - adaptive re-opening process preparation CMS. Detailed study of the deposition concentration and deposition time on the effect of the preparation CMS, air separation products the gas N 2 about 99% of the CMS sample by carbon deposition preparation time. Second carbon deposition process preparing CMS, and the effects of the concentration of secondary carbon deposition, time, temperature impact performance for preparing CMS, prepared by the higher nitrogen recoveries CMS. Deposition - adaptive re-openings prepared by CMS, the air separation the product gas N 2 99%, the oxygen content of the exhaust> 32% performance excellent CMS. O different CMS sample 2 , N 2 diffusion coefficient of determination and SEM, pore size distribution characterization proved a hole through secondary carbon deposition and deposition - activation process , reducing the size of the aperture of the CMS, the CMS O 2 selective adsorption to improve the performance of the the CMS pressure swing adsorption air separation. CMS PSA nitrogen economic benefit to small and medium-sized factories, using CMS diffusion kinetics purification CBM, will bring huge economic and social benefits. To this end, the CMS adsorbent, by analyzing the CH 4 and N 2 and mixtures thereof in the CMS on the breakthrough curves, determine the initial CMS purification of CBM feasibility and the need to improve the direction. Experimental design and installation of single-column breakthrough curve device to study the adsorption temperature, adsorption pressure to separate the effects of nitrogen and methane adsorption column outlet flow rate of operating parameters on the CMS. Comparison of CMS and activated carbon separation the CH 4 / the N 2 of difference, and CMS The CH was separated / N 2 and N , 2 / O 2 the difference feasibility of CMS diffusion kinetics separation of methane and nitrogen, the direction of improvement of CMS.

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