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  1. A Study on Reform of County Administrated by Province of Anhui Province,ChenXingYu/Anhui Normal University,0/26
  2. Analysis on the Tourist Attractions and Reasons of Tourists in Zhouzhuang Based on the Authenticity,ChenWenLing/Anhui Normal University,0/152
  3. Impact of Mega Events on Tourism Destination Image,XiaQiaoYun/Anhui Normal University,0/243
  4. The Research on the Tourism Business Type, Layout and Scale of Zhouzhuang Ancient Town,XuJing/Anhui Normal University,0/406
  5. Research on Tourists’ Motivation and Satisfaction Index Model of Science and Technology Museum,HeWenJuan/Anhui Normal University,0/74
  6. The Effect of Job Stress and Perceived Organizational Support on Safety Performance of Chemical Enterprise Employees,YanGuiQing/Anhui Normal University,0/56
  7. The Spatial Change Simulation of Land Use Based On CLUE-S Model,ZuoKai/Anhui Normal University,0/22
  8. South Reviews’ Good Reports in the Construction of Civil Society,YuZiZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/49
  9. Junior High School Multimedia Study of the Effectiveness of Classroom Teaching,ZhengLinXiao/Anhui Normal University,0/229
  10. The Research on Zhang Zhizhong's Educational Thoughts,ZhengMengXue/Anhui Normal University,0/12
  11. Research on Scientific Decision of Ideological and Political Education,WuZuoZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/35
  12. Study on Community Management Innovation in Jinghu District of Wuhu,Anhui,WenWu/Anhui Normal University,0/30
  13. A Research on the Urban Community Management Structure Changes from the Perspective of Historical Institutionalism,JiangYuZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/56
  14. Research on Alienation of Power from the Perspective of Ahrendt's Totalitarianism,GaoZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/55
  15. The Study of Mao Zedong and the Sinicization of Marxist Philosophy in Yan'an Times,WeiZhengShan/Anhui Normal University,0/69
  16. The Study on Deng Xiaoping's Livelihood Thoughts during the Dabie Mountain Base Reconstruction Period,DengQiZhi/Anhui Normal University,0/47
  17. Effect of Subliminal Emotion on Cognitive Bias and Cognitive Efficiency Between Trait Anxiety Individuals,XuMengYin/Anhui Normal University,0/17
  18. On the School Funding Activities and the Resistance to Taxes on Education of Huizhou Merchants in the Late Qing Dynasty,MengYingZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/21
  19. The Research on Social Network of Huizhou Salt Merchants Residing in Yangzhou,ChenFengXiu/Anhui Normal University,0/33
  20. Analysis on Germany's Social Security System in Bismarck Period,FengZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/144
  21. Study on Relationship between Lyrics and Vocal Music of Shandong Qinshu,LiJuan/Anhui Normal University,0/43
  22. Lu Xun and Atr,RenChunYan/Anhui Normal University,0/40
  23. Theoretical Study of Cardiac Arrhythmia Induced by Ion Channel Mutations,LiXiang/Anhui Normal University,0/13
  24. Soil Erosion and Environmental Benefit Assessment of Water Conservation in Chaohu Basin,ZhangQun/Anhui Normal University,0/49
  25. Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Carbon Emissions and Fixed Carbon Content in Wanjiang City Belt,GuJiaChuan/Anhui Normal University,0/85
  26. Research on the Effect of Captured CO2Leakage on Crops, Grass and Soil Environment,TianDi/Anhui Normal University,0/16
  27. The Relationship between Perception of Safety Climate and Safety Awareness in Coal Miners,WangXinZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/112
  28. Fabrication of Ag-Au Bimetal and Large-sized Porous Au Nanostructures and Studying of Their Properties,LiWenZheng/Anhui Normal University,0/24
  29. Study of Extraction Process Optimization of Camellia Seed Oil and its Compositions with Visual Analysis,HuXianQin/Anhui Normal University,0/45
  30. Synthesis and Properties of BODIPY Dyes and Porphyrins,WuYangChun/Anhui Normal University,0/75
  31. Synthesis and Property Study of BOKIPY Dyes,PangWeiDong/Anhui Normal University,0/40
  32. Integrated RAFT Polymerization with Click Chemistry for Polypropylene Membrane Surface Modification and Its Properties,WuXiuMin/Anhui Normal University,0/21
  33. Synthesis of Platinum Based Catalysts and Their Electro-catalvtic Activity for Methanol Oxidaiton,ChenLu/Anhui Normal University,0/29
  34. Preparation and Characterization of Mono-disperse, Micrometer-sized, Hierarchically Porous Carbon Spheres as Catalyst Support,ChengJiangLai/Anhui Normal University,0/87
  35. Application of Noble Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticles in the Chemiluminescence System,QianLi/Anhui Normal University,0/21
  36. Studies on Luminescence Properties of CdTe QDs Capped with Different Stabilizers and Its Analytical Application,YinXunXun/Anhui Normal University,0/108
  37. Synthesis of pH-sensitive Fluorescent Probes and Their Applications in Monitoring pH in Living Cells,CuiPeng/Anhui Normal University,0/50
  38. Nanoelectrodes and Nanopore Electrodes: Preparation and Electrochemical Response,WuQingQing/Anhui Normal University,0/44
  39. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Organolanthanide Complexes With2-(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)iminomethylene-8-hydroxyquinolineLigand,YuanQingBing/Anhui Normal University,0/27
  40. Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Activity of Organoidnthanide Complexes With2-(2,6-dimethylpheiiyliminomethylene)-8-hydroxyquinoiine Ligand,ChenZheng/Anhui Normal University,0/18
  41. Synthesis and Properties Research of Cvclen-based Derivatives and Their Complexes,ChenJin/Anhui Normal University,0/41
  42. Study on the Synthesis of Benzimidazole Derivatives Catalyzed by CuO Nanoparticles,YuDan/Anhui Normal University,0/33
  43. Palladium-catalyzed Tetravnes to Construct Yne-functionalized Anilines/Aryl Halides Through Domino Cvclization,ZhangHao/Anhui Normal University,0/8
  44. Methodological Study on Synthesis of Isoxazoles and Indolizines Derivatives from α-azidoacrylates,HuManMan/Anhui Normal University,0/26
  45. Multi-envnes Dehydroaromatization to Construct Substituted Fulorenone and Fluorenol via Domino Reactions,WenLei/Anhui Normal University,0/12
  46. Preparation of cis-2,3-disubstituted Cyclopropane1,1-diesters and Studies on Their Applications to [3+2]-cycloaddition Reactions,SunYongXian/Anhui Normal University,0/32
  47. Studies on Coupling Reaction of Acetvienic Sulfones with Acetylenic Grignard Reagents and Palladium-catalyzed Addition of Allyl Halides to Acetylenic Ketones/Sulfones,FangKuang/Anhui Normal University,0/11
  48. Synthesis and Property of ZnO-based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Micromaterials,LuRui/Anhui Normal University,0/32
  49. Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of Cobalt Phosphide Mirco-/nano-materials,YuanFeiFei/Anhui Normal University,0/61
  50. Phase/size Tuning of Copper Sulifde and its Properties,WangChenYan/Anhui Normal University,0/21

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