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  1. An empirical study of impact of China's derivatives hedging on firm value based on the perspective of risk management,WuZuoZuo/Chongqing Technology and Business University,0/83
  2. Study of Sales and Mrketinig Channel Management for Magic the Gathering in China,WuZuoZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/172
  3. A Preliminary Study about the Development Strategy of Fast Fashion Brands in China,WuZuoZuo/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/10
  4. The Study on Green Trade Barrier Affecting Chinese Agricultural Exports,WuZuoZuo/Shandong University of Finance and Economics,0/25
  5. Study on the Construction Mode of Innovative City in Beijing Haidian District,WuZuoZuo/Beijing Institute of Printing,0/7
  6. The Valuation Analysis of Chinese Listed Banks Based on EVA Model,WuZuoZuo/Anhui University,0/8
  7. Archive File Consolidation of Western Xia,WuZuoZuo/Ningxia University,1/0
  8. Research of PID Controller Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm,WuZuoZuo/Anhui University of Technology,0/7
  9. Search on Hybrid Control in Internet Congestion Control System,WuZuoZuo/Anhui University,0/4
  10. Research of the Aberration Detection Optical Detection System Based on Displacement Sensor,WuZuoZuo/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/7
  11. Research of intrusion detection technology based on artificial immune classifier,WuZuoZuo/Wuyi University,0/9
  12. Numerical Methods for Several Classes of PDE Models in Image Processing,WuZuoZuo/Hunan University,0/175
  13. Study on the User Interface Design of 《Hehe Office Automation System》 on the PC and Android Smart Phone,WuZuoZuo/Beijing Institute of Printing,0/7
  14. Design and Implementation of Mobile Agent-based Intelligent Shopping System,WuZuoZuo/Dalian University of Technology,0/17
  15. Electronic Map System Design and Development Based on Google Offline Map Packag,WuZuoZuo/Jilin University,0/97
  16. Collaborative Detection for Cognitive Radio Spectrum Based on Neural Network,WuZuoZuo/Changchun University of Science and Technology,0/1
  17. A Study on the Outdoor-sports Club Safety Management,WuZuoZuo/Huaqiao University,0/4
  18. Study on Baotou College Volleyball Players’Motivation Characteristics,WuZuoZuo/Capital Institute of Physical Education,0/3
  19. Educational Placement of Cochlear Implanted Children,WuZuoZuo/Sichuan Normal University,0/16
  20. Research on the Effectiveness of the Secondary Vocational Students Ideological and Political Education,WuZuoZuo/Suzhou University,0/39
  21. Study on Administrative Management System of Private Higher Education in India,WuZuoZuo/Zhejiang Normal University,0/77
  22. Research on the Whole Education Environment of Hui Primary School in Jiaozuo,WuZuoZuo/Bohai University,0/1
  23. On the value of the color in the art of teaching children in,WuZuoZuo/China Academy of Art,0/147
  24. Chinese enterprises in the legal dilemma of German investment,WuZuoZuo/Shanghai International Studies University,0/247
  25. Research on the Structure and Optimization of the E-Government Ecological Chain,WuZuoZuo/Central China Normal University,0/0
  26. Research on Scientific Decision of Ideological and Political Education,WuZuoZuo/Anhui Normal University,0/35
  27. Research on the Plight of the Owners Committee's Autonomy,WuZuoZuo/Xiamen University,0/16
  28. Research on the1970s Party and the Government Leaders' Growth Pattern,WuZuoZuo/Anhui University,0/6
  29. The Relationship between Children's Social Creativity and Their Self-consciousness,WuZuoZuo/Central China Normal University,0/32
  30. The Internal Logic and Hardship of Paul Sartre's View of Freedom Change,WuZuoZuo/Shandong Normal University,0/1
  31. Political Difference between Cen and Yuan and the Political Situation in the Late Qing Dynasty,WuZuoZuo/Central China Normal University,0/2
  32. Deng Jianjin's oil painting in the "image" of,WuZuoZuo/Yangzhou University,0/50
  33. Study of Western Medieval Illustration Art,WuZuoZuo/Beijing Institute of Printing,0/20
  34. See the film subtitle translation from the interpretive theory,WuZuoZuo/Shenyang Normal,0/9
  35. A Study on the Professional Development of Junior Middle School English Teachers in Sichuan Rural Areas,WuZuoZuo/Sichuan Normal University,0/6
  36. A Report on the Translation of the Future of Reputation-Gossip, Rumor and Privacy on the Internet (chapter2),WuZuoZuo/Sichuan University of foreign languages,0/0
  37. The Commercial Era Literary Accepted and Criticized Separatist,WuZuoZuo/Sichuan Normal University,0/4
  38. Adhension of Streptococcus Mutans to the Surface of Different Alloy Meterials in Vitro,WuZuoZuo/Nanchang University Medical College,0/21
  39. Expression and Significance of NF-kappa B and Related Factors in Cervical Cancer Cell Lines,WuZuoZuo/Shanxi Medical,0/21
  40. Relationship of Folate and P16, FHIT Expression in Cervical Carcinogenesis,WuZuoZuo/Shanxi Medical,0/22
  41. The Efficacy Studies of Family Supportive Psychological Intervention on Patients with Depression after Traumatic Brain Injury,WuZuoZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/15
  42. The Clinical Application Value of SPECT/CT in Single Lesion of the Spine,WuZuoZuo/Hebei Medical University,0/3
  43. Antiangiogenic Property of Anacardic Acid and Establishment of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Model,WuZuoZuo/East China Normal University,0/14
  44. MAb knockout technology of puerarin and puerarin improving SH-SY5Y cell oxygen glucose deprivation injury dose-response relationship between inflammatory factor based on,WuZuoZuo/Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/8
  45. The Clinical Intervention Research of Hua Zhuo Xing Xue Soup to Inflammatory Mechanisms of Cerebral Ischemic Stroke,WuZuoZuo/Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/20
  46. Cloning and Expression of Tianfu Goat TNNI1and TNNI3Gene and Their Relationship with Muscle Tissue Traits,WuZuoZuo/Sichuan Agricultural University,0/31
  47. Wnt10b,β-catenin, FGF18Expression in Hair Follicle Morphogenesis during Late Embryonic Development in Gansu Superfine Wool Sheep,WuZuoZuo/Gansu Agricultural University,0/44
  48. Study on the Pollination Biology and Propagation of Camellia Chekiangoleosa,WuZuoZuo/Zhejiang Forestry University,0/47
  49. Torque Ripple Suppression Research on PMSM at Low Speed,WuZuoZuo/Hunan University,0/6
  50. Chinese museum display design of the "face job" critique spirit of place deletion Museum,WuZuoZuo/China Academy of Art,0/39

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