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The Proliferation Function of γδT Cells in Peripheral Blood by IL-2 and N-BP_S-stimulated on the Patients with Renal Carcinoma

Author: CuiZuo
Tutor: MiZhenGuo
School: Shanxi Medical
Course: Surgery
Keywords: γδT cells Kidney Cancer Bisphosphonates IL-2 Immunotherapy
CLC: R737.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Objective: To investigate the nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates combined with IL-2 (nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2) of the peripheral blood of patients with renal cell γδT cells induced proliferation. Method: (1) using flow cytometry were measured in 35 cases without any treatment of kidney cancer patients and 42 healthy human peripheral blood total T cells in absolute value, absolute value of γδ T cells, γδ T cells relative value. (2) of 35 cases of kidney cancer patients prior to radical nephrectomy line nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2 in vitro proliferation assay, including 26 cases in vitro proliferation test positive patients for the test group, the determination of test group patients with renal cell surgery peripheral blood T cells after treatment absolute value of the absolute values ??of the γδ T cells, γδ T cells relative value. (3) The test group of 26 cases of renal cell carcinoma patients with nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2 the γδT cell proliferation in vivo induction immunotherapy determination of the total test group of patients with immune therapy of peripheral blood T cells to the aforementioned 42 cases of healthy people control group, The absolute value of the absolute value, γδT cells, γδ T cells relative value, compared with the control group. Results: (1) in peripheral blood of kidney cancer patients and healthy people the comparison of the absolute value of the total T cells, p> 0.05, not statistically significant; absolute value γδT cells, γδ T cells relative values, below the level of the healthy people, p < 0.001, statistically significant. (2) 35 cases of kidney cancer patients, peripheral blood γδT cells of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2 in vitro proliferation assay positive rate was 74.28% (26/35). Kidney cancer patients before and after surgery, 26 cases of proliferation in vitro test positive total T cells in peripheral blood absolute value, the absolute value of γδ T cells, the γδT cells relative value comparison, p> 0.05, not statistically significant. (3) nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates, the test group of 26 patients with renal cell carcinoma patients / IL-2 induced γδT cells in vivo proliferation of treatment, total T cells in peripheral blood before and after treatment the absolute value, of γδT Cell absolute value, relative value comparison of γδT cells, treatment After significantly higher than before treatment (p <0.01), a statistically significant; with healthy controls, the absolute value of the the relatively peripheral blood T cells after treatment, the absolute value of γδ T cells, γδ T cells relative value, p> 0.05, not statistically significant. Vivo induced proliferation of peripheral blood γδT positive rate was 96.15% (25/26), significantly higher than in vitro. (4) in peripheral blood of patients with renal cell γδT cells in vitro and in vivo proliferation consistency test, p <0.05, statistically significant. Conclusion: The peripheral blood of patients with renal cell the γδT cell count was significantly lower than healthy people. Kidney cancer different individual nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2 induced peripheral blood the γδT cell proliferation response differences. Proliferation assay in vitro screening of the positive renal cell carcinoma patients, nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2 in vivo can induce significant proliferation γδT cells in peripheral blood. Peripheral blood γδT cells in vitro test results can be used as a select nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates / IL-2-induced proliferation in vivo immunotherapy indicators of kidney cancer patients.

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