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Rhein Improves the Hyperglycemia, Insulin Sensitivity of Diabetic Rats and Increases the Expressions of PPARγ, GLUT-2 in Hepatic Tissue

Author: JinMiaoMiao
Tutor: MuYiMing;WangBaoAn
School: PLA Postgraduate Medical School
Course: Inner science of endocrine
Keywords: Rhein Diabetes(experimental) Insulin sensitivity PPARγ Glucose transport protein 2
CLC: R587.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Objective In this study,we aimed to investigate the effects of rehin on the insulin sensitivity in diabetic rats induced by injecting low dose STZ after high fat feeding for 5 weeks,and the possible mechanisms.Methods(1)Fifty-five male wistar rats were divided randomly into normal control group(NC,n=15)and diabetes group(DM,n=40),the NC group was fed with regular chow,DM group was fed with high fat diet.The rats of DM group were injected of STZ 30 mg/kg once five weeks later,the fasting blood glucose (FBG)was detected one week later,the rat whose FBG was higher than 11.1mmol/l and had the symptoms of polydipsia and polyuria were chosen as the diabetic rat.The total thirty of diabetic rats were randomly devided into two subgroups,diabetic control group(DM-C)and diabetic group treated with rhein (DM-T).The DM-T rats started intragastric administration of rhein(100 mg·kg-1·d-1)and DM-C rats were given equal doses of solvent.(2)All rats were sacrificed eleven weeks later,the blood sample was collected;the body weight, FBG,glycosylated hemoglobin(HbA1c),glycosylated serum protein(GSP), triglyceride(TG),total cholesterol(TC)and Fasting insulin concentration(FIN) were examined.The insulin sensitive index(ISI)and Homa insulin resistant index (Homa-IR)were calculated.(3)The PPARγ,and GLUT-2 expression in hepatic tissue were detected by immunohistochemistry and Western-blot.Results(1)After one week of injection with STZ,the FBG of DM group was higher than NC group significantly(15.48±4.47 vs 5.93±0.58 mmol/l,P<0. 01).The FBG was detected regularly during the animal feeding,the DM-C rats were markedly higher than NC rats.(2)At the end of 17thweek,compared with NC rats,the FBG(22.574±3.23 vs 7.114±1.44 mmol/l,P<0.01),HbA1c(12.494±1.96 vs 8.36±0.84%,P<0.01),TG(0.89±0.29 vs 0.58±0.17 mmol/l,P<0.01),GSP (57.29±4.14 vs 13.43±2.7,P<0.01)and TNF-α(1.365±0.133 vs 1.233±0.159 ng/ml,P<0.05)of DM-C rats were significantly higher than NC rats,the liver weight index was higher than that in NC rats(0.032±0.004 vs 0.024±0.002, P<0.01).Besides of these,the ISI decreased(-5.46±0.61 vs -4.81±0.75,P<0.05), the Homa-IR elevated significantly[8.26(7.67,9.62)vs 7.07±4.98,P<0.05].The expression of PPARγ[11131.7(5723.1,18979.4)vs 48782.1(21576.7,108829.5), P<0.01]and GLUT-2(0.98±0.35 vs 1.29±0.27,P<0.05)of DM-C rats,compared with NC rats,decreased markedly.(3)In the 8thweek of treatment,the FBG in DM-T rats were lower than DM-C rats significantly(13.59±4.52 vs 17.74±3.33 mmol/l,P<0.05).At the end of 17thweek,compared with DM-C rats,the DM-T rats had lower body weight(384.2±34.26 vs 428±39.94 g,P<0.01),FBG (15.94±3.16 vs 22.57±3.23 mmol/l,P<0.01),HbA1c(10.51±1.74 vs 12.49±1.96%, P<0.05)and GSP(47.31±6.09 vs 57.29±4.14μmol/l,P<0.01).The ISI of DM-T rats was higher(-4.97+0.29 vs -5.46±0.61,P<0.05)and the Homa-IR was lower [6.1(5.29,7.22)vs 8.26(7.67,9.62),P<0.05]than DM-C rats.The expression of PPARγ,[35156.3(24554.3,86660.9)vs 11131.7(5723.1,18979.4),P<0.01]and GLUT-2(1.55±0.55 vs 0.98±0.35,P<0.05)of DM-T rats,compared with DM-C rats,were up-regulated markedly.Conclusion Rehin decreased FBG,HbA1c and GSP of DM-C rats and improved the insulin sensitivity.The mechanisms might be related to the up-regulated expression of PPARγ,and its downstream gene GLUT-2 in hepatic tissue.

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