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Study on the Chinese Herb Compound 0326

Author: XuYao
Tutor: ZhouZeWei
School: Peking Union Medical College , China
Course: Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords: Chinese herbal formula 0326 Active ingredients Content determination HPLC fingerprint Pharmacological activity
CLC: R286
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Compound 0326 is my room indigenously developed Chinese herbal compound, preliminary pharmacological tests have certain anti-HIV, anti-tumor activity, and improve immunity. The topic selected for the study of this compound, the effect of the anti-AIDS Evaluation HPLC fingerprint analysis method for quality control study of compound granules. The compound Chinese medicine Angelica, Osthol, white and, Coptis four flavor herbs main index components the ferulic acid osthole berberine, polysaccharides. The main contents and results are as follows: extraction method: the fixed extraction conditions, the first four herbs were extracted to calculate the extraction rate solve the problem of content changes in the traditional Chinese medicine in the extraction process, the extraction rate fluctuations pharmacodynamic unstable. The Angelica, berberine, Cnidium shamisen, traditional Chinese medicine, respectively, 60% ethanol extracted, and then boiled to mention, white and percolation extraction. The active ingredient HPLC fingerprint Determination: extraction rate to calculate the amount of each medicinal ingredient, made of a compound granules, can more effectively control the intrinsic quality of the preparations. Establish the method of determination of the active ingredient content, and application of the HPLC method, the the the compound anti Ai granules HPLC fingerprint analysis method, the compound index components for qualitative and quantitative control method is simple, accurate, reproducible, and its quality control the more comprehensive information. View of the compound by of liposoluble constituents and water-soluble ingredients, the active ingredient of the water-soluble polysaccharide-based, water-soluble components using sulfuric acid phenol method, its polysaccharide component of the qualitative and quantitative control. It was determined that the water-soluble components, the polysaccharide content of 25.7%. The liposoluble constituents dissolved in 70% methanol, HPLC fingerprint analysis method for qualitative and quantitative control compound. After three medicinal components UV scanning, confirmed to have a greater absorption of 315nm determined by HPLC wavelength of 315nm. After several exploration elution system of acetonitrile and 0.1% triethylamine and 25mmol/LKH 2 PO 4 solution (phosphoric acid to adjust the pH to 3). 75min within the peak outflow can, and most of the baseline separation. Gradient conditions for 0 ~ 20min acetonitrile volume fraction increased from 10 to 25; 25 to 35min acetonitrile volume fraction increased from 35 to 45; 60 to 75min acetonitrile volume fraction increased from 45 to 75. Detection wavelength 315nm; column temperature of 25 ° C; volumetric flow rate 1.0ml/min; injection volume was 20 μl. Ingredient ferulic acid indicator, osthole content of berberine, ferulic acid content mean 0.5795, RSD was 0.84%, the content of osthole mean 26.97, RSD 0.60%, calculated according to the peak area Coptis The content of prime number 25.738, RSD is 0.29%. The three ingredients RSD values ??were less than 5% of visible intra assay precision, detection method is reproducible. The research part of the biological activity in vitro anti-HIV activity of compound 0326 pairs of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibition vitro antibacterial experimental studies, human tumor cell cytotoxicity assay and in vivo anti-tumor activity of content verified role. Further pharmacological studies have shown that the Compound 0326 pairs fungi some antibacterial activity; the antitumor experimental results show that the low-dose group with significant inhibition of mice transplanted tumor H22. On cultured human lung adenocarcinoma A 549 cell cytotoxicity on cultured human cervical cancer Hela cell growth with strong cytotoxicity; has a good prospect. Novelty, practicality and feasibility study on in-depth research and development of Compound 0326 has a very important significance.

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