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The Effects of Emodin on Acute Lung Injury

Author: SunZuo
Tutor: WanXing
School: Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese and Western medicine combined with the basis
Keywords: Emodin Systemic inflammatory response Acute lung injury SP-A pulmonary surfactant protein TOLL -like receptor
CLC: R285.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Work Objective: Acute lung injury (acute lung injury, ALI) the body suffered serious infection, trauma, shock after being hit, diffuse alveolar capillary membrane damage lead to pulmonary edema and micro-atelectasis pathological features, clinical manifested as respiratory distress syndrome and refractory hypoxemia. Endotoxin-induced acute lung injury is a common clinical critical illness, suffering from many diseases are easy to concurrent endotoxin-induced ALI performance at the molecular level to the excessive release of inflammatory cytokines and inflammatory mediators, pro-inflammatory anti-inflammatory reaction imbalance; performance at the cellular level mononuclear macrophages, neutrophils and other inflammatory cells aggregation and infiltration; clinical manifestations, pulmonary edema and pulmonary not diffuse alveolar and pulmonary vascular endothelial cell injury Zhang and pathological features, even in severe cases, namely acute respiratory distress syndromes (acute respiratorydistress syndrome, ARDS), mortality of ALI and ARDS patients remains high, did not find a clinically effective and reliable therapeutic drugs, the fundamental reason lies within The mechanism of endotoxin-induced lung injury is complex and still not fully explained. SIRS, ALI and ARDS, etc., not an isolated, mutual segmentation disease, but severe damage caused by the development of systemic inflammatory response process at different stages of the systemic inflammatory response throughout to runaway - organ, should the ALI damage-SIRS systemic inflammatory response ALI and ARDS obstacles MODS view this dynamic process. Lung coherent pathological process, the first target organ most vulnerable to injury, MODS serious consequences of this pathological process, so ARDS MODS in the lungs. Clinically proven that the majority of patients with ARDS varying degrees associated with extrapulmonary organ dysfunction, MODS, ALI earliest, the highest incidence during the development of. Therefore, the understanding of ALI, ARDS is not limited to the lesions of the lung itself, and should be aware of SIRS is the basis of the co-incidence of ALI and MOD, ALI MODS important part of the early stages of ALI, severe of ARDS of ARDS late The induced or merge MODS. Must be early detection of its occurrence, development trends, early and timely intervention to improve the cure rate, guiding the prevention and treatment of this important. Endotoxin induced acute lung injury in the clinical study including western, and there is no effective therapy emodin in endotoxin-induced inflammation has been a large number of studies and reports, the preliminary research new ways to interfere with the systemic inflammatory response to immune mechanism of pharmacological action research emodin in acute lung injury, and explore new avenues for anti-inflammatory effects. Methods: In the normal and LPS stimulation conditions, cytokine assays, immunohistochemistry, gene expression, and other technical means to observe emodin expression of TLRs, CD14, SP-A natural defense molecules in vitro and in vivo conditions explore the effect of emodin aspects of the treatment of acute lung injury. Results: LPS stimulation, the model group TLR 2 mRNA TLR 4 mRNA expression of CD14 mRNA was significantly upregulated CD14 protein expression increased SP-A mRNA and protein expression was significantly reduced comply with inflammatory changes in the law. Compared with the model group, the emodin drug intervention group, the four kinds of gene expression decreased significantly reduced CD14 protein expression of SP-A mRNA and protein expression was significantly rebounded. Conclusion: This study of emodin in the treatment of acute lung injury mechanism useful discussions; emodin from TLRs, SP-A for the first time to do the research on systemic inflammation and acute lung injury treatment mechanism. Emodin may play a defensive role in the prevention of a more comprehensive exposition from the point of view of the in vitro and in vivo. Including acute lung injury model, emodin can improve and adjust endotoxin acute lung injury, can play a significant role in the early prevention, to provide a reference for further basic research and clinical treatment.

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