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The Simulation on Mechanical Property of Carbon Nanotube Torsional Deformation and Thermal Stability of Oscillatingtube

Author: LiSiMing
Tutor: ZhangKaiWang
School: Xiangtan University
Course: Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords: Carbon nanotubes oscillating tube Thermal stability Torsional buckling Shear modulus Molecular dynamics simulation
CLC: TB383.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The carbon nanotube is curled by the graphite sheet made ??of very fine tubular structure directly using conventional experimental methods to measure the thermodynamic properties is very difficult or even less likely . In this paper, the classical molecular dynamics method to study the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes the Nei Nami line structure distorted , filled with silicon nanowires , carbon nanotubes composite system has a higher shear resistance , this design some special functional materials a new idea . This paper explores the impact of temperature, cluster size, and carbon nanotube length of platinum metal clusters oscillator with carbon nanotubes together constitute the oscillation frequency of the oscillating tube . Using molecular dynamics method with the continuum mechanics forecast an encapsulated silicon nanowire single-walled carbon nanotube torsional mechanical properties of the composite system . Use of the radial distribution function and the key to interpretation of the silicon nanowires to reverse the process of the evolution of the analytical method to calculate the strain energy curve to reverse the process of carbon nanotubes , also calculated the shear modulus of the carbon nanotubes , the results show that the shear modulus of the composite system with the deepening of the torsional degree decreases. Study a perfect torsional behavior of carbon nanotubes , and both were compared and found encapsulated with silicon nanowires , carbon nanotubes have excellent mechanical properties . In this paper, the molecular dynamics method discussed by the thermal stability of (8,8) carbon nanotubes with platinum metal clusters oscillator oscillating tube . Study found that as the temperature rises , the nanotubes constituting the platinum clusters ( 8,8 ) the oscillation frequency of the oscillation tube , when the temperature is below 400K , by the rise gradient is stable ; 400 to 800K of between able to maintain a relatively stable state ; once the temperature is higher than 800K , the oscillation the pipe oscillation frequency will be reduced and larger fluctuations . The calculated oscillator , platinum clusters of different sizes and different lengths of carbon nanotubes consisting of the oscillation frequency of the oscillating tube , the results show that the cluster size and the length of the carbon nanotube oscillation frequency will have a huge impact on the oscillator tube , the number of particles of platinum clusters exceeds a certain range , the vibration frequency greater volatility .

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