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Concern under the Banner of Rational: Interpretation on China of French Encyclopedia in the 18th Century

Author: ZhuWeiMing
Tutor: WangLingYu
School: East China Normal University
Course: Specialized History
Keywords: Diderot Encyclopedia Enlightenment thought View of China Culture
CLC: Z256.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Denis Diderot (Denis Diderot ,1713-1784) is one of the representatives of the French Encyclopedia scholars, philosophers, writers, French 18th-century Enlightenment movement. Of which he was editor-in-chief, and invited more than 150 contemporary scholars, which lasted nearly 30 years of \Encyclopedia build a new knowledge system, materialism human knowledge, the latest scientific and technological achievements, to guide people to a new understanding of knowledge, natural and other rational under the guidance of thinking about the world, to destroy the rule of European medieval theology , the development of modern materialist philosophy and ideological preparation for the 1789 French bourgeois revolution have played an important role. 18th century coincided with the Chinese culture on an unprecedented scale the incoming European period, China's vast territory, a large number of people, and a long and relatively stable history, as well as circulating in China development beyond the millennium Confucian social, political, ethical other aspects of the doctrine has an important influence on the French intellectual, ideological and material them to think about the many problems in France demonstrated their theory. This paper attempts to interpret through the \reasons put forward preliminary view. Paper includes a preface, first to fourth, and more than theory, a total of six parts. Preface section briefly summarizes the \\The system first section presents the publishing and the impact of the \in the dissemination of Enlightenment ideas in opposition to the role of religious ignorance and absolute monarchy. Section II describes the birth of the \their idea of ??reform and even revolutionary ideas. These are the \The second chapter describes the French 18th century \The first section focuses on the \Section II describes the French Enlightenment thinkers on the topic, when it comes to their evolution discussed and views on China; \the Encyclopedia began compiling, accused many drawbacks remarks gradually increased. The Chapter system described in the \The first section on the entry of Chinese writers and their written entry. Section II discusses the two main sources of information about China Encyclopedia. The third quarter from a philosophical and religious, historical and chronological, government, economy, technology and science and technology regarding the entry and summarized Encyclopedia approximate image. The fourth chapter discusses Diderot's view of China, is divided into three sections. Diderot as the editor-in-chief of the \main Montesquieu, he was known about China's information is always skeptics, take on Chinese culture, history, philosophy, dialectical objective cited, according to the attitude. In addition, his commentary reflects the characteristics of the changing times. Therefore, in order to better understand the Encyclopedia of China and China the impact of the French Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th century, this special provision of the chapter for further analysis. The first section briefly describes the life and the contribution he made for the preparation of the Encyclopedia of Diderot. Section II describes the Diderot written entries, and a preliminary classification. Section 3 analyzed Diderot's view of China. I On the part of the \Raised a question worth considering cultural communication and dialogue.

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