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The Research on the Formation Mechanism of Independent Innovation Ability of Chinese Automobile Manufacturing Enterprise

Author: BaiXuGui
Tutor: LiHui;XuZhengLiang
School: Jilin University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: automobile manufacturing enterprise independent innovation ability formation mechanism evaluating index system fuzzy evaluation method
CLC: F426.471
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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Promoting the independent innovation ability of automobile enterprise is an important problem that we have to solve to realize the automobile industry big turn to strong and strength its competition after our country has become the biggest power of production and market since 2009. Our study bases on the theory of technological innovation, system innovation, newly-developed advantage , endogenous growth and competitive advantage. The paper adopts analytical way combing theoretic analysis with demonstrative study, combining quantitative identification with qualitative analysis. We engage in the research about automobile industry’s independent innovation, the connotation of forming mechanism, the forming dynamics of independent innovation ability, the evolution process, the result of function and promoting strategy. Finally this paper puts forward the strategy of introducing, digesting and absorbing, re-innovation and original inventions. For the general technology, we can execute the independent innovation strategy of introducing, digesting and absorbing, re-innovation and original inventions. For the high-technology, we must pay more attention on the original innovation and regard it as the strategy for the future of the enterprise. This paper lays on the forming dynamics of independent innovation about our country’s automobile manufacturing enterprise, the evolution process, the result of function of independent innovation. It establishes the result of the evaluation index system about independent innovation, the measuring dimension and also put up the structural models and index system, comprehensive evaluation method of automobile industry’s independent innovation. The prospective and creative is the most important of this paper, it analyses the forming mechanism of the automobile industry which studies the independent innovation. The research result is of certain reference value for promoting automobile industry’s independent innovation. This article is divided into eight chapters, the following were for the summary.In the first Chapter, we studied from 4 aspects: the research background, the proposal of issues, meaning of the research, the contents and methods, the logical framework and structural arrangements for the overall technology roadmap of the thesis. Since the reform and opening up, China has adopted the automotive industry development strategy of elements for market, actively introduced advanced technology, capital and management elements and other elements from overseas, successfully achieved the target of the world’s first automobile production and sales power; through the analysis of all above, we stressed that the automotive industry in China is still large but not strong, the main issue is that the ability of independent innovation is not strong," hollow-core technology ". View: as the future of the world’s petroleum resources is becoming more and more depleted, fuel car era will gradually come to an end, and to be replaced by the new energy vehicles and electric vehicles. To achieve this goal, we must pay great attention to the independent innovation ability of automobile manufacturing enterprise. It is only through innovation can we further narrow the technological gap of automotive power and promote the development of new energy vehicles, low-carbon and environmental development of the automotive industry.In the second Chapter, we summarized the theoretical study writing-related, include the innovation theory, the advantage theory, the endogenous growth theory, the theory of competitive advantage, the ability of independent innovation of enterprise and the independent innovation formation mechanism of China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise.In the third Chapter, we defined the two concepts -- independent innovation capacity and the mechanism firstly. Based on the idea of a number of scholars all the world, this article defined that innovation is a kind of startups to innovate, to acquire the proprietary intellectual property rights, and to obtain a larger value growth; subsequently, this article resolved the content of the formation mechanism ability of independent innovation of China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise from the independent creativity of dynamic、evolutionary process and effect results, this article draws out the Chinese perspective automobile manufacture enterprises’ self innovation capability of structure diagram model from the independent innovation capacity, between both the inside and outside of the dominant factors and interactions.In the forth chapter, we expounded on the concept of momentum of independent innovation ability; from internal and external factors and interactive business interference factors, we analysis on China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise of independent innovation dynamic factors; from enterprise mechanism, market-driven mechanism, government guidance mechanism and community driven mechanism, we analysis on China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise of independent innovation capacity factor mechanism has been resolved.In the fifth chapter, we defined the concept of independent innovation capacity evolution; then according to China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise of independent innovation in different historical periods of development and change, defines four development phases: i.e. self trying , reform attempts, the introduction of development-oriented phase, and the original innovation and introduction of innovative and stage. Discussed separately for each stage of technological developments; then resolved on the ability of independent innovation mechanism of evolution changes from the reform and opening up to four aspects. In the sixth chapter, we summarizes the self-innovation ability on China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise development and results primarily from China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise sales boom product system, improving product quality, technical level, independent brands develop steadily, matching system to continuously improve; summed up the self-innovation ability on the role of China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise deficiencies which industry organizations also untenable, the poor original innovation ability, high-end technology gap with foreign countries, the internationalization of lack of capacity; we analysis the "introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation" model we had taken in the past 20 years, which consistent with the comparative advantage and endowments.In the seventh chapter, this chapter analyzed status of enterprises independent innovation ability and innovations, constructed and mathematical models and evaluation System, objectively evaluated status of enterprises independent innovation ability by Fuzzy evaluation method.we systematically expounded China’s auto manufacturing enterprises to enhance the ability of independent innovation from improving the ability of independent innovation, improved enterprise of independent innovation system construction and external independent innovation environment building for around 33 problems, in order to promote China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise technology innovation to improve the overall level. Presents the future of China’s automobile manufacturing enterprise of independent innovation strategy, namely "introducing, digestion and absorption, and innovation and the innovation of the original indigenous innovation strategy". For General technology, you can continue to perform the import, digestion and absorption, and development of innovation strategies; for high-end technology, you must determine the original innovation for the future of independent innovation strategy.In the eighth chapter, we summarized the main conclusions this article has found; illustrated theoretical contribution of this paper to related research: through the analysis of all relevant factors, so as to form a rational logic. and its simple mathematical model namely: Quantitatively analyzed current situation of independent innovation ability; based on existing conditions, this article can also not use the real car manufacturer’s data, develeop simulation research on independent innovation ability of China automobile manufacturers, Which is a pity, I hope the opportunity to make up for the future.

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