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The supply of public goods in rural China since 1949 Economic Thought

Author: ZhangJun
Tutor: ZhongXiangCai
School: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Course: History of Economic Thought
Keywords: Western thoughts of public goods supply Rural public goods supply in China Reform of rural public goods supply Harmonious equilibrium Economic thoughts
CLC: F320
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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Since the reform and opening-up, based on the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, the studies of rural public goods supply increasingly become the hot concern of theorists.However, many theories explain the lack of overall view of economic thoughts, its policy recommendations are often repeated the traditional ideas of the neoclassical theory.Therefore, from the perspective of the history of economic thought, this dissertation demonstrates changes in economic thoughts of the rural public goods supply in China since 1949, not only allows us to understand the ideological roots of localization of the theories of its, but also to provide ideological resource for theoretical innovation and policy options of its suited to China’s national conditions.As the main line of economic thoughts in growth ,the dissertation analyzes the context of economic thoughts evolution in theoretical basis of rural public goods supply, in equilibrium theory of rural public goods supply,in supply structure of rural public goods, in supply model of rural public goods,in supply subjects and responsibilities of rural public goods, in system reform, etc.It thinks that in the constraints of factor endowments, the Chinese economic thoughts in rural public goods supply are a constant localization process into modern economic theory. After the founding of New China, rural public goods supply accompanied with the planned economy was ineffective and theoretical exploration was relative stagnation.The guiding concepts were both rooted in traditional culture genes and the background of pre-modern economic thoughts, and inspired by the distribution views in public goods of Marxism and the theoretical dogma of Soviet Socialist.Since the market transition, the central decision-making has broken the classical socialist economic dogma and then changed the rural policy-based public goods to the augmented-market direction.It has stimulated economic vitality of rural micro-foundation, but the supply mechanism isn’t adapted for the increasingly diverse demand of rural public goods because of reform lag in rural public goods supply system.So there is relative shortage of rural public goods supply, with government failure and market failure coexisted in rural social services-based supply of public goods, that led to politicization of the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers.After rural tax and toll reform,under the guidance of scientific outlook on development and building a harmonious society, the theoretic thought and policy experiments to solve the problem of insufficient supply of rural public goods have to promote some advance, but there are still some difficulties need to deepen, which are mainly to prevent the resurgence of traditional planning system and to innovate the theories of rural public goods supply under the market economy.The dissertation demonstrates that constructing standard modern market economic system, endowing the farmers full economic rights and political rights, releasing micro-economic incentives of the next-round economic development, is economic base to improve and perfect rural public goods supply, to co-ordinate the harmonious development between cities and rural areas .The main contents of the dissertation are as follows:The first chapter introduces the research background, the problem, significance, research ideas, research methods, the expected innovation and shortage, as well as domestic and foreign literature reviews that are be carded briefly.The second chapter analyzes evolution of the Western public goods supply thoughts in order to research into its inherent premise of assumptions and cultural foundation, such as Adam Smith integration in the Classical period and Marxist classical conversion.At the same time from the perspective of model evolution on public goods supply,it demonstrates that the modern theories of public goods supply are inheritance and development on the classical economic thoughts.Based on the theories of public goods supply, it defines the connotation and extension of the rural public goods in China,analyzing the supply traits of its.The third chapter discusses the economic thoughts of the rural public goods and institutional arrangements in the traditional society, analyzing economic mechanism of dual deviation on economic thoughts and practice, and exploring the multiple conception of the rural public goods supply before 1949.Under the influence of the traditional and pre-modern economic thoughts and the distribution views in public goods of Marxism, the understanding on the rural public goods supply of the central decision-making, such as Mao Zedong, Chen Yun and others, theoretical reflection in academia, such as Gu Zhun’s independent thinking, and the rational appeals to the rural public goods supply of policy in private sector, were explored, as well as a comparative analysis on rural public policy thoughts in Taiwan region.Finally the non-equilibrium conclusion of the rural public goods supply under the planning system is been verified . Chapter IV focuses on the development of economic thoughts of rural public goods supply in the market transition.First, the historic thoughts changes in public goods supply of rural policy, such as Deng Xiaoping and Wan Li on rural reform of public policy, theoretical innovation in academia;Second, the interpretation on institution dilemma of the rural public goods supply in academia;Third, the related theories of supply institution of rural social security-type public goods are been constructed;Fourth, the comments on the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, are been related to the rural public goods supply.Chapter V, from the perspective of changing economic development patterns, the localization thoughts on the optimal supply of rural public goods are been analyzed, at the same time causing effects on economic development, which indicating relations to effective supply of rural public goods and rural economic development.Aiming at the problems of the rural public goods supply, the logics and theories on supply efficiency improvement of the rural public goods are been analyzed, proposing the ideas on structure optimization of it.Chapter VI, from the start of economics basis of the harmonious society, the relevance thoughts on building the harmonious society and supplying the rural public goods are been analyzed.On this basis, this chapter focuses on the theories of building the new countryside and the thoughts of reforming the rural public goods supply, thus, the conclusion is that it is only the overall advancement of market-oriented reform that can resolve the deep structure problems of supply system of the rural public goods.In chapter VII, the conclusion of the dissertation is summarized, and how to transform the economic thoughts into power resources of reforming supply system of the rural public goods, given the historical enlightenment.

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