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Interspersed and winding metal - organic framework compounds to build and performance

Author: LiuJianQiang
Tutor: WangYaoYu
School: Northwestern University
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: Metal - Organic Framework Twining Topology Carboxylic acid Magnetic
CLC: O641.4
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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The ligand functional materials research focus from synthesis, structural characterization performance mainly reflected in the structure and performance of the structure-activity relationships and the development of superior performance composite hybrid materials. The use of the principles and methods in molecular design and crystal engineering, tailoring and molecular assembly of functional molecules on metal - organic framework compound material, has a novel structure and excellent performance, the trends of modern coordination Functional Materials Research has caused great concern to the majority of scientists. The interludes and wound phenomenon is a widespread phenomenon in the macroscopic world, in the microscopic world, however, interspersed and winding and not common because of the special nature of its structure. Metal - organic framework compounds often occurs the interludes and wound phenomenon, common interludes and wound type: 0D → 1D; 1D → 1D; 1D → 2D; 1D → 3D; 2D → 2D; 2D → 3D; 0D 0D → 1D 1D 2D → 3D. The novelty on the structure of the metal - organic framework compound functional materials with unique nature, has become a major research focus in the field of coordination chemistry. This thesis is committed to using different the flexible carboxylic acids ligands with transition metal to build a network of winding metal - organic framework compounds with novel topology, the study and analysis of these metal - organic framework compound synthesis conditions and rules, study the topology of the network type, analysis The network belongs tangle type, and to explore the structure-activity relationship between their structure and performance. The paper is divided into five chapters. 1, the first chapter of the metal - organic framework compounds defined the course of development, and classification and potential applications. Focuses on the synthesis tools and various types of such compounds, the structure and performance characteristics of mutual interpenetrating network compounds, as well as the progress of the novel interspersed winding structure compounds and summarized, and finally an overview of the significance and progress of the thesis topics . 2, the second chapter introduced through the selection of a flexible aromatic dicarboxylic acid as the primary ligand neutral pyridine derivatives as ancillary ligands and metal self-assembly to build a nine polymer. They have a different number of dimensions, topology type and performance, wherein the isomorphic polymer 1-3 is reported the first example of the four-loop lock hydrocarbon. The type of metal ions to build interpenetrating polymer structure and performance. 3, the third chapter describes the flexible hydroxy polycarboxylic acid composition of mixed ligand pyridine synthesis of a series of zero-dimensional and one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional structure of the complexes, analysis of hydroxy polycarboxylic coordination modes of the carboxylic acid, the size of the auxiliary ligand and reaction synthesis conditions to build a complex interpenetrating type and performance impact. Additionally, the polymer 14 contains the three metals, their initial magnetic analysis showed a strong antiferromagnetic, its magnetic theoretical calculation is in progress, the polymer 13 showed strong ferromagnetic. 4, the fourth chapter, the selection of imidazo [4,5-f] [1,10] o the phenanthroline and configuration carboxylic acid ligands MS from the assembly, has been a series of compounds. Imidazo [4,5-f] [1,10] o-phenanthroline ligand coordination chemistry, introduction of flexible polyhydric aromatic carboxylic acid is easy to build a winding structure of the compounds, in addition, different types of metal ions on build a compound dimension have a significant impact. Such compounds show interesting luminescence behavior. 5, Chapter solvothermal method to get two kinds of different wound types of metal - organic framework compounds. The first category is currently reported the highest number of shares of molecular braid of six shares molecule braid; interspersed 6 - the network of nodes 22.48.65 (Schlafli symbol) 2D → 3D triple in the polymer contains a rare dual-core round pulp Co2 (CO2) 4 dimer unit.

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