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Philosophical study of the system

Author: ZhangZhiYong
Tutor: YangXinLi
School: The Central Party School
Course: The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords: System Institutional Change Institutional innovation System Construction Institutional value
CLC: B038
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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The relationship between people and systems is a major problem in recent years, academia sustained attention. From a philosophical view - of the relationship between the research system, both philosophy and mission, and also the needs of social development. In certain production relations and contacts and relations between social people, especially the social constraints of the system, the value of human dignity, the right to the protection and realization of human survival and development is not only limited by productivity levels, but also by their own conditions and social environment inseparable from the system. System is established in accordance with the objective laws of nature and things personal existence, the standardization of the product of the relations of production and social relations, contacts and relations between people seek survival and development of practical activities, adjust people means of intermediary social relations. Innovation of Marxist philosophy relationship to Marxism life, this innovative philosophy to practice conscious theoretical reflection beyond the philosophical study of the system is the result of innovation of Marxist philosophy. Theory and Practice of need, and urgently called for the strengthening of human and institutional relationship. China is in a transition period, in a compressed the context of time and space, the market economic system, instead of the planned economic system to achieve social change is not only the changes of the economic system, but also the agricultural society to an industrial society and the information society, traditional society to the transformation of modern society. The adjustment of the social structure will inevitably bring about social highlights deep-seated contradictions and social conflicts and solve social problems depends on institutional mechanisms to resolve these contradictions and problems, a priority system for solving social problems and social conflicts. Therefore, strengthening the system construction and innovation of great significance. Each system implies a certain value orientation and goal pursuit, and the system of values ??is the heart and soul of the system, the system the values ??current system construction must adhere to people-oriented. As the essence of the philosophy of the spirit of the times, in the face of the requirements of the practice, it should make the theoretical response Unfortunately, academia is full of Western scholars, especially institutional school of economics theory firmly holds the right to speak, Marxism in this area in an awkward, with aphasia state, also failed to establish a system of Marxist theory. This constitutes the purpose and motivation of this writing: First, the use of Marxist theory, from a philosophical perspective of system theory as a logical starting point for human survival and development, the establishment of a Marxist system analysis framework; second is the use of Marxism system analysis theory, examine, reflect on solving contradictions and problems in contemporary China's economic and social development process. Contemporary China, whether social problems and social contradictions of resolve, or society's modern transformation, rejuvenation, in the final analysis is to adhere to the system innovation, system innovation and arrangements must adhere to the people-oriented to human survival and development as a fundamental Establishment of the System point of departure, the free and comprehensive development as the goal of the ultimate value of the Establishment of the System. Dialectical materialism and historical materialism as a guide, the use of the methods of historical analysis and comparative analysis method, system, logic and historical unity of method to arrange the wording of the paper structure. The first part is the introduction, the second part of the seventh part of six chapters is the main part of the paper, the last part is the conclusion. Firstly, determine the logical starting point of this paper to examine and reflect on the system, that is, from the perspective of human survival and development, and to explore the system and people from the system origin, nature, changes mechanism, influencing factors, the value of the principle to construct the objectives and evaluation scale survival of the relationship between the development of the free and comprehensive development of the ultimate goal as a system constructed with the highest value. The first chapter, the product of discussion from the point of view of the survival and development of human origin and nature of the system, the system, as the practice of human exchanges, social relations, to practice as a person with a unified system. The second chapter, according to the Marxist system analysis theory, the system changes as is the productive forces and production relations, economic base and superstructure contradictory movement of the center of integrated power systems. Chapter influencing factors of institutional change from the point of view of the interests of the people, social psychology, social ideology and culture. Chapter from innovative angles discussed the importance of institutional innovation, as well as to promote institutional innovation path. Chapter discuss the principle of the Establishment of the System, from the point of view of the theory of value and focus on development, justice, freedom, harmony and value-oriented analysis. Chapter VI, asked the general system of evaluation criteria with the highest standards of comprehensive development standards, productivity standards and human freedom. In the process of in-depth research and institutional relations, the paper tries to achieve a breakthrough in the following areas: first, on the relationship between the man and the system proposed practice is the basis of the unity of the relationship between the man and the system, both human and system generated or conclusive evidence of the nature of people and systems are completed on the basis of practice, Alienation and Reversion of the system and the people can not be separated from the practice. Second, the proposed system analysis of Marxist theory on institutional change power is neither monism nor pluralism, but integrated power theory. Third, the concept of high quality talents, future international competition focused on institutional innovation and the cultivation of high quality talents. Fourth, the proposed system construction and innovation should be the development of justice, freedom and harmony as the value of the principle, in order to promote and realize the free and comprehensive development of the final value of the pursuit.

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