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The Clinical and Experimental Study on the Decoction of Yi Qi Yang Yin Run Chang Treating to Constipation Associated with Melanosis Coli

Author: WangYunFeng
Tutor: XuJinKang
School: Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese medicine
Keywords: Constipation Melanosis Coli The type of Qiyinliangxu Decoction of YiQiYangYinRunChang Clinical Study Experimental Study
CLC: R259
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective The aim of this research is observing clinic curative about Decoction of YiQiYangYinRunChang treating constipation associated with melanosis coli. Through the clinical observations about the constipation with melanosis coli with Chinese medicine treatment, looking for a better treatment. And using the animal experiments to inspect the therapeutic effect of the intestinal motility, as well as melanosis coli itself.Methods The clinical part:This clinic study have select 45 cases are divided into three groups at random,who was diagnosed as constipation associated with melanosis coli. The treatment group of 15 cases taking the decoction of YiQiYangYinRunChang, the control A group of 15 patients taking Fusong powder, the other 15 cases in control group B as the observation group, taking the rhubarb sodium bicarbonate tablets, treatment for 2 months. Observing the clinic syndrome and constipation syndrome of the three groups before and after treatment, using the hydrogen breath test measured oro-cecal transit time (OCTT), and reviewing the endoscopic and histological score. The experimental part:the gastrointestinal motility experiments. The 40 mice were randomly divided into YiQiYangYinRunchang method of high, medium, low dose group,the normal group and the positive group. Each group was given 7 days before the death, and measure the rate of carbon propelling. The drugs’effect on the melanosis coli of the guinea pig. The 48 guinea pigs were taken 8 randomly as the normal group, the other 40 guinea pig were made models of melanosis coli. After 30 days they will be randomly divided into 5 groups,as the model group, Fusonj group YiQiYangYinRunChang method high dose group, middle dose group, low dose group. According to the group, they were given 30 days drugs before the death. Then take histological score and pathological examination.Result The clinical part:(1) The treatment group improved more than the control A group and the control B group on TCM symptoms (p<0.05); (2) TheTreatment group, h control A group and the control B group were significantly effective for constipation, but no statistical difference. (3) The control B group has no therapeutic value o endoscopic, the treatment group and control A group have significant effect o endoscopic, but no significant difference between them. (4) The treatment group improves much more than the control A group (p<0.05), the control B group ( <0.01) on oro-cecal transit time. The experimental part:(1) Compared with normal group, the positive group, YiQiYangYinRunChang low dose group, middle dose and high dose group were significantly increased carbon propelling, and have a statistically significant difference (P<0.01).(2) On histological score, compared with model group, Fusong group has the most obvious improvement, with statistically significant difference (P <0.01). The different dose decoction of YiQiYangYinRunChang have the improvement to the disease of guinea pigs’melanosis coli, but there are no significant difference (P> 0.05). (3) on Pathology, in addition to the normal group, the cecum and 10cm from the ileocecal, there are different degrees of brown pigment granules of macrophages exist in the Colonic lamina propria, the high dose group, Fusong group (+), medium dose (++), middle dose group, low dose group (+++). (4) The positive area of Melanin staining, compared with the model group, Fusong group, middle dose group and high dose group, the positive area was significantly lower, with significantly difference on Statistics (P<0.01), low dose group also decreased, with differences on Statistics (P<0.05).Conclusion (1)Chinese medicine of YiQiYangYinRunChang has the curative effect on treating constipation relax with melanosis coli. It has much more efficacy in the clinical symptoms, intestinal motility and endoscopic efficacy than the rhubarb sodium bicarbonate group. And it has much more efficacy in the clinical symptoms, intestinal motility than Fusong group. (2) Chinese medicine of YiQiYangYinRunChang has a significantly promotion on intestinal motility. (3) Chinese medicine of YiQiYangYinRunChang has a therapeutic effect on the guinea pigs’melanosis coli.

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