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Theoretical and Experimental Investigation for the Entanglement Characteristics of Output Optical Fields from NOPO

Author: WangDong
Tutor: PengZuo;XieChangDe
School: Shanxi University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Non- degenerate optical parametric amplifier Entangled states Additional phase noise M-Z interferometer Compression Continuous variables
CLC: O431.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Quantum entanglement is the essence of one of the quantum mechanics is the most important application of quantum entanglement that people can complete the work can not be completed by classical physics. In recent years, the use of quantum entanglement complete quantum teleportation, quantum dense coding quantum key distribution, quantum entanglement swapping quantum information field experiments using entangled quantum computing become topics at the forefront of science and technology. Design and experimental realization of practical application potential entanglement source is important not only for basic research, but strong application requirements. Exist in the entanglement between the quadrature component of the continuous spectrum of the light field, commonly known as a continuous variable entanglement, is one of the main directions in the study of quantum entanglement. Continuous variable entanglement can take advantage of the single-mode squeezed states achieve coupling beam splitter can also be matched nonlinear crystal consisting of a Class Ⅱ directly attributable to the non-degenerate optical parametric amplifier (NOPA). Operating at less than the threshold optical parametric amplifier when there is no signal light injection, can produce vacuum compressed state, the signal light injection can produce bright compressed state, but below the threshold NOPA produce the optical field power highest only dozens of micro-watts, not conducive to long-distance transmission and detection. Operation in nondegenerate optical parametric oscillator (NOPO) can easily generate a few milliwatts, tens of milliwatts, or even higher power struggle beam above the threshold. Operating at less than the threshold NOPO generated transforms the beam frequency non-degenerate, and the measurement of the phase correlation between the signal light and the idler, and become a technical difficulty because of the lack of corresponding local light. This article constructed by an optical fiber using a pair of non-balanced Mach-Zehder interferometer, measurement entangled light field of a high intensity noise correlation spectroscopy, experimental study of a the quantum correlation degree and the noise frequency dependencies between verify the the NOPO output light above threshold The field of quantum entanglement properties. The main contents are as follows: 1. Describes two types of measurement operation in the characteristics of the quantum entangled light beams the NOPO generated above the threshold associated experimental methods: one is using a balanced homodyne detection, including a quarter-wave plate in the the NOPO chamber into the lower converting optical frequency degeneracy and use of the acousto-optical modulator to produce the same as the optical frequency of the down conversion of the local light; the other is to use self-homodyne measurements, including scanning single end FP cavity and unbalanced Mach-Zehnder (MZ) interferometer. 2. Use of the semiclassical theoretical analysis above the threshold of classical and quantum properties of the the NOPO output field. The analysis showed that the intensity difference of the output field and the phase noise of the noise and pump field no relationship, the phase and the noise is not only concerned with the parameters of the switching field, but also the parameters of the pump field. We consider the following three factors focus on the next conversion optical phase associated effects: 1. Finesse of the pump light NOPO; pump light additional phase noise; 3.NOPO on the pump light phase noise amplification role. Analyzed the difference in intensity of expression by the experimental parameters and phase noise spectrum formula. Our formula can be a reasonable explanation for the experimental results. 3. Structures analysis of the frequency of 2MHz, 5MHz and 10MHz unbalanced fiber MZ interferometer, theoretical analysis of noise measurement of the optical fiber coupling loss. Fiber MZ interferometer using homemade, obtained from the experiments on the non-frequency-KAN and entanglement beam at 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz frequency intensity difference and the phase and compression. White noise, and verify the impact of the the pump light additional phase noise of the down-converted light phase and associated pump light. In these efforts, some innovative work as follows: A: In considering the transmittance of the optical parametric oscillator cavity pump field pump field additional phase noise and optical parametric oscillation cavity pump field phase noise amplification output of NOPO associated with the field of quantum characteristics of the case, theoretically derived a the entangled relationship characterized by measurable experimental parameters. The resulting formula can explain the experimental results published in the past. B: Build unbalanced fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer, interferometer losses associated noise measurement. C: experimental use of unbalanced fiber interferometer got NOPO high brightness above the threshold frequency nondegenerate entangled beam in different frequency intensity analysis and phase compression, verify pump light additional phase noise NOPO output field phase and associated impacts.

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