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Numerical simulation of sea ice and its application

Author: JiShunYing
Tutor: ChengGengDong;YueQianJin
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Engineering Mechanics
Keywords: Bohai Sea Sea ice Thermal Dynamic Model Numerical simulation and prediction of sea ice Solar radiation Ocean heat flux Drag coefficient Characteristic ice thickness Ice ridge Smooth particle method Ice-induced structural vibration
CLC: P731.35
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2001
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Oil and gas development in the Bohai Sea, the sea ice is affecting ice structure design, construction drilling, production operations of the important marine environmental conditions. On sea ice for numerical modeling and prediction, and works closely with oil and gas development is reasonable to determine the design parameters of sea ice to reduce the loss of ice harm an effective way. In this paper, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and CNOOC Bohai Corporation jointly sponsored the \Ice mathematical model calculations to determine the parameters analyzed sea ice thermodynamic and dynamic elements of features, and the numerical simulation and prediction of sea ice on the basis of Liaodong Bay JZ20-2 waters MUQ cone ice-induced structural vibration platform were analyzed. Numerical simulation and prediction of sea ice is to learn from the polar regions and their main periglacial zone, medium and large-scale mathematical model. In this paper, the polar sea ice by numerical simulation and systematic summary of relevant research, and to consider the characteristics of sea ice, a detailed analysis of two different kinds of sea ice numerical methods, namely Euler coordinates of difference and Lagrangian coordinate the smooth particle method. To make the mathematical model of sea ice can adapt to the Bohai Sea ice conditions characteristic, and one of the important parameters to determine the calculation, the author Liaodong Bay JZ20-2 waters of the sea ice in winter seven consecutive field observations, the completion of a number of icebreakers sea ??ice and coastal ice investigative work, get a lot of sea ice observations. On this basis, this paper analyzes the ice surface solar radiation calculation method and its variations throughout the period of ice discussed on the ice surface solar radiation and other thermal factors and disappearance of sea ice impact; calculated using the residual heat of the ocean flux during the entire ice trends discussed meteorological and hydrological conditions, ice thickness and other factors on the impact of ocean heat flux; summarized ice drag coefficient calculated eddy method, profiling and momentum method, and use momentum method for low-density flat sea ice drag coefficient a preliminary calculation. And disappearance of sea ice thermal element analysis, this paper ice surface solar radiation, long-wave radiation, sensible heat, latent heat, conductive heat and ice within the ice under the ocean heat flux variation of thermal elements were studied. Elements for changing thermal characteristics of sea ice, and according to the mechanism of sea ice and sea ice and extinction of numerical simulation results, the characteristics of sea ice thickness concept and calculation of different temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and ocean heat flux conditions characteristics under ice thickness. Sea ice drift in the dynamic factor analysis in this paper ice flow drag force winds and sea ice force, Coriolis force and surface tilt force of dynamic factors are discussed and compared. For sea ice dynamic characteristics, and with reference to the measured ice ridge, analyze pressure ridge of ice several AbstraCt geometrical features, the establishment of a high ice ridge sail mechanical model, and gives different Bohai Sea ice ice at different return periods ridge design parameters. For the distribution of sea ice in Liaodong Bay audience, using the Eulerian coordinate system finite difference method for the numerical simulation, and for the numerical simulation of the regional sea ice drift is used in Lagrangian coordinates smooth particle method: Liaodong Bay regional drift on sea ice and sea ice numerical simulation audience, fully considered the impact of the Bohai Sea tides, and the simulated ice thickness, density, ice velocity and ice internal stress state and other parameters of the dynamic sea ice digital image processing. Ice-induced structural vibration to the Bohai Sea Ice Age structure and production of oil and gas safe operation of the operating system brings a great threat. In this paper, numerical prediction of the sea ice, sea ice and ice physical and mechanical parameters derived induced structural vibration analysis combined to develop a numerical simulation of sea ice and its engineering application system. It is oil and gas development in the Bohai Sea Ice production safety operations to provide ice-induced structural vibration information management is an important component of sea ice.

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