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K-factor for Drell-Yan Process in Nucleus-Nucleus Collision and Nuclear Effect

Author: HouZhaoYu
Tutor: ZhangBenAi
School: Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics , Beijing Graduate School
Course: Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics
Keywords: Deep inelastic scattering Drell-Yan process K-factor EMC effect Perturbative QCD
CLC: O571.4
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2002
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In order to further investigate the high-energy nucleus - nucleus collisions the Drell-Yan process and the physical mechanism of the EMC effect, we calculated investigated quantum chromodynamics (QCD) alpha correcting effect on the Drell-Yan process, to determine the K-factor a more precise algorithms. Select a different incident nucleon average momentum fraction x 1 values, consider the the annihilation items and Compton scattering term on the basis of high-energy nuclear - nuclear collisions, Drell-Yan process, the use of perturbative QCD and double Q 2 rescaling model, promote the x-rescaling model, the nucleus - nucleus collisions constant K-factor issues. We found that from the bound nucleon quark (anti-quark) or gluons carry the the different x1 the value K factor involved in the annihilation into γ * with parton carried bound nucleon momentum fraction x 2 change is very different from the K factor can not be approximated as a constant. The Fermi Lab E772 cooperation group confirmed Drell-Yan cross-section of two different target nuclei showing nuclear shadowing effect in the target nucleus deep inelastic scattering measurements of the EMC effect in the area of ??the scale independence observed nuclear shadowing effect. To this end, we introduced the high-energy particle and nuclear, nuclear and nuclear collisions the Drell-Yan process shielding factor H a correction of the Drell-Yan process, a in S 1/2 were calculated < / sup> = 60 GeV, 130GEV, of 200GeV energy gold nuclei with gold nucleus (Au-Au) collision K-factor, as well as detailed calculations of the proton and carbon nuclei (PC), carbon nuclear and carbon nucleus (CC), Au- Au energy S the 1/2 = 60GeV and S 1/2 630GeV under the comparison of the collision, and are included in the shielding factor and not included in the shielding factor The amount of contrast. The results showed that: after considering the shadowing effect in the small x segment K value was elevated significantly; With the rise of the energy value of K will be smaller for the same nuclide; nucleus and the more severe, the smaller the value of the K factor. It can be seen that the nuclear shadowing effect exists in the small x region is also one of the reasons the K-factor. This work also proposed a comprehensive utilization of high-energy hadron h the nucleus A Drell-Yan collisions and high energy lepton l with the nucleus A deep inelastic collision of these two types of experimental data, estimates to determine the distribution of valence quarks and sea quark distribution function of the nuclear effects only the wide R v A (x 2 ) the R s A (x < sub> 2 ) self-consistent treatment program. An iterative algorithm for the means, the valence quark, sea quark distribution nuclear effects in-depth theoretical analysis, the nuclear Drell in the case of nonconstant K factor, based on the high-energy lh depth inelastic scattering experiments and high-energy hA collision -Yann HOU Zhao Yu: PhD thesis experimental data on C, Ca, Fe target nuclear valence quarks and sea quark distribution of the effects of the nuclear medium size have been calculated, further research related to nuclear effects. Thus careful consideration of several nuclear effects computing research, deepen the understanding of the effects of the nuclear medium nuclei within the valence quarks and sea quark distribution and bow from the experimental data of the nuclear effects duh quarks of different flavors some of the information make the numerical results. Finally, to improve the original proposal on the basis of further calculate the effects of QCD non-perturbative effects of the nuclear structure function, and nuclear nuclear collision Drellyan of process energy loss effects of nuclear structure function.

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