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The Nuclear Effects in the Proton-Deuteron Drell-Yan Process

Author: WeiZengJiang
Tutor: DuanChunGui
School: Hebei Normal
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Drell-Yan process Differential cross section ratio Nuclear effects
CLC: O572.33
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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EMC effect reflects the free nucleon bound nucleon structure function is significantly different from the nuclear environment can affect the internal structure of the nucleon . High-energy particles and nuclei interaction , one can clearly understand the nuclear environment quark - plastic subsections molecular distribution function ( ie nuclear parton distribution function of the nuclear effects ) , to obtain a more precise bound nucleon parton distribution function . This helps us to better explain the experimental results of the nucleus - nucleus and proton - nucleus collisions , calculate the differential cross section of the process , discover new physics and a new form of matter . Research nuclear environment on nuclear internal molecular distribution function correction , using only the lepton - nucleus deep inelastic scattering experiments given nucleon structure function , data , and can not determine the valence quarks and large - x region of small x region sea ??quark distribution . Proton - nucleus collisions nuclear Drell-Yan process as a supplement also study the nuclear quark - gluon distribution means . It should be noted that the target of heavy nuclei , the energy loss effect in nuclear Drell-Yan process of proton - nucleus collisions , when used to determine the nuclear inland sea quark distribution net of the effect . However, for light nuclei target , especially deuteron energy loss effect on the differential cross section of the Drell-Yan process is very small and can be ignored . Therefore , with the help of the proton - deuteron collision nuclear Drell-Yan process can be studied nuclear internal momentum distribution of the molecules . In this paper, HKN the deuteron price given quark and sea quark distribution function , and CTEQ given proton of nuclear effects parton distribution function to calculate the proton - deuteron and proton - proton Drell-Yan process reaction cross sections than σpdσpp were compared with the experimental data of the E866 experiment in cooperation . Can be found in the area to remove large x ( x gt ; 0.2 ) , the calculation results with the experimental results of the E866 group are in good . Deuteron structure function of nuclear reaction cross sections than the σpdσpp the impact of very small effect on the proton - deuteron and proton - proton Drell-Yan process . Therefore , you can use the proton - the the deuteron collision of the Drell-Yan process reaction experimental data to study proton parton distribution functions , especially the smell of the sea quark asymmetry .

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