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  1. A Study on Generating Mechanism of Employees Internet Deviate Behavior Based on TPB,YangLan/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/66
  2. Research on the Joint and Several Liability for Damages of the Dispatched Workers,YangLan/Central South University,0/19
  3. Clinical Observation of Acupuncture Combined with Phlegm Treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome,YangLan/Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,0/28
  4. Study on Thetobacco Black Shank(Phytophthora Parasitica Var. Nicotianae Breda De Hean) in Western Hunan,YangLan/Hunan Agricultural University,0/14
  5. Research on Vehicle Heading and Attitude Determination Using Multi-source Information Fusion,YangLan/Chang'an University,0/41
  6. Real-time Fluorescence Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification for the Diagnosis of Yersinia Enterocolitica,YangLan/Agricultural University of Hebei,0/28
  7. On Chinese SME Credit System,YangLan/Yan'an University,0/336
  8. Study on the Relationship between the Germany Service Development and the Economic Growth,YangLan/Xiangtan University,0/23
  9. The Motivation Variation Study on the Process of University Students’ Voluntary Service,YangLan/China Youth Political College,0/1
  10. Research and analysis of the Erhu Concerto "blue planet",YangLan/Central Conservatory of Music,0/0
  11. The Creative Theory of Miao’s Author Wuenze,YangLan/Chongqing Normal University,0/19
  12. The Study on the "Xiao Ya:Four Studhorses" in the Book of Songs,YangLan/Shanxi University,0/84
  13. Effect of Growth Regulators on Nitrogen Reutilization of Oilseed Rape and Relation to Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency,YangLan/Hunan Agricultural University,1/51
  14. A Study of Molecular Epidemiological on Chronic Periodontitis in Hui and Dongxiang Minorities in Gansu,YangLan/Lanzhou University,0/115
  15. The Study on the Optimization and Mechanism during High-salt Soy Sauce Fermentation with Liquid State,YangLan/South China University of Technology,7/872
  16. Trying to Elaborate the Strategy of the Real Estate Industry in the Architectural Culture,YangLan/Central South University,1/386
  17. The Multiplicity of CyclinD1 in Breast Cancer,YangLan/Suzhou University,0/47
  18. Inquiry of Business Process Outsourcing Project Implementation Methods,YangLan/Beijing Jiaotong University,2/405
  19. The Translation of Business English into Chinese: From the Perspective of Register Theory,YangLan/Guizhou Normal,0/460
  20. Green Synthesis Technique of Medical Intermediate DM,YangLan/Qingdao University of Science and Technology,0/373
  21. HPV Infection and LMP2/LMP7 Gene Polymorphisms in Kazakh Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Xinjiang,YangLan/Shihezi University,3/145
  22. Primary School Teachers’ Curriculum Decision Making in Lesson Planning,YangLan/East China Normal University,6/425
  23. Research on Noumenon of Chinese Character from Rhetorical Angle,YangLan/Jiangxi Normal University,1/160
  24. From coastal defense of the city \,YangLan/Central Academy of Fine Arts,0/87
  25. The Reciprocal Effect to TV and Literature in Current Cultural Context,YangLan/Central China Normal University,0/232
  26. Study on the Preparation and the Permeability Evaluation of Membrane for Membrane Distillation,YangLan/Beijing University of Chemical Technology,1/280
  27. Model-based BOLD fMRI neural dynamics analysis,YangLan/University of Electronic Science and Technology,2/162
  28. Discuss on the Legal Regulations in Profit Distribution of the Administrative Process,YangLan/Xiangtan University,0/97
  29. Agricultural product safety regulatory issues,YangLan/Southwest University of Political Science,3/570
  30. Hong Kong, Taiwan , Singapore and the relationship between government and non-governmental organizations Comparative Study,YangLan/Fudan University,5/1087
  31. Pharmacognosy-identification and Studies of Pharmacological Action and Chemical Components on Dissipating Phlegm to Relieve Asthma on the Sclerotium of Pleurotus Tuber-regium (Fr.) Sing,YangLan/Guangdong College of Pharmacy,0/78
  32. Quercetin S6 transmembrane domain at amino acid residues I502 hkv1.5 activate the wild-type ion channel,YangLan/Wuhan University of Science and Technology,0/42
  33. Straddling days Yueguangnvshen,YangLan/Henan University,0/178
  34. On the System of Environmental Information Disclosure of Enterprise in China,YangLan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,4/267
  35. Deinococcus radiodurans RecO, RecF prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression system construction and the effects of UV radiation damage,YangLan/Third Military Medical University,0/109
  36. Control Efficacy of Rotation and Bio-fumigation Against Strawberry Replant Diseases,YangLan/Agricultural University of Hebei,2/224
  37. Analysis on Financial Policies of Chinese Higher Education in Fund Raising Multiplication Reform,YangLan/Hunan Normal University,0/228
  38. Iodine intake and susceptible HLA genes and coastal areas of Guangxi Correlation of Graves' disease,YangLan/Guangxi Medical University,0/26
  39. Study on the Relationship between the Herpes Virus and Cerebral Infarction,YangLan/Hebei Medical University,0/62
  40. Discuss the Contemporary China Female’s Function in Constructing Harmonious Society,YangLan/Jilin University,0/144
  41. The Research of Developing the Curriculum Resource in Junior Chinese Reading Teaching,YangLan/East China Normal University,1/255
  42. The Comparison Study on Several Development Domains in Rural Modernization between China and Feance,YangLan/Northwest University of Science and Technology,0/100
  43. The Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Market Structure and Market Performance in China’s Bankcard Industry,YangLan/Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,1/171
  44. Deconstruction Theory Perspective \,YangLan/Yunnan Normal University,0/91
  45. Energy Loss of An Incoming Quark,YangLan/Hebei Normal,0/25
  46. Research and Development of Vehicle Vibration Signal Processing System Based on FPGA,YangLan/Chang'an University,1/67
  47. Purfication of Polyprenole from Ginkgo Biloba L. Leaves and Synthesis of S-dolichol Thereof,YangLan/Chinese Academy of Forestry,0/31
  48. Dissertation of Education Liberty in Higher Education,YangLan/East China University of Political Science,0/354
  49. Research and Implementation of 3D Entities Boolean Operation Algorithm Based on 3D Grid Model,YangLan/Central South University,2/171
  50. Synthesis of Poly Alpha Olefin Used for Synthetic Lube Base Oil,YangLan/East China University of Science and Technology,0/173

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