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Three Gorges reservoir prediction and evaluation of slope erosion mechanism and modeling

Author: FuTao
Tutor: XieDeTi;WeiChaoFu;TuShiHua
School: Southwest Agricultural University
Course: Soil
Keywords: Three Gorges Reservoir Area Slope Soil erosion Prediction Model
CLC: S157
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2002
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Rain splash erosion process including hit and run-off caused by soil erosion separation, sediment transport and deposition of three major processes, research and analyze these processes, the development of water, soil and terrain conditions as well as the process of mutual transformation, mutual influence The mechanism is to establish a physical model of soil erosion prerequisite. According to China's actual situation, to carry out separation sloping soil erosion, transport and deposition processes and their relationship studies with Chinese characteristics for the establishment of soil erosion model, and then guide the production practice soil and water conservation is very important theoretical and practical significance. Currently on soil erosion studies are focused in three areas, one on soil erosion research methods, including experimental research methods and soil erosion assessment methodologies two parts, the second is the mechanism of soil erosion, Third, reduce soil erosion research and evaluation of the various measures. Domestic slope qualitative research methods and statistical analysis based on the mechanism and process of slope erosion, nutrient loss caused by nonpoint source pollution forecasting and evaluation of quantitative prediction model and the slope drain and slope control measures interactions and other aspects still need to be further examined. Currently only a slope in the Yangtze River and the loss of soil particles characteristic slope agroforestry systems nutrient loss time course of study reports, while the Three Gorges reservoir slope soil sediment and nutrient loss mechanism and process parameters to obtain not been reported, there is not a more systematic loss of sediment and nutrient runoff forecasting model, let alone constitutes the slope efficiency evaluation model of governance measures. Nearly 40 years, due to many irrational land use, soil and water conservation within the Yangtze River area and intensity is increasing. The Three Gorges Project of the Yangtze River and around the reservoir control soil and water conservation work referred to a new height, the Three Gorges Dam is completed, the watershed is bounded to the Treasury weeks, the reservoir area will reach 54,200 ho, while the mountainous area accounting for 74% of the region. With the relocation, the steep slope of the land cultivation rate of up to 43.7%, while the Three Gorges area is sloping soil erosion has been the primary source material is the undisputed fact. Therefore, the current major problem is how to Zang light sloping soil erosion, reducing the amount of sediment entering the Three Gorges reservoir area, to extend the operating time of the Three Gorges Project to protect the safety of Yangtze River. In addition, according to the average soil thickness 78. m calculation, the Yangtze River 100X Kuang r 2 region of soil porosity and up to 1973X \The fundamental, soil erosion is the key to keep the soil, and sediment, with the vast majority of soil nutrient loss, severe soil erosion caused by shallow book, nutrient poor, land quality degradation, decline, on the Three Gorges Reservoir District resettlement work and a serious threat to sustainable agricultural development, restricting economic development of the Three Gorges reservoir area, so for the Three Gorges Reservoir Area sloping soil erosion mechanism, and explore sloping soil erosion mitigation methods and measures, with the overall significance of this study is divided into three parts, the first part through laboratory simulation experiments carried slope soil, nutrients, runoff loss mechanism for slope erosion soil erosion prediction model to provide the necessary parameters and the second part is the runoff plot observations in order to indoor simulation model was validated experimentally obtained by various factors influencing erosion indicators to determine and establish hillslope erosion prediction model. third part is the use of experimentally obtained erosion prediction model combined with GIS technology for watershed scale water loss forecast by the model for soil erosion at different spatial scales conversion, soil erosion mechanism of micro-and macro-watershed soil erosion prediction organic linking microscopic mechanism of soil erosion bit of research results can be applied to macroscopic watershed soil erosion prediction, while the amount of soil erosion prediction model of macro and micro test results support the formation of hillslope erosion studies at the \the corresponding spatial scale model transformation research new ideas. research results are as follows: l slope runoff mechanism through two kinds of purple soil and yellow soil hillslope rainfall infiltration indoor rainfall simulation experiment found that two kinds of soil infiltration process into the I i * like and infiltration 1 (O can be used Horton (Horton) formula to express: intraoperative generate runoff: j (t) = R (t), Shuai) Jiao Jiao Yang (t h) by introducing the concept of runoff lasted known, and yellow on purple soil to be tied in artificial rainfall runoff under which lasted for a concept [two measurements found slope runoff later than the occurrence of subsurface flow, that spoon Z. instructions and yellow purple soil types are saturated runoff Runoff (impound runoff). slope in order to get people infiltration parameters, by the formula analysis shows that only lasted runoff can be obtained, under laboratory conditions, runoff can be directly observed lasted spoon to get the study also found that the slope runoff and rainfall intensity lasted spoon R) and soil Early moisture 0 slope showed a significant negative correlation, ie, rainfall intensity and soil moisture before Yi greater runoff starts sooner, and reached the runoff of rainfall intensity and duration and slope of the linear regression moisture former friends equation of soil watered into the soil drainage body of another important part of field study found that the generation of the mid-stream trench no direct relationship with the rainfall intensity, and soil moisture and ground slope on previous soil-water content greater field early, interflow occurs sooner, the greater the slope, the greater the subsurface flow velocity. slope runoff process can be dynamic wave equation derivation, derivation can be drawn through any point of runoff intensity slope theoretical solution, from the formula overland flow can be introduced in three stages: the infiltration stage?

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