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Author: GongYongMei
Tutor: ZhuZhengHui
School: East China Normal University
Course: Historical Theory and History of Historical Science
Keywords: Reborn Modern China China's modern history History of Immigration Fairbank China Centered Approach Overseas Chinese Animate Taiping movement Country of origin
CLC: K25
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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Kuhn (Philip Alden Kuhn, 1933 -) is a professor of history lecture, Harvard University Higginson (Francis Lee Higginson), Head of the Department of East Asia, was the 1980 - 1986 served as director of the Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies Center, the international academic community recognized Fairbank successors and after following Fairbank, an important scholar of modern Chinese history to lead the United States to come to a new direction, is an outstanding representative of Chinese scholars in the United States China Centered Approach \Up to four years of academic career, Kuhn published only three books: \Chinese Sorcery Scare \Although a small number, but each of this sensational, open atmosphere of the first. Since the mid-1990s, Kuhn turned to the immigration history of overseas Chinese, Chinese history and world history sight integrated embodies the constantly better ourselves the spirit of exploration and innovation. An academic, domestic and international no monograph on its research, the paper aims to fill the academic gap. This paper follows the History of the History and historians theoretical study of the general theory and methods, time clues problem for topics on the hole flying force in different periods of the major works of the cases, trying on hole flying force academic ideological development of the Basic Way to, research methods, academic contributions and limitations of the more in-depth and comprehensive study. This paper is divided into five chapters and epilogue. Chapter 1 Introduction, accountable to pose motive of this article. Chapter II, Kuhn rebellion and its enemies Late Imperial China :1796-1864, militarization and social structure \About the Qing Dynasty fading and the Taiping three chapters, the first 10 volumes of the Cambridge History of Late Qing China \object of study, analysis Kuhn this most features writings many Historical Achievement on: Chapter Kuhn new book, \The basic idea of ??the evolution of its pros and cons, Kuhn the origin of the history of overseas Chinese immigrants, the main content and features of the analysis. The conclusion, to generalize and summarize Kuhn theme of the study of modern Chinese history, achievements, revelation and its defects, concentrated expression obtained by the author Kuhn science related fields who have studied the experience and thinking. The author believes that Kuhn in the long 40 years of modern Chinese history, to seek, is the core of the \The so-called \verb-object structure can be described in modern China from a traditional Chinese embryonic nurture the process of production. This phrase is not out of the mouth of the hole Flygt I own Department of the author, and humbly believe fit Kuhn's academic thinking evolved. I thought, \The first phase of doctoral dissertation from the mid-1960s until the mid-1980s, 1796 1864 places militarization, the decline of the Qing Dynasty and the Taiping movement, the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of local self-government and other issues, the so-called modern China society of modern times \Kuhn analysis of Chinese society turbulent social and historical environment, the traditional authority of the State of the decline and gentry expansion of the right, the balance of power of the state and society to the gentry representatives of the local the social one end of the tilt, breeds Modern factors; second stage, from 80 mid-1990, Kuhn on the Qinggong file interpretation, published \This book is the anatomy occur in a Qianlong in 1768 \Modern born out of tradition, what is meant by traditional? Need to look at them close Kuhn; third stage, since the 1990s, Kuhn analysis of the origins of the modern state, this is the long period of the \Kuhn, Wei Yuan and Mao Zedong, surrounded by three political institutional change need to address the issue, discussed omnibus \Kuhn believes that the history of overseas migration off the \The outcome of the various periods for hole flying force of the author summarized the hole flying force the Chinese view of history: China premodern Chinese society, although is the decline of the but not stagnant unchanged, the new forms of social and political system of China's internal ; modern Chinese society, is a constant accumulation of new factors, constantly starting from within traditional towards modern process. Hole the Flygt Chinese history, unlike the dynastic cycle theory, is also different from the impact of the West - China responded theory, he stressed the continuity of Chinese history and culture, recycling and toughness, stressed that the departure from China to study Chinese, worthy of the \\Kuhn \In fact, Kuhn some other people familiar with even complete strangers research, but also contains a lot of flash at. Author in the course of the study, and always thinking about the wonders of its success lies. Generally speaking, the following points: First, Kuhn is very good at modest beginnings, is extraordinarily sensitive to the problem. The Qinggong file about Soulstealers case as early as in 1931, 1930, already announced, but there has been no domestic scholars to good use research, while Kuhn in 1984 to see these files in the First Historical Archives of China, but \treasure \

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