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Research for Violating the Cooperative Principle of Chinese Figures of Speech and the Pragmatic Function

Author: LiuRong
Tutor: ZhangYuShang
School: Hunan Agricultural University
Course: Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords: Communication Cooperative Principle Figures of Speech Pragmatic Function
CLC: H13
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Chinese is a language spoken by the largest number of people in the world. With the internationalization of the social development and the increasing frequency of interpersonal communication, people pay more and more attention to means communication day by day, and Chinese plays an important role all the more. In People’s daily interaction, conversation is an important communicative means to get information and to transfer information. It is a behavior for two parties or several parties to express the meaning continuously by the use of language. Grice, a famous American linguistic philosopher, believes that in the process of human communication, two parties involved in a dialogue seem to follow a principle unconsciously in order to cooperate effectively and thus to complete communicative tasks perfectly. Therefore, Grice puts forward "cooperative principle", and he thinks that four maxims can be applied to daily conversation, namely:quality maxim, quantity maxim, relative maxim and manner maxim. In the process of information transmission, cooperative principle plays a big part in oral communication. And figures of speech, which explores the rules that participants try to follow in verbal communication for the sake of improving effects of expression as well as effects of acceptance, also occupies a significant position and has been favored by people over the years. In reality, it is usual that people violate the cooperative principle in using Chinese for communication, and many of the phenomena are reflected by the figures of speech.The Chinese semantic figures of speech are the highlight in Chinese rhetoric, but at present, there are few researches that combine pragmatics with rhetorics and even fewer that analyze the rhetorical phenomenon as a result of the violation of cooperative principle. This thesis attempts to collect data in that aspect and then classify them by integrating pragmatics with rhetorics, and cooperative principle with Chinese semantic figures of speech. It also regards the occurrence of the Chinese semantic figures of speech resulting from violating the cooperative principle as the research subject, tries to identify the reasons for such phenomenon as well as to summarize the Chinese semantic figures of speech which violate the four maxims of cooperative principle, and finally through above-mentioned analyses, finds out the potential law wherein.What is as well worth mentioning here is that not all Chinese semantic figures of speech violate the cooperative principle, and that some figures of speech may well violate several sub-maxims simultaneously. Taking that into consideration, this paper will carry out the analyses respectively so as to make this study a detailed and in-depth one, and figure out why that happens. Meanwhile, another focus of this paper is to determine the pragmatic functions concerning the application of Chinese semantic figures of speech that deviate from the cooperative principle, including the realization of politeness, and the maintenance of faces, etc. Based on all the analyses, this study will end up with the reasons for the prevalence of this pragmatic phenomenon in people’s daily communication.

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