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Effect and Mechanism of Preventive Moxibustion on Adjuvant Arthritis(AA)

Author: LiXiaoZuo
Tutor: LiXueWu
School: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords: Nuclear transcription factor Antioxidant Moxibustion Cytokines Stress hormones and proteins Inhibition and Protection Adjuvant arthritis
CLC: R246
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2004
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\Refers to the body healthy and free from disease, disease or disease development Qing Qian, pre-application moxibustion to stimulate the meridians of the gas, to enhance the body's resistance to disease and ability to respond to health promotion, health and sickness, to prevent the occurrence of disease or mitigate the traditional methods of subsequent disease damage. Literature studies have shown that moxibustion can produce positive strong role in disease prevention and less disease care, but the mechanism of action is still polling in. The body has the the endogenous adaptation mechanism has been confirmed by modern medicine, pretreatment method body to produce moderate stress, start endogenous adaptive mechanisms to prevent or mitigate subsequent ideas and methods of disease is caused by the high degree of attention of the medical profession. Its features are: add a large number of exogenous substance does not pass through the body, but artificially take some of the ways to stimulate the body's inherent disease resistance in order to facilitate the protection of the body, is a full attention to the body's own potential to inspire and mobilize The overall adjustment method. It is worth noting: this feature exactly is acupuncture where the characteristics of the prevention and treatment of disease. Moxibustion pretreatment similarities, according to modern stress theory, the paper to prevent and reduce disease care strong mechanism in moxibustion acupuncture benign pre-stress hypothesis \Studies have shown that: Many \Acupuncture has exact anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory role, which is the foundation, but also of the various types of immune disorders and acute and chronic inflammation of acupuncture on the prevention and treatment of clinical acupuncture anti-tumor, anti-infective, anti-viral, anti-allergic, anti-aging and disease prevention and health care basis. \sexual enhancement, inhibition, or mitigate disease stress damage. According to the research ideas, the subject of preliminary experimental study. Select complete Freund's adjuvant (FCA) caused by adjuvant arthritis (AA) model, the model can reactive immune disorders and inflammatory state, to moxibustion Dazhui as pretreatment means to observe the pre-moxibustion on subsequent AA rat early secondary period, chemistry, histopathology, radiology, immunology, biochemistry, and computer image analysis methods using immunohistochemistry, cytokines (IL-1-β, TNF-α, IL-2 moxibustion), stress hormones (CRH, β-EP), the stress protein 70 (HSP70), antioxidant (SOD, MDA), a nuclear transcription factor (NF-κB) angle discussed a protective effect on subsequent disease stress possible mechanisms. The main conclusions are as follows: 1, the application of Freund's complete adjuvant (FCA) made the AA model, allows local primary joint tissue typical pathological changes, joint swelling, serum levels of inflammatory cytokines IL-1-β, TNF-α increased spleen of IL-2 activity was significantly inhibited. Moxibustion, and then receiving adjuvant stimulation, the the local primary joint histopathology can be improved to some extent, reduce joint swelling, inflammatory cytokines IL-1-β, TNF-α the abnormally elevated the status be relieved, spleen of IL-2 activity rebounded significantly. The protective effect of moxibustion subsequent AA have been reflected in the early secondary period, but the secondary phase is more obvious. The moxibustion No normal rats cytokines change significantly. Tip: Although the intensity of moxibustion is not enough to curb the the AA disease process, but has some mitigation mitigating role, and this role can be extended to the secondary phase. But not by pre-increase or decrease the absolute content of the cytokines moxibustion to achieve these effects. Moxibustion Akira rang and mechanisms of adjuvant arthritis, application of Freund's complete adjuvant (F to) build AA model allows the rat hypothalamic CRH, an EP was significantly higher, and presents pathological stress reaction. The moxibustion and then receiving adjuvant stimulation, compared with the same period in the control group: early can cut the AA rats pathological stress nowadays excessive release in the hypothalamic CRH, mouth an EP; Although the secondary phase the hypothalamic CRH remained downward trend, but the day has begun an EP increased significantly. Inferred moxibustion subsequently the AA cause tissue injury alleviate role moxibustion reduce or adjust subsequently from excessive rises the hypothalamus cRH, mouth an EP of stress hormones, adjustment disorder of the HPA axis function, regulate immune inflammatory the AA disease state under cytokines related. 3, the application of Freund's complete adjuvant (F to) made the AA model, rat blood and hypothalamus in SOD activity can be decreased, MDA content increased, suggesting that the body oxidative stress. The moxibustion subsequent AA rat blood and hypothalamus in reduced 5 OD activity can be picked up, so elevated in the blood and the hypothalamus MDA declined early regulation of SOD, the secondary phase showing MDA adjustment. Moxibustion allows normal rat plasma SOD activity was significantly improved. Tip: moxibustion alleviate the protective effect of AA, may be related to the adjustment of the AA metabolic disorder of oxygen free radicals and moxibustion. And this effect may be related to the pre-moxibustion significantly improve normal body of rat blood s0D of activity. 4, the application of Freund's complete adjuvant (F to) made from the model, allows the rat hypothalamus HSP70 was significantly elevated, and NF-KB in the high expression state. Moxibustion before receiving adjuvant stimulate AA hypothalamus significantly increased HSP70 can have come down, the NF-KB expression status weakened, and these changes are synchronized with the inflammation improved immune function improvement. Moxibustion can also make a normal rat hypothalamus modest rise of HsP70. Tip: moxibustion subsequently from the impact, it may improve with pre-moxibustion hypothalamic HSP70 expression, to strengthen the body's antioxidant capacity, and start the machine body endogenous protective mechanism, by regulation, followed by AA hypothalamic NF-KB, benign adjustment The cytokines, adjustment disorder HPA axis function, regulation of the immune function, reduce disease stress inflammatory response and joint local organizations injury. HSP70, SOD, NF-KB may be important factors involved in the moxibustion AA protection mechanism. In summary, the protective effect of moxibustion subsequent AA having early and the delayed effect of the secondary phase of this effect, may be under the influence of the inverse moxibustion, causing the body to a series of cascade reactions, and through the influence of endogenous adaptation mechanism to raise the body of stress and anti-change capacity, so that the body's stress system got to make some adjustments, so that the body disease stress adaptability, stress, slow the disease, and to alleviate the of disease stress of tissues and organs damage, adjust or improve dysfunction and obstacles to achieve the protective effect of moxibustion subsequent disease.

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