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On Gender Roles in the Pre-Qin Period

Author: ZhaoYuBao
Tutor: ZhanZiQing
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: History of Ancient China
Keywords: The Pre-Qin Period Gender Roles Man and Woman Husband and Wife
CLC: K225
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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In the pre-Qin period, a dayspring of Chinese historical civilization, Many elements of culture and civilization had been occurred from nothing to being, from small to big, from imperceptibility to intricacy, from original to mature. Because of it, we called the culture of the pre-Qin preiod as "headstream or vivid water". As a result of human being’s civilization and a basic mode of division of man and woman, gender roles was appeared in this times too. Along with a process of Xia, Shang and Zhou, it had been befeit from many kinds of factors,and finalized the design day after day. This process, lay across the whole period of the pre-Qin,and left over clear impressions and tracks. The aim of this paper is to explore the footmark of gender roles and understand the reason and result,source,development, transformation and perfection. Thereafter, we can watch and have a restricted view of the history and praxis of Chinese traditional gender roles, and offer a historical resource and background material to turn the theory of gender roles (gender) into a Chinese theory.For the sake of its aim, this paper select a traditional basic method which is used by many scholars who handled the theroy of modern sociology to unscramble and comprehend the ancient Chinese history. In an other words, we introduce this theory into a study of the pre-Qin period after we have commanded the theory of gender roles(gender).In frondose study course,we also adopt a method that we analyse the whole pre-Qin history from a fore-and-aft history spacetime. Namely, this paper is a historical writing though this work is mixture with theory and practice after all.It request us to analyse this task from historical point of view, revert history from beginning to last,and unfold its skeleton from the order of the gender roles development .The article consists of three phases: the introduction,the main body and the conclusion.The Introduction.ln this part we illustrate the purpose of this article,researchpurport,method and essential train of thought,definitude basic question, look back and sum up research fruits of this task,and summarize its worthiness. For the sake of easy to grasp this paper,it have basic developmental status of the gender theory,main vocabulary of role, sex roles and gender roles in the introduction.The First Chapter : Interpretation of gender vocabulary in the pre-Qin period.According to the way of the traditional learning research,we put up to express words firstly,and select eight gender words of "bachelor and female"("士女"),"man and woman"("男女"),"husband and wife"("夫妇"),"father and mother"( "父母") in the pre-Qin period, give them a brief explanation.So that,we can affirm the mode and statues of gender appellation, and display the main course of gender roles in the pre-Qin period.The Second Chapter : The historical track of gender roles in the pre-Qin period.Contemporary archaeological fruits tell us that it had an radical distinction between man and woman as early as the Neolithic Age. The prevalence of procreate worship make out that the distinction between man and woman in that times was the result of the sex roles difference.Meanwhile many differences between man and woman of burial style, burial custom,burial articles show that it had a transition from the sex roles difference to the gender roles distinction. The pattern of gender roles had been present itself in the telophase of the Neolithic Age.The history of Xia and Shang is united tight with the times of legend. We can glimpse at the ancients awakening of the gender consciousness step by step and the primary arrangement in order of gender roles from numerous and complicated the legend of ancient history.In the Xia Dynasty,the male had a social role besides fixed roles of father,husband and son, and had practitioner role in main production and military affairs of agriculture, hunting,warfare,so on;the female had taken the family behind the male roles as a stage of setting her mien out.According, the female had roles of wife, mother and daughter. In Shang Dynasty, the ma

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