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Chinese Urbanization Issues

Author: XiaoWanChun
Tutor: ZhangDaJun
School: The Central Party School
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: Urbanization Structure Effect Cost of risk Urban system Institutional innovation
CLC: F299.2
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Urbanization is an inherent requirement of the development of productivity is to achieve integration of urban and rural thoroughfare. The purpose of this study is to reveal the substance of urbanization in rural areas, the operating mechanism and the law of development, from a qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis perspective evaluation of rural urbanization, made forward-looking and workable approach to development of rural urbanization , strategic objectives, development of ideas, countermeasures and suggestions and policy options to accelerate the urbanization of rural development, the promotion of building a moderately prosperous society and the smooth realization of the third strategic goal. In this paper, Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and \analysis of the combination; ③ qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis; ④ static analysis and dynamic analysis of the combination; ⑤ comparative analysis and historical analysis of the combination; ⑥ structural analysis and institutional analysis of the combination. In these methods through research: First, a few typical areas of development of rural urbanization conducted extensive investigations, and strive to get full, rich first-hand information; Second, the use of information means information collected online at home and abroad, to facilitate comparison analysis; Third, convene the experts, department heads a forum for expert advice. In collecting a wealth of information on the basis of processing, handling, through rational analysis and thinking and exploring, and strive to create a more systematic innovation in theory and advanced, in practice there is guidance and operational research. This paper focuses on the theme of China's rural urbanization, the majority from the four studies. Part I: Introduction. Mainly on the topics of the research situation, the reality of the background research, the study's purpose and significance of research focus and methods for the following problems of rural urbanization theoretical analysis and empirical analysis to provide a platform. Part II: Chapter 1 to Chapter 4. This part is the theoretical analysis. In a detailed analysis of the situation of rural urbanization theory premise, standing on top of previous research, fundamental analysis further revealed rural urbanization connotation, characteristics, type, level measurement, analysis of the structure of rural urbanization effect principle; apply these principles and theories to explore China's rural urbanization and mechanisms rely on to construct rural urbanization mechanism system, run rural urbanization reveal the inherent law and rural urbanization mechanism system operating conditions. Chapter 1 analyzes Urbanization connotations: First, the rural labor to non-agricultural industries and urban aggregation; Second, the establishment and improvement of the urban system; Third towns financed rural, urban mode of production and way of life to rural diffusion, prompting rural continuously improve the level of technical equipment, modernization of agriculture and farmers' way of life; Fourth, as a whole to achieve integration of urban and rural, urban and rural areas to achieve high degree of sharing of resources. 2 Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 reveals the structural effects of urbanization in rural areas: development of rural urbanization, relying on the structure of mutual effect, structural upgrading effect, open structure aggregation effect and structural reinforcement effect. Urbanization structure effect of the play, is the corresponding dynamic mechanism, gathered under the action mechanism and the opening mechanism implemented. Compare interest-driven mechanism is the driving force of urbanization, urban and between urban and rural areas is the interaction between the effects of urbanization strengthen the basic structure of mutually beneficial dynamic mechanism, technological progress and the development of new industrialization structural upgrading of urbanization is the dominant effect of improving dynamic mechanism; Urbanization aggregation mechanism is implemented by competing interests mechanisms, policies and the division of regulatory mechanisms combine to form a coordination mechanism; rural urbanization opening mechanism mainly refers to industrial linkage mechanism, trade mechanisms and the education and training system, the mechanism of the formation mechanism. Urbanization mechanisms play a role in normal condition: Good resource allocation system, an effective system of industrial organization and flexible enterprise system; efficient supply and demand structure and scientific structure of income distribution; modern social structures. Chapter 4, the establishment of rural urbanization metric system and measurement model. Single standard demographic indicators can not accurately measure the level of urbanization in rural areas. China's rural urbanization level metrics set, we can not copy a single demographic indicators law, can not cover everything, from the quantity and quality of urbanization is set by a combination of base level indicators of rural urbanization, rural urbanization level of social development indicators and rural urbanization indicators, three potential power level indicators and 16 secondary indicators consisting of urbanization indicators. According to the basic realization of rural urbanization developed some reference standards and China in the 21st century in basically realizing modernization standards, combined with our current reality, setting the basic realization of China's rural urbanization index system of standard values ??and corresponding weights, the establishment of China's rural towns level composite index model and the level of urbanization stage standards. Part III: Chapter 5 to Chapter 9. This part is the trunk. From an empirical point of view of domestic and rural urbanization systematic analysis further revealed the law of development of rural urbanization. Comparative analysis Chapter 5 United States, Japan and India, countries, development of rural urbanization typical experience: the development of urbanization is determined by the level of productivity, which is the basic law of the development of urbanization. Embodied in: First, the development of urbanization and industrial development must be gathered to support enterprises; Second, market-oriented system is the prerequisite for the development of urbanization; three super-large cities should first develop small and medium cities and small towns development as the basis; Fourth, the government's effective control of the healthy development of urbanization is a strong guarantee; Fifth, human needs and creativity is to promote the development of urbanization an important driving force. Chapter 6 analyzes the history of rural urbanization process and the status quo: the level of urbanization of rural Composite Index is still in the early stages of post. Urbanization beneficial effects of structural mechanisms have been distorted, the urban poor benefit structure; innovative mechanisms to fatigue, structural upgrading of urbanization effect is not obvious; industrial layout scattered, urban scale structure is irrational, weak urban structure aggregation effect; fully competitive market environment not yet formed, urbanization effects not fully open. China's current policy of rural urbanization main problems: First, urban construction policy alternatives urbanization policy; second is the policy equivalent of industrialization urbanization policy; three is the lack of inter-regional urbanization policy coordination; Fourth, urban policy division. 3 Chapter 7 mainly rural urbanization typical pattern for comparative analysis, draw some basic conclusions: First, the medium and small cities and small towns coordinated development of the road from the country as a whole; Second, the regional city?

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