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Screening of Marine Microbes with Antitumor Activity and Study of the Active Compounds Produced by Strain B2817

Author: LvJiaSen
Tutor: BaoShiXiang
School: South China University of Tropical Agriculture
Course: Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Marine microorganisms Fusarium - cytotoxic combination screening model Antitumor Appraisal Vibrio Separation and purification Prodigiosin
CLC: Q939.93
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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For a long time, the malignancy has posed a serious threat to human life and health. The primary means of drug therapy as a cancer treatment, has been the people's attention. Clinically used anticancer drugs more than 50 kinds, but most of the drugs can only remission, can not completely cure, so the development of anti-tumor drugs has been the major aspects of the field of drug research. Of the Earth's biological resources, 80 percent of marine life, with a wealth of metabolic pathways, can produce a large number of novel and unique role of metabolites is an important source of anti-tumor activity of substances. Marine microbial sampling due to the wide variety of non-renewable resources Worries advantage of the new resources of the attention devoted to anticancer drugs. Screening strains of anti-tumor activity from marine microorganisms, we established a model for screening of Fusarium, and the use of anticancer drugs to be verified, and the results show that the model is suitable for screening anti-tumor substances. Model of Fusarium cytotoxic model combined to form a combination of anti-tumor screening model, using the model of isolated marine actinomycetes screening, the results show that the model has a processing capacity, low leakage sieve quick results real reliable characteristics can be used for large-scale screening of having anti-tumor activity of marine microorganisms. 2042 colony morphology difference microorganisms obtained from the 75 samples collected were separated, wherein bacteria 1269 395, actinomycetes, fungi 378. Screening by the combination of anti-tumor model, a total of 242 strains having anti-tumor activity of (IDs 50 GT; 50), wherein the bacterium is 136, actinomycetes 83, fungi 23 . 242 bacteria, 76-bacteria ID of 50 over 200, and a good genetic stability of the active substance. After the activity in tumor cells, found that the fermentation broth of strain B2817 Select the inhibitory activity human hepatoma cells SMMC-7721, the mice sarcoma cells S180, human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line CNE ID 50 values in 1000, no inhibitory activity on the L-02 human liver cell. Strains B2817 morphological, physiological, biochemical, genetic characteristics found strains B2817 belonging to Vibrio, and Vibrio.rubber Vibrio.gazogenes pro-source relationship of 16S rDNA homology, respectively, 98%, 95 %. Three there is a great difference between strains B2817, Vibrio rubber Vibrio.gazogenes genomic DNA hybridization rate of only 40.12% and 37.62%. Summarizes various identification indicators the strains B2817 is a new species of Vibrio, named the Vibrio spongia.. By the strains B2817 synthetic anti-tumor substances fermentation process to obtain the best

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