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Studies on Screening of Marine Actinomycetes with Anti-MRSA Activity and the Active Compounds Produced by Strain AM105

Author: HuangHuiQin
Tutor: BaoShiXiang
School: South China University of Tropical Agriculture
Course: Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Actinomycetes Small mallei antibacterial substances Identification of bacteria Ferment Separation and purification Structural identification
CLC: Q939.93
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Rising in recent years, the isolation rate of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), very few clinical alternative drug, MRSA has become difficult to treat \constantly looking for new drug source. The development of new drugs has to break the shackles of terrestrial resources, expanding into the ecology and species complex marine than in terrestrial habitats, unique marine environment showed a higher diversity of the marine microbial species, genetic composition and ecological function, is hailed \Actinomycetes separated from the ocean, and system aspects of the screening of anti-MRSA strains, strains identified fermentation conditions optimized Purification and structural identification of the active substance, the results are as follows: using a variety of media for isolation actinomycetes inhibitor selectively separated from the mangrove sediments, the experimental results show that the actinomycetes species 0.005% potassium dichromate as growth inhibitors Gao No. 1 synthetic medium and bacteria , the number of fungi, the most suitable separation actinomycetes. Separation medium as the medium has collected from Hainan, Zhanjiang and Beihai coastal samples 75 plate dilution method were isolated actinomycetes 395 43 anti-MRSA activity put screening by the disk diffusion method The actinomycete strain A115, A209 and AM105 most active and genetic stability, choose three strains as target strains for further study. Morphological characteristics of strain A115, A209 and AM105, cultural characteristics, physiological and biochemical characteristics of 16SrDNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis identified strain A115 as the Streptomyces albogriseolus Ocean the variants S.albogriseolus var.marine for A209 The raw gold Streptomyces S.aureofaciens. The AM105 of Micromonospora floridensis DSM43907 the of Micromonospora matsumotoense DSM44100 kinship recently, DNA-DNA hybridization rate were 73.5% and 53.6%, respectively, the results showed that AM105 should be classified M.floridensis. Actinomycetes produce rifamycin given strain AM105, are quite different and the morphological, physiological and biochemical aspects M.floridensis DSM43907 identified AM105 for Florida small mallei rifamycin subspecies of Micromonospora floridensis subsp.rifamycetica This is the Florida mallei rifamycin first reported. AM105 16S rDNA in GenBank Accession No. AY561829. Clear strain AM105 optimal fermentation medium composition. The effects of carbon sources, nitrogen sources, inorganic salts, pH, and inoculum size on AM105 production of antibacterial substances and medium carbon and nitrogen sources were optimized by orthogonal experiments. Determine the best medium composition and fermentation conditions: 0.5% glucose, 1.5% starch, soy flour 1% yeast extract, 0.5% K 2 HPO 4 0.025% , with 50% of the natural Chen seawater and 50% distilled water, with

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