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Studies on Interactions at Interfaces of Phosphorothioate Oligo-DNA and Nanocrystals

Author: JiangLin
Tutor: LiTieJin;YangWenSheng
School: Jilin University
Course: Physical and chemical
Keywords: Nanocrystalline Phosphorothioate Nanostructures Sites of action Induce the synthesis of Side chain Synergy Cancer treatment Phosphate group Base
CLC: O629.7
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Thio DNA as an important family of the antisense DNA, are used for various in vitro and in vivo models as the passivation of DNA, and now has been used for anti-viral infection, cancer therapy, AIDS therapy. The phosphorothioate DNA is a phosphate group on the non-bridging O atom is replaced by the S atom to form a chemical bond, it is possible with some of the atoms in the bit, such as Cd, Au, also makes thio DNA molecule into a building having a specific structure and function nanostructure ideal material. This article by to phosphorothioate oligonucleotide nanocrystals interfacial interactions provide new ways and ideas, and try to use the characteristics of such a modified way DNA induced nanocrystalline assembled nanostructures. Side chain thio modified oligo DNA the Cd2 ions and the use of the sites of action of induced synthesis of CdS nanocrystals. Cd2 ions, the thio DNA destruction the pairing of the G base PS-oligoG10 hydrogen bonds, and the role of coordination occurred through the Cd2 from thio DNA of the phosphate thio DNA induces the formation of a special diameter about 2 nm nanospheres; addition of S ion thio the DNA induced synthesis diameter of 5 nm CdS Nanocrystals, but the action sites from phosphate bit transferred to the DNA base sites. Phosphorothioate oligo DNA with the surface of the rich Cd2, rich S2-neutral CdS Nanocrystals interface synergistic interaction process. Negative synergy found CdS Nanocrystals neutral role of the DNA with the surface of the modified oligomers positive synergies rich the CdS nanocrystals role of the S2-surface, and surface rich Cd2 CdS Nanocrystals role No synergistic occurred. The unmodified oligo DNA surface neutral CdS Nanocrystals role positive synergy, but synergy is less than the modified oligomeric DNA. Thio side chain modified oligo DNA Au nanocrystals interfacial interactions found oriented parallel orientation of this side chain modified DNA molecules on the surface of the nanocrystals. The parallel orientation of the side chain modified DNA, can affect the surface of the nanocrystals can be adsorbed amount of DNA and then control the arrangement of the nanocrystals in the assembly. Using four kinds of different lengths of side chain modified DNA molecule, respectively, to obtain a close-packed hexagonal, tetragonal, tripartite and four different linear nanostructure pattern.

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