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Study on the Planning Strategy of Urban Disaster-Prevention Space System

Author: LvYuan
Tutor: WanSuChun;HuoDa
School: Beijing University of Technology
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Urban Disaster Prevention Disaster Space Urban Space City planning
CLC: TU984.116
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2005
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Population, resources, environment, security is a global sustainable development strategy of the four elements, although sustainable development has been referred to an unprecedented height, but in urban development, security issues have not yet been widely appreciated and institutional protection. With urbanization level, the complexity of urban functions, urban population growth, ecological balance disorders, transportation infrastructure lag, a variety of natural and human factors on the city's intrusive destruction, so that urban disaster prevention (especially the old town) of increasingly serious problem. When a disaster occurs in the city, will urbanization and sustainable development of cities have a serious impact, urban disaster functions increasingly become a sign of the city's comprehensive strength. Therefore, the experts urged the whole society to strengthen urban disaster prevention and mitigation strategy to promote comprehensive urban disaster prevention and mitigation measures, and enhance the city's ability to withstand disasters, to defend the city in the 21st century security has become the primary goal of urban construction. The city's disaster prevention research should not only develop new building seismic standards inspection, you should also plan for the long-standing urban space deficiencies, conduct in-depth study and research, considering the urban and architectural spatial distribution of each functional system and its relationship with environmental disasters relationship, through space planning and design with nature, in harmony with nature, to avoid or mitigate the adverse environmental effects of disasters. Therefore, spatial planning and construction of urban disaster prevention research is of great practical significance. Content of this study is mainly from the perspective of urban disaster prevention, disaster prevention system of urban space technology for holistic, systematic study and consider them in urban planning and design how effective and harmonious urban space planning and construction, the paper mainly elaborates the following: (1) Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial Analysis of the Concept Paper cut from reality, found that the current construction of urban space to the problems caused by urban disaster prevention, thus revealing the contradiction between the two; introducing the concept of urban disaster prevention space , respectively, from the spatial structure and shape and material space two aspects to analyze urban disaster prevention space, and physical space has the function of a reflection prevention, elaborated spatial characteristics and types of perfected the previous studies on urban disaster prevention understanding of the concept of space and pointed out that this paper is to study the content and scope. (2) The establishment of urban disaster prevention space systems and planning principles established research papers urban disaster prevention at different levels of space systems, space systems identified urban disaster prevention planning in urban planning and disaster planning in the position. Elaborated Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial System Planning the main content of the planning process and the basic principles to be followed and analyzed the stage of China on urban disaster situation and lack of spatial planning. (3) Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial System Planning Strategy Paper on Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial Planning Measures grading system, sub-level detail. At the macro level explores the spatial structure of the overall urban disaster prevention technology, and from the regional and individual city two levels of analysis; at the meso level, learn from Japan, Taiwan's advanced experience, benefit from the perspective of disaster management, proposed the building of city emergency rescue space system, discussed the various functional space subsystems, and the system in cities, regions, communities, three levels of specific forms. At the micro level, proposed the construction of urban disaster prevention facilities space system, analyzes the environmental disaster facility design strategy. (4) Urban Disaster Prevention Spatial System Planning paper discusses the implementation and management of space systems in urban disaster prevention planning and implementation and construction of the urgent need to address three issues that regulatory protection, financial support and building mechanisms; management should use establish an information platform to improve the management mechanism, universal safety education, to ensure the prevention of space systems to maximize their effectiveness; initially proposed

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