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Study on Image Matching Technology and Hardware in the Loop Simulation System for Image Catching and Command Guidance

Author: GuFeng
Tutor: ShenZuoGuo
School: Jilin University
Course: Communication and Information System
Keywords: Image guidance Hardware in the loop simulation Flexibility simulation Correlation tracking Genetic Algorithms Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima.
CLC: TP391.9
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2006
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In order to hit the target, the cruise missile will run around its axes in the attack processing to bring sideward acceleration to modify the missile trace. So, the problem is that the real time image series from the camera are rotating compare to the original target template. In the meantime, as the missile approaching the target, the size of the target will expand. With the control of zooming command, the camera focus will change as expecting, so that the target scale will change comparing with the template. Precision guided weapon need precisely to direct to the target and to meet real time system desiring, it is necessary to further research the correlation method of target image rotation and zooming. On the basis of present research results, we researched several possible correlation matching methods deeply and provided following three methods to solve these problems, and finished simulations in computer and gave out the adaptability results. Applying these results to air-to-ground precision guided weapon simulations, catching injunction image control and guide flexibility semi-real simulation experimentation system design and construction is finished.1. Multi scales maximum edge detection and matching technique is used to image control and guide system. We Provide and verify target image matching depending on the method of different scales edge characters. The method has improved the speed and the precision of target matching of the system. Wavelet transform is fine to detect signal singularity points, and its multi scale character to assure all image singularity points were detected. It has good outline on large scale,and good precision on minimum scale. The paper sets up the first derivative of Gaussian function as the wavelet transformation model of wavelet function in order to detect the series edge characters. Based on discussing above, three are three following advantages in the edge pixel matching method comparing to all pixel matching method. Firstly, optimum solution and suboptimal solution was increased sharply, the relative peaks were more sharply, and the matching precision was better. Secondly, the pixel in this matching method operation less, so the operation speed is faster. Thirdly, combing with wavelet multi scale decompose can improving searching speed.2. There is a problem that target image affine modification in the cruise missile attack process, which has been a resolved using affine invariant method. Many researches show that geometry invariant moment is a very useful tool for object identification. But geometry moment invariable character works only when the target is rotation translating or zooming. Its crossover and non ideal expected value restrict its using scale. Affine invariable moment will clearly show the image invariable character even when it is rotation translating or when measure anisotropic affine occurs. Flusser’s affine invariable moment is easy to operate and identify the affine target well. Being the advantage, we concluded that affine invariable moment is better and more robust than geometry moment. Simulations illustrated that the affine is validity in solving target rotation zooming and affine transform, and is fine in real-time matching.3. Dynamic matching template based on genetic algorithm is used to keep match precision when target rotation or zooming. Simulations had proved its validity. Genetic algorithm is one of optimization method to search in overall situation. In this paper, genetic algorithm is used to solve the matching problem to matching template parameter optimize problem. Adjusting the template or searching the image rotation and zooming angle, but we keep their space homogeneity. Considering every possible template and searching image as an individual, we make the individual’s rotation angle zooming angle and searching location as chromosome, then connect these and transform them into binary coding. An inherit evolution structure that every individual contain many chromosome in its body is formed. Evaluation function is normalized correlation coefficient of searching images and template images, assignthe individual’s degree of adaptability in ranking method and ascertain the genetic individuals in row method. The best matching parameters will be gained through the evolution, and the target point is located accurately.4. The practical system that can accomplish the cruise missile attacking process simulation, image control, guiding technique research and equipment checkout have designed and finished. The system can realize flexibility simulation, can afford the image control and guide weapon’s teaching research and equipment checking, fabric simulation and object-oriented simulation assure the system’s diversity and it is easy to complete the teaching and research work.5. Two key problems have been solved in the simulation system design and realizing. Reticulation structure and accurate all-direction lead rail and slide-rail well complete the design and collation of heavy load (2T) large span (12M*4M) two degree of freedom motion platform. That terrace and all-directions intelligence camera combine complete the simulation of relative motion of missile and target, is only inland proportion simulation sand map and microwave transmit system imitating noise texture. Changing the camera’s working parameter (such as time of exposure, focus scanning speed, and maximum scan angle etc.). It makes a reproduction of the reunion of the image system’s imaging quality, according simulation sand map with light fog, on the basis of light superposition and fog absorbent to different wavelength, we did the target simulation real time. The results showing that it is easy to validate the guidance head’s ability of anti-noise and target following arithmetic’s practicability.

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