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Clear customs before Hall of Hospitals On

Author: QiuXueJing
Tutor: WangZuoHan;YaoNianCi
School: Central University for Nationalities
Course: Specialized History
Keywords: Before entering Wen Guan Within three of Hospitals Imperial power
CLC: K249.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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History is a process of connection and interaction. Before Manchu nationality entering Shanhaiguan, as a former modality of central administration of Qing dynasty, Wenguan and Neisanyuan had their impersonal development factor, and must influence other national departments and advance of imperial power. So study on Wenguan and Neisanyuan before Manchu nationality entering Shanhaiguan is a precondition of completely understanding development of central administration of Qing dynasty, that had a important learning worthiness. But it is a pity that a lot of issues about Wenguan and Neisanyuan have not investigate so far, especially about relationship of Wenguan、 Neisanyuan and imperial power. This disquisition was expatiated to expedite lucubrate of other people.The disquisition has tow parts. Part one discusses Wenguan in Tiancong dynasty. The first, the disquisition dissertate general of Wenguan. It points out that Wenguan and Shufang are same organization, the point of view are wrong about Wenguan built in the end of Tianming dynasty or August six year of Tiancong dynasty. It points out that Wenguan built in April four year of Tiancong dynasty. There were a lot of people embarked work that liked the duty of Wenguan, it built the basic of Wenguan. The second, this disquisition dissertate the general situation of personnel in Wenguan. There werethirty-eight people in Wenguan, Manchu of the people sat dominant station. Baochengxi、 Gaohongzhong、 Fanwencheng and Ningwanwo could catch higher degree than other the han nationality people, because they had relationship with killing Yuanchonghua. The article analyzed the real reason of change of post and rank of the four persons between four year and five year in Tiancong dynasty. Dahai always was cacique of Wenguan when he was alive , after Dahai died, the cacique of Wenguan was Longshi , not Kuerchan. the third, this disquisition dissertate the duty of Wenguan particularly. It point out that Wenguan had five jobs besides translating books and recording government affair. these were received and declared memorial to the throne、 announced orders of emperor、 disposed affair of Mongolia、 Korea and Ming dynasty、 led on soldiers attending the battle、 calculated accidents to provide reference. The last, through discussing relationship between Wenguan and imperial power, to explain the status of Wenguan. The disquisition point out that Huang Taiji became emperor under the composition of the eight banner system, his power was chained. In order to fortify emperor power, Huang Taiji needs a staff to help him, so Wenguan appeared and leeched on to emperor power. With emperor power developing, Wenguan had developed . As a staff, Wenguan could not substitute in emperor power developing.Part two discusses Neisanyun before Manchu nationalityentering Shanhaiguan. At the first, the article states the situation of Neisanyun constitution and mostly functionary. It point out that Neisanyun constitution was the demand of founding Unitarianism country .at the beginning of Neisanyun, there was not Daxueshi or Xueshi, Bao Chengxian、 Luo Shuo、 luo Xiujin、 Hu Qiu、 Wang Wenkui were not work in Neisanyun. There were seven estate in the Neisanyun, they were Daxueshi、 Xueshi、 Juren、 assistant Lishiguan、 Yuanweilang Bithesi、 Shenyuan. The change of mostly functionary in Neiguoshiyuan and Neihongwenyuan was less than Neimishuyuan. As a whole, mostly functionary in Neisanyun were increased that showed affair increasing continuanced. The second, the article verifies the activity of Neisanyuan separately, which draws a conclusion that the job of Neisanyuan mostly comes from hidden job of Wenguan . Except, the duty of Neisanyuan had included in lying on government affair、 participating in fete、 visiting foreign nations and dream interpretation. The last , article dissertates the relationship of Neisanyuan and imperial power, points out that the reinforcing imperial power duties of Neisanyuan had not changed, and it increased fashion of supervising capture. As a subsidiary organization of imperial power, after imperial power outmatched discussing affairs of government meeting , the status of Neisanyuan had further upgraded .It participated more and more decision-making meeting about government and military affairs, and obtained authorityof reading and replying memorial to the throne that specialties sent to Neimishuyuan.

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