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Kyun Dynasty

Author: WangHongMei
Tutor: LiYan
School: Central University for Nationalities
Course: Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
Keywords: writers heresy party struggle temperament Sino- Korea cultural exchange
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Ho Kyun (1569 —1618) was a well-known writers,a poetry critics,a Sino- Korea cultural exchange ’s witness; an official,as well as a famous "heresy" of the Korea period. Ho Kyun was an important and complex historical and cultural phenomena.Being his bold thinking and abnormal goods at that time ,Ho Kyun was considered as a "heresy" and repeatedly be censured. Ho Kyun was an officials ,but he was in the most intense period of the Partisan struggle, so his official career was full of frustrations .Finally, he was executed as culprit of Rebellion .Ho Kyun was the result of the combined influence of Korea social environment and the late Ming culture, his personality of living behavior unsuited the social environment and the survival theme, so he was subjected to denounce as "heresy" and not be tolerated by society. However, his heretical ideas contained the significance of cultural enlightenment. Facing of the criticism, Ho Kyun hadn’t chose to escape.He also has strong feelings of worldly pleasures and self-realization. He was very contradictable between the reality and ideality. As a scholar, he had an ideas of changing the social reality, but after all not being an politicians, he was forced to involving political struggle and as a scapegoat. Ho Kyun was a tragedy, the tragedy of a Confucian, the tragedy of an era.Ho Kyun also was the witness of cultural exchanges between Korea and China. As a diplomatic attendant, he received Chinese envoy three times, and had conversations with Chinese envoy on the political affairs and literary of two countries face-to-face. He was been sent as Korea envoy to Ming Dynasty and purchased many books. He accepted to theChinese philosophy and literature thinking, commented on the Chinese political , criticized the Chinese fiction and poetry, compiled many Chinese literature , annotated and introduced them into Korea, and helped the Chinese scholars to editor the first Korean poetry "Korean Poetry".Ho Kyun had been made a great contribution to Sino- Korea cultural exchange and friendship. His character, literature and literary theory marked with the late Ming times’ blotting.In his theory of poetry and literary theory, Ho Kyun ’s character, hold’s thinking, Chinese philosophy and literature impacting formed "temperament" in his ideological and theoretical. His poetry were the true performance of his inner feelings. "Temperament" was also the standard for judging Korean poetry and Chinese poetry. In his biographical literature, he protested and denied the realities and existing system of social, and persuaded of an ideal kingdom.Referenced Ho Kyun’s contradictory character and behavior, considered his literature and literary theory and the relations with the Chinese culture, contrasted with Chinese "heresy" Li Zhi, on the one hand, we will have a more in-depth understanding Ho Kyun ,and give him a more objective and impartial judgment and evaluation, dialysis the internal reasons of his character and his literature concepts .The other hand, we can perceive the impact of Chinese culture to the Korean literati and the Korean community, the different era and themes between Korea and China.

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