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The Analysis and Construction on Service Government in China: The Perspective of Public Ethics

Author: LiMo
Tutor: ZhangChuangXin
School: Jilin University
Course: Administration
Keywords: Public Ethics Service-oriented government Ethical Dilemma
CLC: D630
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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It is a warm and lasting theory topic to construct the service government, which have a realistic and far-reaching practice meaning. This article establishes the research visual angle of public ethics, and analyzes the certainty that the service government exists from the objective requirement for public ethics. It is unable to construct the service type government really if the ethics problem of the extant government’s system and the ethics relation among public management can’t be dealt with rationally. This article hopes announce the essence of the service government more deeply through analyzing the relation of service government construction with public ethics, and devotes to fostering the public ethics environment and setting up public ethics mechanism, then try to offer beneficial reference for theoretical research and build practice of constructing service government.There are five chapters in this paper:The First Chapter:“the introductory remarks”. It firstly elaborates the origin and its significance of the study. It proposes the necessity of the research visual angle of public ethics by starting from the current situations of theoretical researches and construction practices of service government mainly. Then the paper clears about the orientation of the study and puts forward the analysis of frame on the basis of analyzing the massive research documents.The Second Chapter is the analysis of the public ethics intension to the service government. Through to the explanation of the relation between the service government and public ethics, this part explains the necessity requiring and objective result of constructing the service government is the development of public ethics. That is to say, the key of establishing the service government lies in the perfection of public ethics relation. This part explains from three levels: First of all, it defines intension and characteristic of public ethics, and analyzes the historical and logic foundation that the public ethics problem produces. It thinks that the public ethics are idea value and code of conduct used for regulating and managing the interests’relations between public administrative subject and object, which has a characteristic sense of organization, exchangeability, non-profit, professional and ethics rationality. There are deep society, economy and organization foundation for the cause of the public ethics problem. The separation of public field and private field is its social foundation; the establishment, development and improving of the market economic system is its economic foundation; the ethics predicament of bureaucrat organization is the realistic foundation of studying the public ethics problem. Secondly, it inspects the classics administrative theory and administration normal form from the visual angle of public ethics, and obtains the certainty of choosing the serving administrative mode. Service ethics realize to surmount traditional administrative theory among values, management, and responsibility system; it is the inevitable outcome of gradual progress from administrative mode of management to serving administrative mode; it is the basic method of realize ruling by law with ruling by virtue too. Finally, this part analyzes the public ethics element of service government, such as the service government should orientate one’s own ethics role as public people, define the service goal as public service, moreover, define the ethics value of order and justice and realize one’s own ethics essence by the way of efficiency and responsibility.The Third Chapter analyzes the internal ethics predicament in the service government construction carries on. This part analyzes administrative office system, government organization and the role, values and behavior of civil servants from Macro, middle and micro aspect of government operation. At macro aspect, it dissects the situations which existed in the administrative systems, government function dispose, and institutional framework which are not accord with public ethics in China, then it probes into the ethics defect of the government’s concrete operating mechanism from several aspects such as encouraging and leading from morals mechanism, leading and coordinating from interests mechanism, and supervising and appraising from ethics mechanism. At the same time, it analyzes the disappearance of ethics issue in the course of making public policy, practicing personnel management activity, and operating financial system. At middle aspect of China, this part thinks that the traditional bureaucrat may engulf one’s activity as the role of ethics subject. On one hand, the government in China maintains the ethics identity of bureaucracy as "establish the highest authority" and "organization for being heavy", on the other hand, it lacks the character of strong rules for controlling bureaucracy, and this demonstrates that the insufficient rules are connivance for discretion. In addition, there are ethics crisis of lacked believing inside the government and between the government and the public; the ethics problems of NGO show that it lacks good public service view, ethics status attach to taking and many kinds of ethics problems inside managements. At the micro aspect, this part explains the phenomenon that the government functionary’s role as "public people" is reversal which is existed in concrete public management activity. Its status view, power view and interests view are twisted even in a certain degree. This will cause its real public ethics behavior to be abnormal finally.The Forth Chapter analyzes the external factor causing the predicament of government’s public ethics. This part analyzes the profound external factors which cause the predicament of government’s public ethics from three aspects: history culture and idea, social economic environment and legal system environment. First of all, the traditional cultural idea of mainstream in China lacks dialectical understanding to the relation between common and private, and the understanding for public morality and private morality is deviational also. The cultural specialty of human relation suppresses development of public ration. The citizen’s political subject consciousness and the consciousness for participating in government and political affairs are faint. Secondly, the patterns of interests’integration and economic ethics under the planned economic system influence the forming of normal public ethics relation; The improper development of economic ethics produces the difficult problems of public ethics directly or indirectly during the economic transition for market; Especially, the subject, value and norm of public ethics all face the severe challenge under the condition of economic globalization. The role consciousness and values of the public ethics subject are restricted by the trend of public-service’s globalization. The principles of equity and justice of public ethics are corroded by the generalization of the value of economic rational efficiency. The orders and standardizing ways of public management are influenced by the application and development of the information technology. Moreover, the legal system about public ethics is not sound enough, and the regulation to public ethics is not enough. In China, the intact legal system for standardizing public ethics’behavioral of government functionary’s is not set up yet. The effectiveness of many laws about regulating the ethics behaviors of government functionary are still remains to be promoted; the public ethics norms lack the level, harmony, regulatory and are not regulated strong enough; the legal norms standardizing the ethics behavioral of the NGO are lag behind relatively; the legal norms about participating in public administration by citizen are lacking specialty and operationally.The Fifth Chapter explains the tactics of constructing the service government under the degree of public ethics. This part puts forward the ways and tactics of constructing service government which accord with public ethics from two respects such as the cultivation of external ethics environment and the construction of internal ethics system. At the respect of external ethics environment, in order to realize the service government construction finally, it needs the cultivation of social public living environment and the endogen push by market economy. The foundation of social life relied by public ethics is the sound modern public life. The foundation of public consciousness is the modern citizens’awareness involving public spirit. So, the cultivation of the social environment of public ethics needs to create modern public life, train the ripe awareness of citizens. The improvement of ethics state and system level of the market economy can offer the endogen motive force for public ethics development. The socialist market economy system needs to confirm the agreeable, sincere and justice relations among the ethics subject constantly. On this basis, the system, including credit system, property right protection system and market economy ethics system in which various factors of productions can flown freely and play fairly, should be perfected. And we should inherit the "human-oriented" style of economic increase in developing the values. As to the thing that how to construct the public ethics system of service government, we can start from putting the public ethics relation in order, stipulate the ethics content of government function with public interests, draw a clear authority and responsibility at all levels of governments subject, establish professional citizen role of government functionary, standardize the ethics role of government in market economic activity, social public administration and NGO developing; the realization of public ethics relation in service government needs further important function playing by the non-governmental autonomy organizations, public institutions and citizen’s participate in offering public service; In the construction of the concrete ethics mechanism, the service government needs further perfecting the interests combining mechanism, morals incentive mechanism, public ethics appraising and supervision mechanism, and set up complete training mechanism of public job spirit.

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