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The Theory of Main Migration Pathways Controlling Hydrocarbons and Forming Reservoirs

Author: LuoJiaQiang
Tutor: ShenZhongMin
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: oil-gas exploration theory exploration technology the main migration pathways of oil-gas the theory of main migration pathways controlling hydrocarbons and forming reservoirs "track down by following clues" oil-gas exploration technology
CLC: P618.13
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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In the development of petroleum industry of China, "source controllingtheory" and "multiple oil-gas accumulative zones theory" are the efficient petroleumexploration theories in the area where present low to moderate exploration intensity innon-marine basins. They played very important roles in exploration efficiency andimproving oil-gas reserves and output in the past. However, there are manylimitations and non-adaptability in the area where present high exploration intensityby them. Although "petroleum system" is the research focus of petroleum geologynowadays, it could not effectively direct petroleum exploration in non-marine basinsof China. Through analysis of "source controlling theory"、"multiple oil-gasaccumulative zones theory" and "oil and gas system", the authors put forward a newtheory- "main migration pathways controlling hydrocarbons and forming reservoirs",and obtain some research findings in the light of the characteristics of oil-gasexploration in the area where present high exploration intensity in the non-marinebasin of China.(1)Through analysis of "source controlling theory"、"multiple oil-gasaccumulative zones theory" and "oil and gas system" and generalization practicalexperience of oil-gas exploration in fifty years of China, the authors put forward anew theory - "main migration pathways controlling hydrocarbons and formingreservoirs", a explanation of the space distribution, location and the scale of oil-gasreservoir that controlled by the efficient source rock and trap in type, location andtransportation ability of main migration pathways.(2)In the light of theoretical meaning of "main migration pathways controllinghydrocarbons and forming reservoirs" and research in oil-gas main migrationpathways, we bring forward this theory and seven models of oil-gas reservoir inaccordance with it.①oil-gas reservoir are controlled by the faults, matrix sand bodies,and unconformity surface combined channels②by the faults and unconformitysurface combined channels.③by the faults and matrix sand bodies combinedchannels.④by the unconformity surface and matrix sand bodies combined channels. ⑤by the faults channels.⑥by the matrix sand bodies channels.⑦by theunconformity surface combined channels.(3)With the help of the "main migration pathways controlling hydrocarbon" andseven models of oil-gas reservoir built, the paper putted forward a "track down byfollowing clues" oil-gas prospecting technology suitable for mid-high degree ofprospecting petroliferous basins. On the premise condition of the extents of the sourceregions, this technology described the geometry and space distribution condition ofoil-gas main migration pathway and beaten out oil-gas migratory track, as well asascertained hydrocarbon accumulations most profitable Location by used mainmigration pathway and oil-gas reservoir. So long as to ascertain oil-gas mainmigration pathways, it could find oil-gas reservoirs are located near or on mainmigration pathways, proper targets of oil-gas reservoirs will be drilled.In the light of "main migration pathways controlling hydrocarbons and formingreservoirs", and adopt "track down by following clues" oil-gas exploration technology,In this way oil-gas exploration risk is reduced greatly, successful ratio of oil-gasexploration is boosted maximally and oil-gas exploration efficiency is enhancedpromptly.

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