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On the nineteenth century, the Qing Dynasty , the Han and Song

Author: ZhangXun
Tutor: ZhuWeiZuo
School: Fudan University
Course: Specialized History
Keywords: Hanxue Songxue Xue Shu the Controversy between Han and Song
CLC: K252
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Controversy between Hanxue汉学and Songxue宋学is a very important issue in Qing dynasty.Songxue, also called Cheng-zhu-li-xue程朱理学, looks like the ideology nowadays as in Qingdynasty. So the scholars of Hanxue can not keep away from the ideology when they talk abouttheie scholarship that conflicts against Songxue. Because imperator controls the constructionalright of Li理, Songxue is also Shu术(the ruler’s method), by means of which the imperatorcontrols its subject. On one hand, to cater to the ruler’s method so that safeguard the ideology, onthe other hand, they search some reason to safeguard the Xue学(the scholarship), whichbreakthrough the ideology in history research., thus becomes the soul of the Controversy betweenHart and Song. In other word, the Controversy between Han and Song is not only a discussionbetween the scholars of Hanxue and Songxue, but a complex course, in which the scholarshipmingle with the ruler’s method that results from the latter one. In 19th Century, the Controversybetween Han and Song was most furious, because the debater is resolved in the interweavementcomes from different Xue and Shu, and the Controversy between Han and Song also showsdifferent aspects accordingly. So, from the different aspects, we can see a scene, in which theconfliction, penetration or compromise between Xue and Shu shows in a coexistence state. Inmiddle of 19th Century, the Guangdong scholar Chenli陈澧had been thinking about the relationbetween the two. He brings forward a opinion that Han is comprise with Song in order to settledown the controversy. But there is also contradictory in himself, as well as in his opinion. Hemainly study Hanxue, shows no interest in Songxue, but he can not avoid to talk about Songxue.Thus he not only differentiates between Han and Song, but also hold the opinion that textualresearch should not escape from Songxue. From Chenli and his opinion we can understand apredicament, in which Xue is involved in Shu. the Controversy between Han and Song is resultedfrom Shu in bottom, so when Qing government wavered after the imperial examinations isabolished, Songxue as a ideology has weakened and overthrow at last. Thus both Han and Songare oriented as subjects or knowledge. From then on, the Controversy between Han and Song thatcomes from the contradictory between Xue and Shu, has disappeared.

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