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Research on the System of Standards for Ecological Agriculture and Typical Models’ Technology Standard

Author: LiJinCai
Tutor: RenTianZhi
School: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course: Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords: eco-agriculture standard system "four-in-one" model technology standard
CLC: S-0
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Resources shortage, ecological degradation, environmental pollution, disaster-prone and food security are the main problems during the process of the world’s agricultural development. There exist, during the process of china’s agricultural development, such same problems as overpopulation, the deterioration of the ecological environment and resources shortage because of long-term predatory business thinking and extensive mode of operation, which is seriously hampering the process of china’s agriculture development. Practice shows that the development of eco-agriculture in china’s agricultural development is an inevitable trend while implementation of a standardized development of eco-agriculture is the inevitable. However, the study of the standard system of eco-agriculture in china is not much and there isn’t a standard system which can match the eco-agriculture production. The purpose of this study is to discuss on the construction program of china’s eco-agricultural standard system and set up a key technology standard concerning "four-in-one" model eco-agriculture model, based on systematically analyzing and understanding the present conditions and existing problems of china’s eco-agriculture standardization. This is of great significance to fundamentally change the backward situation of china’s agricultural development.This article adopted such approaches as the combination of qualitative description and quantitative analysis, the combination of questionnaire and expert advice, the combination of looking up documents and testing and the combination of systematical analysis and cases study, to systematically study overseas eco-agriculture, the situation of eco-agriculture standardization, some problems existing in china’s eco-agriculture standardization and china’s eco-agriculture model. Meanwhile, this article studied the production condition, energy flow and logistics of "four-in-one" model eco-agriculture model. The main content and findings are as followsComparison and study of overseas eco-agriculture and its standard shows that there are some significant differences in respect of origin, background, concept, development and features between china’s eco-agriculture and overseas though the names are the same. The thought of overseas eco-agriculture dates from china and the concept and connotation of china’s eco-agriculture are richer and the scope wider. In respect of benefits, besides ecological benefits, china’s eco-agriculture pays more attention to the synchronous development of both economical and ecological benefits. In regard to the production and management of the organic agriculture, overseas countries have already constructed a large number of standards, such as product standard, technology standard, management standard and supervision and control standard, etc., which together constitute the standard system framework of the organic agriculture production. The current organic agriculture standard in china is mainly the organic agricultural products standard. However, we are extremely lack of technology standard and control standard concerning the organic agriculture production and there is no standard system matching the organic agriculture production.China’s eco-agriculture is based on various eco-agriculture models. Eco-agriculture development relies on models development. China’s eco-agriculture is an agricultural model system pursuing the synchronous development of economics, ecology and society and is an agricultural system with ecological and economic optimization. According to the relation among resources, material circulation’ using way, between biology, biology and environment as well as system function, China’s eco-agriculture models can be divided into four types, Material multilayer using models, Mutually beneficial par agenesis models, Resources development and environment government models, Traveling and going sightseeing models. Each models have many Secondary models.Based on reference to eco-agriculture standard system framework and other standard system frameworks indoors and outdoors, we determined the construction idea, principles and goal and the standard system framework elements of china’s eco-agriculture standard system which would be at the core of model, including technology standard, environment standard, organization and control statutes, information service standard, product standard, evaluation methods and material circulation and usage statutes.In accordance with China’s eco-agriculture standard system, we focused on the key technology standard of "four-in-one" model the eco-agriculture model in the North China and initially came up with technology standard drafts including pig house temperature regulation technical standard draft, pig house management and raising technical standard draft, Greenhouse heat preservation cold-resistance technical standard draft, Greenhouse warm humidity regulation technical standard draft, Sunlight greenhouse synthesis management technical standard draft, Methane-generating pit management technical standard draft, Vegetables management technical standard draft, etc.Through the study of biogas output and consume in the "four-in-one" model eco-agriculture model, we fitted the equation of number of keeping pigs in sheds, biogas consume and number of a family in the "four-in-one" model eco-agriculture model in North china. Biogas fermentation tests show that to increase the CO2 concentration within a certain range can increase the height and output of celeries, the area and the leaf proportion and the vitamin and soluble sugar content in tomatoes and cucumbers.The analysis and study of successfully applying GPRS technology to "four-in-one" model’s energy flow, the supervision of biogas digester and greenhouse environment and the analysis of energy flow and logistics of biogas digester showed that the proportion between delivers and the investment of primary producers could reach 1.53, the inputs of fertilizer and pesticides only occupied 3.7% of the total energy inputs and that the inputs of human energy occupied 18.7%, The moors fluid, moors dregs throwing energy occupied 77.6%. This circulation made energy and material used reasonably and basically, increased output, reduced waste disposal and improves economical benefits.The comparison and analysis on economical benefits of "four-in-one" model household who use standard draft and Ordinary greenhouse big awning household who do not use standard draft showed that after using standard draft, The methane-generating pit, the hog house and the greenhouse were integrated in together, farmers income significantly increased and economic evaluation indicator improved too. Benefit increase was mainly due to the usage of biogas, which lowered other energy resources’ consume. The high fertilizer effectiveness moors fertilizer replaced part fertilizer, which lowered the fertilizer consume. Because of reasonable material circulation and energy flow in the system, there are higher outputs and better goods quality in the fields of planting and raising.

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