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Study on the Building of Modern Agriculture in the Less Developed Region

Author: WenKaHua
Tutor: ZhuXiGang
School: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course: Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords: Underdeveloped areas Modern agriculture Wuzhou City Experimental Zone Agricultural Sciences in China Traditional agriculture Agricultural Development Processing of agricultural products Modernization of agriculture Agricultural research
CLC: F320
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2002
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This paper consists of two parts. The first part is theoretical analysis, based on the analysis of connotation of modern agriculture and concept of less developed area, the article discusses that agricultural modernization is a process of building modern agriculture, and modern agriculture is a comprehensive system, which involves in not only the advanced development of agriculture productivity, but also the correspond innovation in agricultural organization and management system, so the building of modern agriculture is not the patent which belongs to developed area, less developed area should take rapid step as well. The second part discusses the strategy and experience in this experimental region; it is necessary and practicable to build modern agriculture considering the programming, implementation and effect of building modern agricultural experimental region.Modern agriculture is a process, which aims to promote the productivity of agricultural factors and to maintain the sustainable development for agriculture, using modern science and technology, improving the level of material technologic equipment, adjusting the agricultural structure, realizing the specialization and division of socialization.Modern agriculture is transformed from traditional agriculture and is the outcome of traditional agriculture, so which should be inherited. Intensive labor is the characteristics of traditional agriculture in our country, whose representation is intensive cultivation, the focus on grain-production, etc. In the course of transformation from traditional agriculture into modern one, we should utilize the reasonable factors in the intensive cultivation, learn experiences from developed countries, combine intensive cultivation with modern agriculture. In order to build modern agriculture, firstly we should perfect market economy system, especially the market of arm products and production factors. In this basis, we need to push the development of modern agriculture: a) Increasing modem material input and technologic equipment, improving organic constitution in a large scale. b) Increasing science and technology input, strengthening agricultural research and popularization, quickening the step of application of achievements result from agricultural scientific research and technologic innovation. c) Building and completing the social service system for agriculture in rural. d) Developing agriculture enterprises, advancing industrialization of achievements in agricultural technology. e) Setting up new pattern of agriculture and educational system in rural, reinforcing professional education of farmers, improving farmers’ quality.Particularity and obstacles in existence in the less developed region decides that they will go their own way realizing modem agriculture. Fundamentally, the core of building modern agriculture in the less developed region is strengthening service function, improving farmers’ quality, transfomling material advantages into economic advantages, enhancing the agricultural comparative advantages on the whole, advancing the process of agriculture industrialization based on their economic advantages and science and technology progress. Specifically, we need to take five measures as following: a) Ensuring the sustainable development of agriculture in the less developed region, we should strengthen the protection of agricultural ecological environment; perfect the conditions of agriculture production. b) Developing characteristic agriculture, cultivating leading production enterprises, improving the level of mechanization of farm products, and advancing the process of industrialization in the less developed area. c) Improving the level of agriculture production in the less developed region depending on the progress in science and technology. d) Strengthening government function, perfecting social service system for agriculture. e) Improving farmers’ quality on the whole.Agriculture in wuzhou of Guangxi Autonomous Region is main industry, which is traditional. In 1998 Guangxi Autonomous Region put forward development strategy of regional economy, which led district economy to harmonic development, promoted reasonable distribution, improved the level of production capacity. Wuzhou is in the guiding district where they pay more attention to modern agriculture, township and village enterprises and export-oriented economy. Building modern agriculture means making good use of advantages in district and natural resources, changing present backward conditions of traditional agriculture and development of rural economy, accelerating the adjustment of agricultural structure and the increase of farmers’ income.Considering large populations, limited arable lands, undeveloped industrial fundament, distinctive climate conditions, various living things and other natural and district advantages, the main line of developing modern agriculture in Wuzhou is following: realizing comparative high-level land productivity which is high-quality seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, planting, breeding, ameliorating soil, harnessing water resources and higher quality productivity of lands using biological project; reaching higher efficiency of labor through agriculture mechanization and modern production facilities; in order to base agricultural operation on market economy system, we need to make good use of resources of labor, materials and property by the means of modernization of agriculture production management, that is modern organization pattern of capital, management pattern, operational concepts and marketing strategy; establishing modern agriculture system consisted of production, life, ecology, guidance on market and rely on the markets of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.The core of building agricultural experimental region in Wuzhou is that: a) Setting up modern enterprise group in the region, getting value-add profits in animals husbandry equipped by modern industry, integrating correlative industries and making them rely on and promote each other. b) Establishing two wholesale markets of farm products and forestry respectively, driving animal’s husbandry and development in production of farm products. c) To support experimental region, we should set up modern agriculture information center, center of R&D on modern agriculture species, training center of technology of modern agriculture, service center of modem agriculture. d) Building five bases of animals husbandry and plant products industry, that is bases of commodity grain, fast-grow and high-yield forest, fruits and vegetables, animal’s husbandry, aquaculture.For over two years, two thirds townships of Wuzhou has been included in the experimental regions, the land scope of the experimental regions has accounted for two thirds compared with the scale of the total arable land. According to the overall project of core region, radiated region, extended region, modern agricultural experimental region in Wuzhou has preliminary formed clear operated pattern, at the same time focusing on establishment of project. Firstly, Wuzhou has established four agricultural core demonstration gardens with experimental region. Secondly, the base of agricultural production has been established in major 22 townships and developed 6 main industries with Wuzhou’s characteristics, such as high-quality rice, fruits and vegetables, aniseed, silkworm, forestry, animal husbandry, aquatic product and so on. Thirdly, supporting 10,000 households of modern agricultural science and technology demonstrations in 43 townships. Due to effects mentioned above, structural adjustment on agricultural accelerated obviously in the city, farmers in the experimental region increased income and strengthened the awareness of market as well as science and technology. Nowadays, modem agricultural experimental region has become windows of opening to the outside world as well as the use of foreign capital for wuzhou’s agriculture. Practice testifies that it was necessary to establish modern agricultural experimental region in Wuzhou, which conform to the situation of Wuzhou.Nowadays, we must hold the opportunity of the great development of the West, and continually establish modern agricultural experimental region in Wuzhu. Major ideas of action next step are following: a) Enforcing building of 4 core demonstrate gardens in order to operate on schedule and strengthening work of attract foreign capital in order to bring more investment on agriculture industrialization, new production and processing industries. b) Combining projects of national agriculture integrated development program with project of experimental region, focusing on some demonstrate projects with Wuzhou’s characteristics, exploring new path that develop characteristic economy. c) Ensuring project process of households of modern agricultural science and technology demonstrated. d) Paying more attention to supporting processing industries for high-quality and local characteristics, promoting agriculture industrialization, and achieving the income increase of both farmers and finance sector.

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