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A Study of Ge Hong’s Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi

Author: WuFeng
Tutor: ZhangYiHe
School: East China Normal University
Course: History of Ancient China
Keywords: Ge Hong Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi Jin Dynasty Atmosphere of a school in JiangNan the inner including the outer
CLC: B235.7
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi was Ge Hong’s representive one of his works. It provided the fresh and live sample about thought conditions in Wei and Jin Dynasties. This work kept the precious data for studying scholarship vogue of JiangNan.The full text was divided into totally five chapters. One by one in order studying the family background of Ge Hong, the text of Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi, the thoughts of Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi and the relation of the ages current of thought.The first chapter studied the family background of Ge Hong. Ge Hong household was LiangGuo NingLing. The last year of West-Han Dynasty and the early year of Dong-Han dynasty, they moved to Lang Ya under the pressure of Wang Mang. Again afterwards, they moved to JuRong in the early year of Dong-Han dynasty. Gradually, the household transited from force family to culture family. The chapter proceeded to further tidy up the seniority of Ge Hong. The chapter affirmed that Ge Hong lived 81 years old passe by to analyze the related data.The second chapter studied the test of Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi. Ge Hong composed the book there was three purposes. One, acquired the immortal fame; Two, express realistic concerning; Three, manifested liking literature. The book cost very long time. It included primarily fermented, drafted, completed, repaired and revised five stages. After completed, Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi caused big influence at that time. But its incomplete circumstance was large quantity exists. These appeared primarily at moment Liang-Sui Dynasties and Tang-Song Dynasties. Six Dynasties text had handwritten 50 volumes. Song Dynasty text had various editions, such as 10 volumes , 20 volumes , 30 volumes , 50 volumes. Ming Dynasty text had 4 volumes and 50 volumes. Qing Dynasty text main spread with 4 volumes and 50 volumes. Its edition was all very considerable in spite of from a quantity still a quantity.The third chapter studied the politics thoughts and the society thoughts of Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi. The politics thoughts of the Ge Hong contain very strong Legalist meaning. He emphasized relations the king and his ministers. He thought the relations can’t exceed. Then can support the political order availably like these. This kind of standpoint there was the incitement of its realistic background. Ge Hong also thought greatly of the function of the law unusually. From the positive effect, the law punished the bad persons. From the negative effect, the law can prevent the occurrence of the crime. He pointed out that election irregularity was many. His suggestions were that extended wide degree of "ChaJu" test, punished the illegal actions and valued officialdom selection of places. He criticized social values of corrupting. He hoped society can attain obeying the rite and the law, forbearing the personal feeling and maintaining stability.The forth chapter studied the intellectual spirit, scholarship thought and the evaluation history person. Ge Hong thought the intellectual should safeguard the inner spirit. He insisted that the body excel the material. He emphasized that the intellectual’s moral integrity was very important. These set up the model for the intellectual in independent personality and judgment personality. He thought history was developing and variety. The rite thought of the Ge Hong included two aspects primarily. On the other hand, he pointed out the rite had important function in social political of. Another on the other hand, he thought the rite should match the actuality. His article view asserted that the literature and virtue had similar value, respect the Zi-book, make a point of practical and today not weak before.The fifth chapter studied the relation Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi and Inner Chapter of BaoPuZi. Ge Hong wrote the two works at the same time. This was a express of consistent through of Ge Hong. He mastered various thoughts established at the foundation of Tao was initial and Confucius was end. He established the systems of thought oneself through this kind of method. Its emergence of this kind of thought was vitally related to ages thought. Of course, it was related to Ge Hong oneself as a Taoism theory scholar. Only united Outer Chapter of BaoPuZi and Inner Chapter of BaoPuZi as one, then we can specific, accurately and completely to comprehended the thought of Ge Hong.

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