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Theoretical Research and Positive Analysis on Industrial Innovation Management

Author: GuanShunFeng
Tutor: HuShuHua
School: Wuhan University of Technology
Course: Technology Economics and Management
Keywords: Industrial innovation Mode System Management Hubei agricultural products processing industry
CLC: F270
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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Innovation is the primitive development power of modern economy. Americanindustry was impacted by Japanese industry fiercely in the 1980th century. Throughindustrial technology predominant innovation, information industry wasbreakthrough and become the engine of development of American economy, and the"three high, three low" economic increasing mode is formed. Through industrialinstitution predominant innovation, Japanese and South Korea realized fastdevelopment of their industry through their government’s reasonable guidance andsupport for the development of their strategy industries. Industrial innovation hasbecome the endless power for promoting the development of modern industry.The research on industrial innovation is thinking greatly of by theory researchfield and industry field. Cultivating independent innovation ability has been raised tothe strategic position in the "Eleventh Five-year Development Schedule" of ourcountry. A lot of excellent demonstration study have been done and have gainedfruitful achievements, but the theory of industrial innovation is still not system, andmany theoretical research fruits are only the simple mixture of industrial economytheory with innovation theory. The research on industrial innovation management ismainly focused in industrial technology innovation management. Hence establishingsystematic industrial innovation theory is the urgent requirement of the developmentof modern industry economics theory and industrial innovation practices.Guided by system science and innovation theory; applying synthetically theoriesand methods of biology, management science, economics, social science and so on;Combining theoretical analysis with demonstrative analysis, qualitative analysiswith quantitative analysis, this paper makes theoretical research and demonstrativeanalysis on industrial innovation management.Industrial innovation and its management is complex, systematic engineering.Research on industrial innovation management is based on industrial innovationtheory, and the function of theory innovation fruit should be considered adequately.Follow this way of thinking; the systematic research on industrial innovationmanagement theory is advanced through the studies on industrial innovation theoryresearch, industrial innovation management theory and applying research onindustrial innovation management theory. 1. Researches on industrial innovation theoriesBased on the relationship between productivity and relation of production ofMarxism’s political economics; applying industry economics, institution economicsand technology innovation theory, the concept of industrial innovation being thecombination innovation of technology innovation and institution innovation; theconnotation of industrial innovation is defined. Drawing lessons from biologyprinciples, considering the characteristics of industrial innovation, the geneevolution principle, collaborate-competition principle, flexible organizationprinciple, life-circle principle and green innovation principle.The connotation of industrial innovation is defined. Two types of industrialinnovation system factors of micro factors and structure factors are put forward.Industrial innovation system is divided into four subsystems of research subsystem,selection subsystem, production subsystem and environment subsystem, and thecharacteristics and sources of ability of the subsystems are researched. The talentmechanism, conjunction mechanism, power mechanism and control mechanism areresearched, and the conjunction mechanism is the core mechanism. The optimizationprinciple, mechanism and basic contents on industrial innovation systemoptimization are researched. The index system on the valuation on industrialtechnology innovation ability and valuation model applying TOPSIS method isestablished.The basic modes of industrial technology innovation and industrial institutioninnovation are summarized. Drawing lessons from biology evolution theory,industrial technology innovation route are explored, and the selection method ofindustrial technology innovation mode based on technology innovation route isstudied. Applying game theory the industrial institution innovation mode selectionmethod is researched. Applying industrial technology innovation and industrialinstitution innovation as the two variables, their different strength match constitutethe industrial innovation protlifio modes of industrial leadership mode, technologyleadership mode, cost leadership mode, industry following-up mode and specialpriority mode. The protlifio mode selection method applying game theory isresearched.2. Researches on industrial innovation managementThe connotation of industrial innovation strategy is defined. The industrialinnovation strategy is recognized being constructed by system optimization strategy and industry competition strategy. The constitution, operation and valuation ofindustrial innovation strategy are researched systematically. The industrialinnovation strategy system is created initially.The three organization units of government’s administration managementorganization, industrial innovation platform and industrial strategy union are putforward, and the construct the basic management organization structure mode. Twotypical industrial innovation organization structure modes of the enhanced-typeorganization mode and the function-type organization mode are put forward.This paper put forward that industrial innovation strategy system consists ofdirect policies and environment polices. Industrial innovation policy managementhas been explored in its target, resorts, risks and precaution.3. The application research on industrial innovation managementThe innovation characteristics in the different period of industrial life circle havebeen researched. Based on the characteristics, applying industrial innovationmanagement theory, the characteristics of industrial innovation system, innovationstrategy, innovation organization and policy management in different period areresearched.The content of industrial cluster innovation is defined. The evolving route andinnovation requirement characteristics of industrial innovation and thecharacteristics of industrial innovation system are studied. Based on the basic theoryresearches on industrial innovation cluster innovation characteristics and applyingindustrial innovation management theories, the industrial cluster innovationmanagement of traditional industry and high-tech industry are researched.Hubei province is a large agricultural province; the development of agriculturalproducts process industry is the important part of Hubei county economy’s realizingnew type of industrialization and realizes fast development of Hubei province’seconomy. Selecting agricultural products process industry as the case, this article putforward the strategy object, strategy point, "SFF" concurrent industrial innovationoptimization strategy and industrial competition strategy modes. The achievement ofthe case study is useful in assistant government’s policy decision.This paper put forward systematic industrial innovation management theorysystem and enriched innovation theory. The theory achievement of this articleprovides good support for further research on industrial innovation theory. The research achievement is also provides a gist of decision for government in thoughtand method.

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