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Changchun Fitness Club Group Lesson Instructor Team Situation and Management Countermeasures

Author: LiLiLi
Tutor: TianYingLian
School: Jilin Institute of Physical Education
Course: Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords: Changchun City Health club Fitness Instructor Status quo Management Strategies
CLC: G80-05
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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In recent years, with the material standard of living of people in Changchun City, with its corresponding spiritual life has also been strengthened, slowly aware of their sports, and more and more time entertainment fitness, which makes sports fitness entertainment market in Changchun City has been developing rapidly. Aerobics, yoga, belly dance, kickboxing fitness club is mushrooming influx fitness entertainment market in Changchun City, but for our fitness club business relatively late start time to carry out the study of the situation, although a recent study conducted by comparison widely, and these studies laid the theoretical foundation for the Changchun City health club group courses fitness instructor, but the current study there are inadequacies, from the content of the research point of view: for fitness club business, community fitness more specific business size, business model, business philosophy club status fitness instructor study, although this type of article more or less in the process of their research, but the study of the main content not a fitness instructor. From the the research quality point of view: the fitness instructor mainly in terms of the status quo study, relatively few studies Solutions to Problems aspects, combined with management theory proposed solution strategy is relatively weak. From a research point of view of the object: both the research carried out for the health club business situation or for Fitness Instructors to carry out the study, the selected object is mainly concentrated in the central or southern coastal city. Northern cities carried out relatively late in the fitness club business building related research is relatively weak, unable to form a complete health club Situation and Countermeasures Research. This study is for the group class team of fitness instructors in the status quo in the fitness club business in Changchun City, the perfection of yoga studio, fitness center Impulse, Universal Fitness Club, the Tianyi Fitness Club, Collection fitness clubs, etc. as the research object, by Changchun City fitness club group classes fitness instructor team sources, education, technical grade, training, work experience, remuneration in-depth investigation, and the principle of factor analysis combined with Sports Management. In addition, the Changchun City fitness club and fitness instructor is not much to learn from Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other cities, the results of such studies, the actual situation of Changchun City health club fitness instructor team, proposed the development of practical strategy, so as to provide reference groups fitness instructor courses fitness instructor Human Resource Management in Changchun City, Changchun City Fitness club career to promote the healthy and sustainable development. This article by questionnaire survey of literature and mathematical statistics method research means, Changchun City, six operating fitness club group classes fitness instructor qualifications, technical level, the work of years, to participate in training and other aspects of the conduct of a detailed investigation The results show classes fitness instructor fitness club business groups in Changchun City, (hereinafter referred to as a fitness instructor) team main problems: one, the source of the Changchun City health club instructor team is focused at the Institute of Physical Education, Art Institute students and retired athletes, insufficient number of professional fitness instructor, can not meet the needs of the fitness market in Changchun City, thus affecting the development of the fitness market as a whole. 2, Changchun City, a fitness instructor team working life is short, the whole team tends to be younger, less experienced instructors, teaching experience in the teaching process for teaching content and teaching methods, scientific, security, relevance and timeliness there are some limitations, should strengthen the Guiders management and construction. 3, the Changchun City health club instructor team as a whole educational structure is low, the lack of cutting-edge talent of highly educated, health club should enhance the understanding of the degree of the introduction of highly educated, high level of people to join the team of fitness instructors, in order to promote the harmonious team of fitness instructors development. 4, many types of fitness instructor holds a certificate in Changchun City, the system is flawed and certificates granted, fitness club management audit recruitment of fitness instructors are not stringent enough, even with a paper certificate can posts. The instructor professional technical level, can not meet the needs of consumers, affecting the economic benefits of the health club. , Changchun City health club instructor team proficiency training emphasis, low frequency of training, training means more internal training, training the contents of a single, the mainly professional technology. This makes slow to update their knowledge of Changchun City, a health club instructor, students structure is not reasonable optimization, limiting the overall development of the fitness industry in Changchun City. The main problems I: building fitness instructor training base in Changchun City; great importance to the health club fitness instructor training; increase in pay, to maintain the stability of fitness instructor team.

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