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Analysis of Chemical Bioactive Components and Extraction Technique of Wax in Jujube

Author: PengYanFang
Tutor: LiuMengJun
School: Agricultural University of Hebei
Course: Pomology
Keywords: Chinese jujube Organ Cultivar Bioactive component Sseperation of wax
CLC: S665.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Chinese jujube(Ziziphus jujuba Mill.),a native of China,is famous for its high nutrition content.The contents of the main bioactive components including triterpene acid,flavonoid,saponin,cAMP and edible fiber were compared among cultivars, organs,and different mature stages of fruit.The technology of extraction wax from cAMP syrup was also studied.The main results are as follows:1 Establishment of determination method for total triterpene acid and rutin in Chinese jujubeMethod of the rapid quantification of triterpenoids by ultraviolet spectrometry Color comparation after extracted with AcOEt or dichlorine methanes; The condition for color comparation:adding Citronellal-CH3COOH 0.4 mL,HClO4 1.2 mL,and water bathe at 70℃for 20 minutes,then comparing color at 580 nm.Method of HPLC analysis for betulinic acid,oleanolic acid and ursolic acid Using examination wave-length of 210 nm,mobile phase of methyl alcohol:water: phophoric acid=90:10:0.03%,color composes pillar of HydersirBDS C18(250mm×4.6mm,5um).The variability of measuring betulinic acid,oleanolic acid and ursolic acid is 4.13%,3.39%and 4.28%,respectively;The reclaiming ratio of the three kinds of acisa is 98.9%(RSD=4.6153),97.1%(RSD=4.8096)and 98.2%(RSD=4.1096).Method of HPLC analysis for rutin Using examination wave-length of 360 nm,Mobile phase of methyl alcohol:water:phophoric acid=50:50:0.05%,and color composes pillar of Hydersir BDS C18(250mm×4.6mm,5um).The variability and reclaiming ratio are 3.52%and100.12%(RSD=3.0156),respectively.2 Content variations of bioactive components in the fruits of cultivar ’Dongzao’ and ’Jinsixiaozao’ during fruit maturation The triterpenoid acid and saponin contents kept increasing during fruit rippening.The contents of betulinic acid, oleanolic acid and ursolic acid were higher in white mature stage the in full red stage, of which betulinic acid content kept highest,followed by oleanolic acid,and ursolic acid.The content changes of flavonoid and rutin showed low-high-low type.In ’Dongzao’,the total triterpenoid acid,total fiber,insoluble fiber and cAMP contents reached highest at full-red stage,and the contents of flavonoid and soluble fiber (polysaccharide)reached highest at white-mature stage.In ’Jinsixiaozao’ the contents flavonoid,lutin,total fiber,insoluble fiber and cAMP were highest at white-mature stage,but highest triterpenoid acidcontent appeared at full-red stage.3 Comparation of bioactive component contents among organs of cultivar ’Jinsixiaozao’ The triterpenoid content in leaf is 3.15 4.89 times of that in fruit and flower.The contents of betulinic acid,oleanolic acid and ursolic acid in leaf are 5.38 and 3.58 times,21.71 and 15.03 times,and 41.68 and 15.33 times of those in flower and fruit.The saponin content is highest in flower,followed by leaf and fruit.The contents of flavonoid in flower and leaf are 4.01 and 1.17 times of those in fruit.The rutin contents of flower and leaf are 29.79 and 18.18 times of fruit.The soluble content of flower are 2.66 and 2.81 times of fruit and flower.The total fiber content of leaf are 1.85 and 4.20 times flower and fruit.The cAMP content of leaf is higher than in fruit,and no cAMP was detected in flower.Basing on above mentioned,leaf and flower have very important utilization potential.4 Copareration of bioactive component contents in fruit among cultivars The According to the analysis of 27 cultivars,triterpenoid content is highest in ’Xiangfenmuzao’ and ’Fupingdazao’.The betulinic acid content in ’Neihuangbianhesuan’ is the highest.The oleanolic acid contents are highest in ’Tongbaidazao’ and ’Xuanchengjianzao’.The ursolic acid content is highest in ’Yuanlingzao’.The highest saponin contents were found in ’Lizao’,’Jixinzao’ and ’Tongbaidazao’.The flavonid content is highest in ’Neihuangbianhesuan’.The rutin content of ’Yongchengchanghong’ is the highest.The soluble fiber content of ’Yiwudazao’ and ’Neihuangbianhesuan’ are the the highest.The insoluble fiber content of ’Neihuangbianhesuan’ and ’Xuanchengjianzao’ are the highest.The total fiber content of ’Neihuangbianhesuan’ is the highest.The cAMP content of ’Hunanjidanzao’ is the highest.5 Technique of seperation of wax from cAMP syrup The wax could be well ceperated from cAMP syrup with soluble solid content of 70%by extracting twice with 3 times in volume of extraction solvent(AcOEt:EtOH=90:10).

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