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The History Main Trend of Mainland China Recently Thirty Years

Author: WangXiaoHua
Tutor: ZhangShuXue
School: Shandong University
Course: Historical Theory and History of Historical Science
Keywords: China New Era History Main Tide
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Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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History has passed nearly 30 years in new era which evoluted constantly in the great political changes, the liberation movement, and then it was influenced strongly by the complex and changeable economic system and ideology and culture to the modern course of the restructuring, and schools of western historiography. Therefore this time history appeared before not change much, the thought rich it has formed an unusual magnificent new academic ideological trend—new time history ideological trend.This time appeared young schoolars coming forth in large numbers, who theoretically positively seek the breakthrough,whose Research Methods were renewed frequently, their research topics were changed unceasingly, their interests was also changed frequently, which would cause us for a while with difficulty to grasp the vein and the future trend which this kind of tidal current development will evolve.But it was essential to omni-directional assurance this academic ideological trend for accurate appraisalling the success and failure for 30 years history research and advancing history to develop. This paper attempts to research on the basis of the order by the time the field and summarization the new era historiography in the system at the sequence of development and achievements,and history in the new period was divided into three stages 1976-1978,1979-1989,after 1990. Within each stage,we explored history of the development trend of the new era and its future direction,by studing theoretical research, methodology, and research areas expand and historian, values and the changes in governance of the areas purport and so on. The comprehensive development process in three stages, We could find Main Tide in the new era historian theoretical studies of the evolution was Marxist historians to correct errors in the theory and found themselves in order to reshape the development. In methodological aspects, it changed from the history of traditional governance methods on the beginning stages to a variety of research methods,and had a comprehensive study in the interdisciplinary gratifying change. In research areas, the new era history make great strides from the "revolution of historical research" to a broad and vivid public social studies,in which "Community" instead of "political" has become the main content. About the Purport of historian scholarship in the this area, the new era historians’attentions from seeking truth of the social value to seeking truth, the academic value changes, which was the underlying reasons of changes in historical trends of thought in the new era triggered the evolution.This paper was divided into three parts:Introduction partFirst,I described the reasons of choose this field of study, theory and practical significance from the point of view on topics.Second I defined and made note several related concepts,then,I introduced the current academic historians thoughts on the new era of the status quo, the author putting forward the direction and efforts to strive for innovation.At last,I made notes to elaborate the simple purpose of the study and to achieve the objective of the research methods used in my paper.The main thesis was divided into three parts:The first chapter is devoted to historical trends of thought in the new period of development of the first phase from 1976 the "Cultural Revolution" to the 1978 in which the characterization was transition frome the "Cultural Revolution History" to the new era of the phase history and one theory construction and research tools had two parts update. This phase is characterized by the "Cultural Revolution, History," the transition to the new era historian stage. This phase of the History workers mainly inherited fault recovery and the History of the EC, there has been to the 1950s and 1960s academic regression phenomenon.After "Cultural Revolution" ,history scholars criticized the "Cultural Revolution History" pernicious influence. Yao Wenyuan "On New Historical Play <dismissed from office because of Hai Rui>", Lin Biao, Chen Boda, and other academic history, concocted by the "darkness" of and "History revolution," and the "Gang of Four", "alluding to History", social history is distorted view, destroy the culture, people’s ideological shackles and the chief culprit, therefore, scholars on the history of the "Cultural Revolution History" criticism, mainly centered on several aspects of the launch, and especially criticized "alluding History," the most pressing.In a profound review their own theory flawed process, some scholars to return to the "Cultural Revolution" before finding the scholarship idea boost conversion theory, the history of the EC fracture subsequent re-up. The main performance is the emergence of the "Top Jian Bozan," "Top of Qianlong and Jiaqing" the ways of governance. While the history of this preliminary study returned to the academic research on track, but there is no novelty, but also failed to bring about substantive academic progress. Since then historians have not yet been fully liberated thinking, hesitates to do so under the inevitably limited political history still within the framework of the transitional nature of history more obvious.Chapter II presented a new era historians thought the development of the second phase in which history developed in full from 1979 the new era historiography swing to the 1989 event of a major turning point. This phase is characterized by multiple theories of scholars living side by side, all kinds of new ideas for interactive mixed. CPC Central Committee with the idea about "two whatevers" and carrying out the criterion for truth discussion, the scholars with a strong sense of social concern to engage in academic research, the new era has started to appear distinctive feature of history.Theoretical research, the call of the CPC Central Committee, set off academic study of Marxist classics to the climax, proposed a "return to Marxism" slogans. Appeared throughout the 1980s theoretical debates, such as the creators of history, social forms, such as Proposition evolution of the debate. "Construction of Marxism with Chinese characteristics" theory initially formed, "Historical Theory" as a discipline has also started development.In his scholarly methods, they has tried to use the History of Natural Science methodology trends. Historical trends in the West under the influence of 1979 to 1989, the Historical Research Methodology from other disciplines once Wei-ran rampant, metrology history, psychological history, and historians, and other relatively new approach by the amount draw, in particular the use of natural methods to study History , has achieved a number of high-profile research results. This is then integrated emerging interdisciplinary research methods at source.In the field of research, in order to cope with "History crisis" explore new ways out and respond to the then emerging national nihilism orientation, academic history of the cultural history of pioneering new research field, started out simply on the political history of limitations on political will History of the situation mainly to promote the social and cultural aspects of research, express themselves on society, the traditional different attitude, greatly enriched the contents of Historical Research.The scholarship Purport, scholars have the intention of serving the community is very strong, scholarship aims to stress "Zhiyong." Them full of the sense of social responsibility to serve the community as academic urgent task. They continue a history of reality since the founding of the strong tradition of caring, "Zhiyong" under the guidance actively participate in social life.Chapter 3 introduced new era historians thought the third stage of the development situation. From 1990 to date, in-depth historical research of integration. Longitudinal: on the one hand with the modernization of traditional integration or even "post-modern" academic theory and trying to develop the one hand, since the actual integration of the new era of academic research in the various tried methodology. Wang: as a specific social groups, historians workers on the one hand continuously widen the field of Historical Research, on the other hand constantly adjust psychological, mental resolve various contradictions and economic conflicts.Theoretically, the controversial reduction, study to "seek the truth." According to test represented by the positivism occupy a very important position. However, the scholar of the theory indifferent to the external appearance only their theoretical building enthusiasm hasnot extinguished, Tian Changwu,Jiang Dachun,Zhou Dejun, and many other scholars in this period of painstaking research, and form their own new ideas and the theoretical system. They used their own actions practice the "development of Marxist" mission of a great era.The study methods, interdisciplinary research craze form to the 1990s. History bold update methodology has brought good results, not only harvest a large number of academic achievements, but also to bring people thinking update. Main Tide New Era History methodology gradually formed its own system, it is mainly traditional methods of historiography, introduce other humanities and social sciences and natural sciences and some research methods, a comprehensive interdisciplinary research methods.In the field of research, It has occurred "Guoxue renaissance" trend, this is the 1980s strongly after the loss of social concern in the direction of a scholarship transfer; then scholars’s "stay away from politics" mentality, comply with the international development trend of history China’s history of academic and focus on the development of the field of social history. Study of the History of the community make up for the rejuvenation of the area since the founding of the research gaps, enriching the Historical Research levels, access to a large number of research results.Scholars scholarship purport undergone a great change. In the socio-economic and international political, foreign and Chinese culture under the influence of such factors, to the 1990s, part historian from the emphasis on "Zhiyong" to the emphasis on "truth-seeking." The "knowledge" of the pursuit itself many historians as the ultimate goal. This shift overall academic development in the contemporary history of the test is yet to be time.Conclusion part,in this part, we affirmed the results of the Institute of History, Historical thoughts in the new period of development of a profound impact on history and pointed out that this trend had not yet developed maturely.Although there was a huge difference now in some of the development dimension and a lot of views in the country had also failed to reach a consensus of scholars, it had been given deep scars in the history of the development of history in the time and representated a direction of history future development during a certain period of time.

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