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Influence on Haematopoietic Adherent Transduction Signal PI-3K, JNK of CAA Patients and Correlation Factor Treated by Invigorating the Kidney and Hemogenesis Method

Author: WangJingBo
Tutor: SunWeiZheng
School: Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: CAA Invigorating the kidney and hemogenesis method Busui Shengxue Granule PI-3K JNK VLA-4/CD49d IL-6 TNF-α
CLC: R259
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Objective:To observe effects on CAA clinical therapeutic effect, influences on haematogenesis adhesion transduction signal PI-3K,JNK, correlation factor VLA-4/CD49d.IL-6,TNF-α,and to approach the mechanism of action on Chinese herbal medicine with invigorating the kidney and hemogenesis function treating CAA.Methods:Sixty patients of CAA were divided into two groups at random, treated group(treated with Busui Shengxue Granule)and control group(treated with Aplastic Blood-Forming Tablet).Another 10 healthy volunteers were treated as normal control group.We compared with clinical therapeutic effect, periphery hemogram,myeloid gram in the two groups,and detected expression of PI-3K,JNK by Western blot.Then we detected VLA-4/CD49din marrow mononuclearcell prior and post treatment by FCM,IL-6,TNF-αin serum by ELISA.Results:(1)The total effective rate of Busui Shengxue Granule and Aplastic Blood-Forming Tablet were 73.3%and 53.3%,and after statistical treatment, the comparison between the two groups showed significant difference(p<0.05).(2)It showed superior therapeutic effect on deficiency of kidney-YANG type to deficiency of kidney-YIN type treated by Busui Shengxue Granule, whicn indicated significant difference in statistics(p<0.05).(3)Levels of PI-3K in MSC of CAA patients were lower than normal control group in prior treatment(p<0.05);and Busui Shengxue Granule could increase PI-3K expression(p<0.05),but still lower than normal control group.It also expressed superior in deficiency of kidney-YANG type to deficiency of kidney-YIN type(p<0.05).(4)Levels of JNK in CAA patients’ MSC were higher than normal control group in prior treatment(p<0.05),Busui Shengxue Granule could reduce JNK expression(p<0.05),and it showed more significant in deficiency of kidney-YANG type(p<0.05).(5)VLA-4/CD49din marrow mononuclearcell in CAA patients expressed lower than normal control group in prior treatment(p<0.05),but VLA-4/CD49d expression rose after treating by Busui Shengxue Granule(p<0.05),also it showed more significant in deficiency of kidney-YANG type than deficiency of kidney-YIN type(p<0.05).(6)In prior treatment,levels of IL-6,TNF-αin serum of CAA patients were both higher than normal control group(p<0.05).After treating by Busui Shengxue Granule,the levels of IL-6,TNF-αboth reduced(p<0.05),and it showed more significant in deficiency of kidney-YANG type(p<0.05).Conclusions:Busui Shengxue Granule was superior to Aplastic Blood-Forming Tablet on clinical curative effect of treating CAA,so it was an active drug preventing and curing CAA,and also the curative effect by Busui Shengxue Granule expressed superior in deficiency of kidney-YANG type to deficiency of kidney-YIN type.Expressions on haematogenesis adhesion transduction signal PI-3K,JNK,adhesion molecule VLA-4/CD49d,and cytokine IL-6,TNF-αshowed abnormal,which might closely correlate with CAA.Busui Shengxue Granule might cure CAA by improving expressions of haematogenesis adhesion transduction signal,adhesion molecule and cytokine.

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