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Experimental Research on Electro-Nape-Acupuncture Mechanisms of Sleep Deprivation and It-Induced Oxidative Stress Rat

Author: WuBeiFeng
Tutor: GaoWeiBin
School: Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords: electro-nape-acupuncture Oxidative stress Sleep deprivation
CLC: R245.97
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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The electro-nape-acupuncture has been widely used in clinical Practice ever Since they were recorded.More and more doctors have used it to cure diseases based on the clinical needs.This dissertation makes a comprehensive and Systematic research on their medical effects on insomnia and then,takes a further study on the effect of electro-nape-acupuncture in curing insomnia.To observe the content of mechanism of monoamine neurotransmitter,brain-gut peptide(BGP),nitric oxide (NO)and the activity of super oxide dismutase(SOD)in rat brain-stem reticular formation after sleep deprivation,making a Research of electro-nape-acupuncture curing insomnia and its oxidative stress at the molecular levelObjective:To discuss the mechanism of the electro-nape-acupuncture on the effect of rats of sleep deprivation and oxidative stress induced by it through the intervention of sleep deprivation experiments on rat.Methods:Rats were randomly divided into control group,model group,the acupuncture group,and Sweet Dream Capsule group,astragalus injection group,In addition to the control group,the other group were duplicated of sleep deprivation rat model by intraperitoneal injection of PCPA1 Compared the change of body weight rats in each group after five days.of sleep deprivation.2 Comparing rat neuronal cell changes,through electron microscopy3 Comparing by fluorescence spectrophotometer the content of 5-HT and 5-HIAA,and NE.4 Confirming the positive expression of CCK8,GABA in the rat brainstem. Reticular structure,by immunohistochemical staining,5 Observing the content of NO and SOD.by grating spectrophotometer methodResults:1 after five days of sleep deprivation,the model rats weight decrease,compared with the control group the difference is significant(P<0.01),The electro-nape-acupuncture group had no significant change in body weight,compared with the control group there was no significant difference(P>0.05). 2 Observe by electron microscopy,in the model group and the Sweet Dream Capsule group,the borders of cells in brain stem of rats is not clear,Mitochondria degeneration clearly,the content of rough endoplasmic reticulum decrease,synaptic integrate,the cells of rats in the electro-nape-acupuncture group do not change significantly.3 Confirmed by fluorescence spectrophotometer,The electro-nape-acupuncture can increase the content of 5-HT and 5-HIAA,in the brainstem reticularof of sleep deprivation rats,decrease the levels of NE.compared with the model group the difference is significant(P<0.01),in the Sweet Dream Capsule group,the content of 5-HT and 5-HIAA increase,compared with the model group the difference is not significant(P>0.05).compared with the electro-nape-acupuncture group the difference is significant(P<0.05).the content of NE decrease,compared with the model group the difference is significant(P<0.01),compared with the electro-nape-acupuncture group,the difference is not significant(P>0.05)4 Confirmed by immunohistochemical staining,The electro-nape-acupuncture and the Sweet Dream Capsule can increase the positive expression of CCK8 in the rat brainstem,reticular structure,Compared with the model group there were significant differences(P<0.01),Compared with each other,the difference is not significant(P>0.05).The electro-nape-acupuncture and the Sweet Dream Capsule can increase the positive expression of GABA in the rat brainstem,reticular structure, Compared with the model group there were significant differences in electro-nape-acupuncture group(P<0.01),there were no significant differences in the Sweet Dream Capsule group(P>0.05),Compared with each other,the difference is significant(P<0.01).5 confirmed by grating spectrophotometer method,The electro-nape-acupuncture and astragalus injection can decrease the content of NO and SOD,in the brainstem reticular of the sleep deprivation rats Compared with the model group there were significant differences(P<0.01).Compared with each other,the difference is no significant(P>0.05).Conclusion: 1 Sleep-deprivation can damage nerve cells in the rat brainstem,and the powe of the electro-nape-acupuncture has is to relieve the damage of Neuvel cells and protect it.2 The electro-nape-acupuncture can resumpte 5-HT-NE pathway and the mutual balance between access and constraints,thereby restoring normal rhythm of sleep and awakening3 The electro-nape-acupuncture cures insomnia by enhancing inhibitory effect of GABA in order to achieve improvement in the role of sleep.4 The electro-nape-acupuncture relieve the damage of weight loss,the high energy consumption of the state of malnutrition induced by sleep deprivation and oxidative stress through increasing the content of CCK8.It passed through the resumption of CCK8 and NO pathway and the balance NO and CCK8 to reduce the oxidative stress response,Reduce rats neurotoxicity caused by sleep deprivation.

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