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Virtual Technology and Politics

Author: ChengYu
Tutor: HanDongXue
School: Jilin University
Course: Political Theory
Keywords: virtual technology virtual politics network society politic effect
CLC: D08
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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With the arriving of modern science and technology revolution, technology entered every field of social life with an invincible pose, affecting and restricting various social problems and people’s life. Without exception politics has had the significant evolution because of the technical progress, the political value and effect of technology obtains increasingly evident in the modern society, this forced us to rethink the intrinsic connection between technology and politics. Especially the development of network that based on the virtual technology, the effect of technology already broke through the original technical function to set up a hypothesized society and political form that caused the boundary between technology and the politics more complex and fuzzier. But in what degree did virtual technology influenced and changed politics? What is the boundary and essence of the network’s political effect opposite in politics itself? Consider and reply these questions give us an appropriate localization for our recognizing of virtual technology, as well as in the political practices, it has an extremely significant theoretical and practical value in correctly deal with the relation between politics and virtual net society, also to impel political development.The ultimately goal of searching the essential connection between virtual technology and politics is to make better arrangement for social political life. What attitude is hold to virtual technology and the political effect of network is directly affect the expansion of the article’s leitmotiv. On one hand, the power and positive effect of virtual technology and network is obvious, it’s revolutionary impact to human society and political field is real. On the other hand, the positive attitude to the challenge of virtual technology and network is not our final goal, in fact, the current academe’s universal and excessive positive attitude toward network’s social tide make it easier to conceal virtual network’s own problem and the limitation of its political effect. Reverting networks society’s technical essence through the virtual existence and delimit the boundary of virtual technology and politics is the standpoint this article studies, in this way can observe the characteristic and degree of the phenomenon of network’s political effect.These two basic manner requests us to regard the relationship between network technology, network society and politics properly, on the political standpoint, politics mostly become better not worse because of network, what is more importantly, at the same time, we should maintain the political position and notion that we should have. This meant it is difficult for technology to replace politics, regardless of how big attack network to politics, the core problem and the main body position of politics could not change. While the influencing of network to politics, politics should also enter the network society, network society or network politics none the less is a part of real political system, the society still is the system the political construct but not the technology.According to this thought and leitmotiv, this article attempt to search the boundary and essence connection between virtual network technology and politics in political science and technical philosophy. Grasps the virtual network’s political effect by political science, find out the technical essence of virtual network’s political effect by technical philosophy, therefore, to define respective boundary and limit. Among it, the network politics effect’s limit and the technology’s own limit is interdependent and passes through the basic clue and research emphases. Therefore, only through these two thorough analysis can we assure the boundary and essence connection between technology and politics, and treat the position of network and politics by a correct manner.The influences that virtual technology and network make to modern society and politics already become a problem that cannot be avoided in political science. This article take the network politics effect’s limit and the technology’s limit as the research main line, systematically analyses and explanation is given to the virtual technology’s new form– network’s technology essence, formation, virtual political phenomenon, the limit of political effect, that is, to promulgate boundary and the essence relates of virtual technology and the politics, not only is this a theory response to current network politics impact, also is under the correct regarding of the political status and political need under network impact. Meanwhile, it is assist to our grasp of the influence degree of network to social politics under a extremely positive attitude toward network technology, by appropriate manner and way to promote politics development, deal with the relation between real politic and network society.Based on the above consideration, this article will launch from following three aspects;The first aspect, take the network politics effect to the real politic influence limit as a center, launches root, foundation, manifestation which the network politics effect produces, the thorough analysis based on the influence degree virtual network’s political take to politics and the negative political effect which virtual technology’s own problems bring; the second aspect, based on virtual technology’s own limit’s discussion, from the technical essence of network political effect, to return the nature of network technology, therefore further analyzes technology’s own problem and the limitation, political issue it brings, thus determines the boundary and respectively reasonable status of virtual technology and the politics; the third aspect, start from virtual technology and the politics intrinsic relations, pointed out the way response to network impact, simultaneously make further thought about how to carry on proper political arrangement under the new technical and social background. In order to realize the above intention, the full text altogether divides into five chapters: first chapter, analyses the foundation and social basic that virtual technology brings political effect encompass the relating between virtual technology and virtual network spaces; second chapter, take the network’s political effect as the core, to explain the virtual political form in network space, the significance of realistic politics and the profound impact to politics; third chapter, discuss the limitation of network political impact and the limitation of political impact brings by the internal network’s problem; fourth chapter, penetrate network politics’technical essence, through technology’s own problem, definite technology political influence boundary; fifth chapter, elaborates that based on the correctly processed virtual technology and the political boundary and their respective relational, how should the real politic respond the political impact brings by virtual technology.

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