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Quantum dot photonic crystal Fiber Spectroscopic and laser characteristics of basic research

Author: ZhangXiaoSong
Tutor: DongXiaoYi
School: Nankai University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Photonic crystal fiber Quantum dots Spontaneous emission Photonic band gap Polymer matrix Quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fiber ZnS: Er / ZnS Selective assembly Quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fiber fiber lasers
CLC: O471.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Quantum dots and photonic crystal fiber are two kinds of important synthetic materials in the international research recently. Thereinto, Quantum dots incarnate the controlling effect for the electronic bandgap, and photonic crystal fibers incarnate the controlling effect for the photonic bandgap. Specially, Quantum dots and photonic crystal fiber are integrated for controlling the electronic bandgap and the photonic bandgap in this research, which afford a new method to fabricated new photonic devices, such as light sources and lasers.Above all, rare earth elements doped quantum dots, transition metal doped quantum dots, undopted quantum dots and core/shell quantum dots were fabricated, and controllable spontaneous emission are realized through adjust the size and composition of quantum dots. Moreover, experiment and theory research of quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fiber are studied. Thereafter, simulation and experiment about quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fiber laser are also investigated.The details are described as follows:1 Rare earth elements doped quantum dots are synthesized in aqueous solution utilized the microwave assistant synthesis method, include ZnS:Er, ZnS:Er,Yb and PbS:Er quantum dots. Furthermore, photoluminescence emission in communication band of quantum dots are observed, and construction, surface morphology and luminescence properties of quantum dots are investigated.2 The transition metal Cu doped ZnS quantum dots are synthesized in aqueous solution utilized the microwave assistant synthesis method. The controllable spontaneous emission is realized through adjust the composition of ZnS:Cu quantum dots. And the luminescence intensity of quantum dots ZnS:Cu,Al increase, which arise from that Al3+ ions as co-activated enhance donor level.3 ZnS:Pb and ZnS:Pb/ZnS quantum dots are synthesized in aqueous solution utilized the microwave assistant synthesis method. ZnS:Pb quantum dots show a very broad white emission band around 495nm under 385nm UV irradiation, The red-shift in the photoluminescence spectrum increase with the size of ZnS:Pb quantum dots increase are observed. By coating a ZnS shell, a red-shift and intensity increase are observed in photoluminescence spectrum. ZnS:Er/ZnS quantum dots are synthesized through similar method, and ZnS:Er/ZnS show an enhanced broad infrared emission in around 1550nm.4 PbS quantum dots were prepared in the aqueous medium from readily available precursors. PbS quantum dots-PMMA composites are fabricated, and investigate photoluminescence PbS quantum dots in PMMA matrix with different mass ratio.5 Quantum dots selective assemble photonic crystal fibers in long distance and quantum dots have adhesion performance in the small region. The full-vectorial plane-wave expansion method and finite element method are used to analyze the quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fiber. Guided properties of the quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fibers are studied. The coating with materials of low index rise up the dispersion curve but won’t induce surface modes. However, coating with materials of high index induces surface modes and avoided-crossings. By varying coat material’s refractive index, the surface modes and core modes affect guided properties. In experiment, several kinds of quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fibers are low loss in 1550nm region.6 The numerical analysis and preliminary experiment of the ZnS:Er/ZnS quantum dots assembled photonic crystal fiber laser are carried out.

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