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Study on Theory and Application of Circular Economy Development in Coal Industry

Author: YuanXueLiang
Tutor: MaChunYuan;ZhangKai
School: Shandong University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Coal Industry Resource Metabolism Systematic Integration Eco-industrial Chain Circular Economy
CLC: F426.21
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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As the most important and reliable energy resource for the fast economic development in China, coal can not be replaced by any other energy resources; It’s overwhelming position in energy output and consumption will remain for a long time. Coal demand will increase remarkably as the rocketing up of economic development in China. There are many existing problems in coal industry, such as bad industrial integration, lack coal reserves, unreasonable scale & structure of coal mines and serious environmental pollution. To research the circular economy development of coal industry is beneficial for economic growth mode transformation of coal industry, promoting reasonable and effective utilization of coal resource and easing the rigorous condition of energy shortage. Circular economy development is the key measure for coal industry to realize a harmony relationship between resource economization, economic development and environment conservation.Based on theoretical analysis of circular economy development in coal industry, environmental impact reorganization, resource and element metabolism analysis, systemic integration and value flow analysis, this paper try to explore the scientific, popular and adaptive eco-industrial chains, circular economy model, indicator system and evaluation model of coal circular economy. The study conclusions can provide prospective and manipulable guide for the sustainable development of coal industry; the conclusions can also be used as helpful reference for the development of circular economy in coal industry.Domestic and foreign research status of circular economy and coal circular economy is analyzed. Coal circular economy is a research issue in circular economy field at present. Foreign researches are mostly concentrated on case studies and relevant technologies and measures; these researches have detailed aims but can not provide sufficient guidance for coal circular economy in China. The emphases of domestic researches are circular economy plan and policy of macro level; compared with foreign researches, pertinence and maneuverabilityis of domestic researches need to be increased.The paper recognizes the environmental impacts of coal industry and analyzes the guidance effect of circular economy theory for the sustainable development of coal industry. Anylysis result shows that in the whole life period of coal, including coal extraction, process, storage, transportaion and consumption, the negative impacts on eco-environment are obvious, especially for air environment. In the theory of circular economy, subsidence area treatment, coal gangues, mining wastewater, coal ash and slag comprehensive utilization, coal-bed methane and coal associated minerals extraction should be and can be realized in coal industry.Resource and element metabolism are analyzed in this paper. In the view of raising resource effiencicy, if there are more nodes in resource flow routes there will be more opportunities for the utilization of products, by-products and waste; and result in the increase of resource utilization ratio. Otherwise, the resource utilization ratio will be lower. Element metabolism is an important quantitive analysis method for resource metabolism analysis at the industrial level. The analysis of the character elements of coal industry, such as carbon and sulphur, is helpful to find the nodes of resource running out and the quantity of lost resources.This paper carrys through the systematic integration of coal circular economy system and analyzes the change of coal value chain under the circumstance of circular economy. Resource comprehensive utilization, energy consumption decrease, water demand decrease, information share, increase of equipments and facilities utilization efficiency can be realized by the integration of material, energy, water, information, equipments and facilities, respectively. The forming process and involved contents of coal value chain are more complex with the development of circular economy. By extending, circularizing and reticulating value chains, coal value can be increased.By assembling, supplementing, extending and coupling industrial chains, coal industry can form many landscape orientation and portrait industrial chains and nets. In these chains and nets, coal extraction, power plant of comprehensive utilization and coal chemistry are the three key-nodes. Circular economical coal enterprise, circular economical coal eco-park, circular economical coal city and coal circular economy of social level is the four basic circular economy development models for coal industry. The stability of coal circular economy system is determined by the supply and demand relationship between upper flow and lower flow nodes, flexibility of key-nodes, diversity of connection ways of industrial chains and the environmental and economic benefits of circular economy development.This paper establishes an indicator system with 4 levels, 5 submodules, 10 element sets and 34 material indicators. The method of analytic hierarchy process with entropy modification is applied for calculating the indicator weight. After modification, the indicator weight has more information and its reliability is increased. The paper uses multistage fuzzy comprehensive appraisal method to evaluate the level of circular economy development. Multistage fuzzy comprehensive appraisal method can overcome the fuzziness of indicator’s attribute and recognize the current status and restriction factors of circular economy development. In this way, the assessment result is more impersonal.Lastly, the paper takes Yanzhou Coal Mining Group as the research object for the case study of coal circular economy. Based on resource metabolism and element metabolism of carbon, sulphur, aluminum and fluorin metabolism and the recognition of existing problems of circular economy, a new circular economy development model is built. In the new model, industrial chains are extended, nodes of resource metabolism are increased, the relationship between different nodes is strengthened, the eco-industrial chains and nets are more flourishing. A coinstantaneous advance of economy, resource and environment will be implemented.

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