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Research on Agriculter Coopration Economic Insititutions and Its Operation Mechanism

Author: YangYin
Tutor: HuZhenPeng
School: Nanchang University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: Agricultural Cooperative Economics organization form organization model management mechanism "company + farmer" "enterprise + farmer" "market + farmer"
CLC: F321.4
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2007
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The Fifth Plenum of the 16th formally proposed Building Socialist New Village, "Eleventh Five Year" development plan established building Socialist New Village strategic objectives. While building Socialist New Village it is necessary to develop agricultural industrialization, develop agricultural industrialization it is necessary to develop agricultural cooperative economic organizations. Therefore, according to China’s current rural reform and development situation, to think, explore, norms and the development of rural cooperative economic organizations have become the focus of China’s rural work.Agricultural cooperative economic organizations is the important supply system of modern agriculture development, In the current and future agricultural modernization process will be decisive.First, the agricultural cooperative economic organizations is an important carrier of agricultural industrialization, It will unite scattered farmers as a whole and establish cooperative relations with leading enterprises, reduce the cooperation contract costs, compliance costs, monitoring costs, the cost of management and operating risks between leading enterprises and the large numbers of farmers, and enhance the cooperation efficiency, enhanced its leading role; Second, agricultural cooperative economic organizations improve the Organizational Degree that Peasants Enter the Market , Solve the Contradictions between Farmers and Big Market, While maintaining the independence of farmers operating at the same time, overcome the limitations of single-family households in the course of operation, so that make the farmer who jointed Cooperation Organization form Community of economic interests. Third, the agricultural cooperative economic organizations will link up farmers and the market, become the bond of farmers, businesses and market, farmers will be scattered organize production and management, so as to achieve economies of scale, make sensitive response to the rapidly changing market, react positively to the ever-changing market. Fourth, the agricultural cooperative economic organization itself is an important Organizational Form of Agricultural Industrialization, It appeared in the form of the modern enterprise, led the farmers to participate in production, market development, sales management, become their leading enterprises, and speed up their own development and growth and promote the industrialization of agriculture development. Agricultural cooperative economic organizations not only harmonize external market changes and maintaining the overall interests of cooperative economic organizations, but for members of the internal organization also play a role on coordinating interests of all parties, safeguarding the economic interests and other interests among the members. Fifth, the government can downward implementation of the party’s line, principles and policies through agricultural cooperative economic organizations; Farmers can upward to express their demands, aspirations and voice through agricultural cooperative economic organizations, improve bargaining position and negotiating capacity, protect their own interests. Peasantry are the Largest Vulnerable Group in the society, At the same time, are the Largest Vulnerable Market Participants, This makes farmers are all in a weak position in the society and the market, Such double vulnerable status makes farmers market bargaining power and social bargaining power are rather weak.The development of Agriculture Cooperative Economics Organization would not only strengthen and ensure the negotiation position of the farmers, but also enhance and improve the negotiation ability of the farmers. Besides, based on the protection of farmers’ profit, the new rural reconstruction would be implemented at an early date. China is still on the elementary development stage. Although agriculture is the basis of the national economy and entering the new phase of industry reverse-fostering agriculture, agriculture is still quite behindhand. Additionally, due to the weakness essential character of agricultural, developing conditions for agriculture cooperative economics organization have not enough enlightened in many places. All of these have brought the fact that peremptory development by man-made will caused some nonstandard cases. This severely restricts the advanced development of this process. Only based on the construction of operation mechanics, the Agriculture Cooperative Economics Organization would produce the motivation from the organization development and exert the inherent role gradually. Accordingly, it is quite necessary to research on Agriculture Cooperative Economics Organization and the operation mechanics. Delved into this thesis by combining theory and practice, this issue surely possesses advanced practical guidance significance. The research framework of this issue is as follows. Chapter One is introduction. It talked mainly about the research topic, gist and background on topic selecting and the review of researches at home and abroad. It also refers the nodes and innovative points. Chapter Two is Theoretical Analysis of Agriculture cooperative Economic Organization. This chapter provides theoretical support for this issue, that is, the introduction of theoretical basis of China’s present Agriculture cooperative Economic Organization. Presently theory support includes the following types: Agricultural Cooperative Economics, Industrial Economics, Agricultural Industrial Economics, Microeconomic Analysis of Farmer Cooperative Behavior, Exchange Fees, Farmer Behavior Theory, Farmer Collectivity Behavior Theory, Farmer Household Production Model and so on. Chapter Three introduces the development of agricultural cooperative organization. Two resources attribute to Chinese cooperative economics. One is the cooperation system of western countries; the other is the cooperation from Soviet Union. And these two resources have been gone through practice under different times and environments. Due to history effect, they underwent flection, discontinuity, and distortion. Judging from the development of our country’s agricultural cooperative economics, it has gone through two stages: traditional agricultural cooperatives and new-type agricultural cooperative economic organization. Due to the increasingly fierce market competition, and answering to the need of combination between farmer micro-production and national market and transformation of agricultural scientific achievements, a new cooperative organization-the new-type agricultural cooperative economic organization gradually replaced the traditional agricultural cooperatives. Meanwhile, new forms of agricultural cooperative economics emerge, such as, contract management, contract bond, market connection, joint stock cooperative system and so on. The thesis introduces how to choose the form of agricultural cooperative organization. Chapter Four briefly introduces the domestic and foreign agricultural cooperative economics models. At present, our country’s agricultural cooperative economics models mainly are:" company + farmer", "market + farmer", " cooperative organization + farmer "and so on. Though, compared with traditional agricultural cooperatives, great progress has been made, various problems still exist. For example, less confidence among the farmers in cooperatives, lack of various management and science and technology talents in agricultural cooperative economics and so on. To further perfect the new-type agricultural cooperative economic organization model, the thesis introduces the agricultural cooperative economic organization model adopted by foreign countries. By comparing with our new-type agricultural cooperative economic organization model and analyzing the reason, effective ways to improve our country’s agricultural cooperative economic organization model are to be found. Chapter Five introduces the choice of agricultural cooperative economic organization model. First, from the two perspectives of variance and variety of property right character and property right construction, analysis is carried out on agricultural cooperative economic organization model; then, it introduces the technical proofs of agricultural cooperative model-gift restriction and asset characteristics. The conclusions acquired on technology aspect related to cooperative model are as follows: when it obtains abundant economic resource (especially income level and production credit environment), good human resources, large market scale, and comparatively high farmer’s asset exclusive use on cooperatives, the organization inclines to adopt an organization model with high criterion, close-knit construction, and unified management and coordination; while with strong regional economic resource restriction, unfavorable human resources, slow market development, and low organization asset exclusive use, the way to launch farmer specified cooperative model should adopt organization model with flexibility, low criterion, lose structure, and small scale. And through sustaining development and accumulation, when its economic ability and organization reach a certain level and scale, the latter can acquire organization behavior motives to transform into the former. Chapter Six induces the management system of our country’s industrial economic organization. Up to now, the management systems of our country’s industrial economic organization mainly are: outstanding enterprises drive, market drive, cooperative economic organization drive and so on. The writer has made deep analysis on the above-mentioned management system respectively. Besides, the mechanism of interior system of our country’s cooperative economic organization is also introduced. Chapter Seven is the demonstration analysis of Jiangxi tea-leaf industry. Recent years, with the gradual adjustment of economic construction of Jiangxi’s tea-leaf industry, leading by famous high quality tea-leaf brands, domestic market is gradually perfected. Along with the continually penetration of foreign trade system, the economic situation of Jiangxi’s tea-leaf industry is better. But as a whole, it’s still under adjustment. The writer has made research on Jiangxi’s tea-leaf industry by demonstration analysis, and analyzed the factors influencing tea-leaf total output. Then, through comparison among various organization forms of Jiangxi’s tea-leaf industry, the writer puts forward the innovation method and policy suggestion about industry organization form. Chapter Eight is the conclusion and suggestion. The formation, evolution and innovation of agricultural industrial micro-organization are the result of agriculture marketing, and rely on the development and perfection of market system. On the basis of all the analysis, the writer put forward the thoughts, strategy and suggestion of developing our country’s agricultural cooperative economic organization, at the aim of promote its stable and healthy development.

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