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Academic and Empirical Research on Competitive Regions Building

Author: WangYong
Tutor: DuDeBin
School: East China Normal University
Course: Human geography
Keywords: Competitive Power Competitive Region Characteristic Industrial Cluster Regional Triple Helix
CLC: F061.5
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2008
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Competition is dynamic. It depends on the difference between innovation and strategies. With the process of economic globalization speeding up and infrastructure of transport and telecommunication becoming convenient increasingly, the competitive intensity of production factors is diminishing continually. Therefore, it gives birth to powerful competitive pressure, latent pressure and continual contrasting pressure on host country so as to make local innovative pressure increasing continually. At present, basic factors of innovative process have broken through national borders and becoming global or regional factors. Regional concentration provides optimal environment for learned economy that depends on innovation, knowledge creation, knowledge diffusing and learning. Latent knowledge creation and technology learning have been indigenous and localized. However, the most important potential of innovation system also depends on neighborhood of geographical location and technological adjacency. Region provides favorable background for technology communication, external knowledge and learned opportunities. Therefore, region actually has been the principal part that embodies national competitive power. Hence, it has important theoretical value and practical significance for macrocosmic and microcosmic economic development that researching on how to build the competitive region.Economic globalization can not eliminate regional uniqueness completely. It all the more can not eliminate local heterogeneity that innovation produces. Regional uniqueness will be kept down, protected, excavated and reconstructed so as to exalt regional itself competitive power. At the same time, economic globalization will bring on regional production specialization due to that innovative capability distributes asymmetrically. Therefore, regional innovative potential to a large extent depends on international productive factors that can not ambulatory. So each region all focuses on cultivating its intrinsic knowledge base and relative advantage. Accordingly, it comes into being regional unique innovative competitive advantage on the basis of factors that can not ambulatory.Competitive region is the region that holds’ unique local character’. It takes innovation and knowledge as its developmental catalyst. Therefore, it becomes the national and even global region that has most developmental vigor. The diversities and dissimilarities between regions are innovative headspring that can not be absent. Thy drive directly regional competitive power becomes being strengthened. On the basis of these, spatial competition between countries in the information era has concentrated on competition among metropolitan regions which influx national elemental distillates. The robustness and weakness of competitive power in metropolitan region determine directly the success and failure of games among nations. Thereby, it is the focus of global competition that how to build competitive region.The dissertation marks off clearly the primary types of competitive regions being established in the globe on the basis of evaluating and discussing relative theories of regional economical development and regional competition. It abstracts the processes and sublimates the theories of cultivating successfully these regions, carding systemically the systems of strategies and policies that competitive regions are cultivating, coming into being and sustainable development as well as frameworks and prospects of multi-governance that matching the strategies and policies, bringing forward the viewpoint that characteristic industrial cluster is high efficient catalyst which building competitive region, at the same time, measuring the effects that the characteristic industrial cluster drives to exalt the regional competitive power from analyzing the intrinsic running mechanism of characteristic industrial cluster. Thereafter, the dissertation stresses on resolving the running process of spatial cultivation of characteristic industrial cluster.The author brings forward the space of regional triple helix that comprises knowledge space, innovation space and the space of being inclined to coherence that finally cultivates the characteristic industrial cluster through creating the mode of regional triple helix interaction among university, enterprise and government. There into, innovative government constructs supporting environment of regional triple helix that gestating characteristic industrial cluster. Competitive enterprise creates its core dynamic competitive power through extending its borderlines of absorbing capabilities. University carries out contractual cooperation with government and enterprise on the basis of its direction of independent developmental strategy, developing gradually into the thruster that driving the regional triple helix.The paper believes that regional competitive advantage is more and more based on knowledge innovation, the process that building competitive region centralized embodies the high efficient unification of main strategic and policy points that exalting regional competitive power and measures of multi-level governance that matching these points. All levels of regional governments attach increasingly importance to implement authorized policies while making policy emphases turn gradually to contractual system. Meanwhile, characteristic industrial cluster has been catalyst and engine that boosting regional growth, exalting regional competitive power and even building competitive region. However, competitive region in essence is subminiature regional innovative system that exists on taking learned industrial district as exterior expressive configuration.Shanghai is Chinese pioneer and the most developed region that developing outwards economy, at the same time, being the dense frontier location that China absorbs transnational enterprises’ investments, being one of important international financial, shipping, trade and business center of China and Far-east region. Yangpu district, Minhang district, Jiading district and Chongming county are the most characteristic embranchment points of Shanghai metropolitan. They have the most remarkable characteristics of grads increase by degrees and ’the pattern of wild goose cavalcade’ arrangements in industrial developmental structure. The extraordinary resources gift that these divisions have pool together into unique ’regional character’ of Shanghai. In the future, Shanghai will grow up being hold the balance worldwide competitive metropolitan in Far-east region. She must push the process by exert abundantly resource aggregation effect of each division on the basis of excavating and exalting her unique regional character. Ultimately, Shanghai will be built into international competitive metropolitan that takes innovative district of ’intellective Yangpu’, principal functional district of ’aerospace Minhang’, industrial district of ’automobile Jiading’ and Chongming modern ecological research and innovative island as the principal part.

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