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A typical physical model with new types of rare decay process

Author: LiuWei
Tutor: YueChongXing
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: Standard Model New Physics Model Rare decay Branchingratio
CLC: O572.24
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2010
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The standard model (SM), which unifies the electroweak and strong interaction theory in particle physics, has been verified in the past tens of years. It is an effective theory in low energy and still has some unsolved problems, which offer the space for the development of new physics (NP) models. Rare decay process is meaningful both in testing the SM and finding NP. The branching ratio of rare decay process predicted in the SM is very small, there are still discrepancy between the theoretical predictions and experimental results, which also provide the space for the NP beyond the SM. After a brief introduction of the SM and rare decays, we introduce some of the most popular NP models, such as three-site Higgsless model, topcolor assisted technicolor (TC2) model and the littlest Higgs model with T-parity (called LHT model). In our main work part, firstly, the new heavy gauge bosons contributions to rare decay processes K+→π+vv and KL→π+vv are considered in the framework of three-site Higgsless model, the numerical results show that the branching ratios of these two decay processes can be enhanced by40%and50%relative to those predicted by the standard model; secondly, We examine the rare decays Bs→l+l-and B→Kl+l-in the TC2model and the LHT model, the values of their branching ratios are larger than the standard model predictions by one order of magnitude, and the TC2model predicted longitudinal polarization asymmetry of leptons in Bs→l+l-can approach O(10-2); then, we calculate the branching ratios of the LFV decay processes τ-→μ-P1P2with P1P2=π+π-, K+K-and K0K0in the context of the TC2and the LHT models, these two NP models can indeed produce significant contributions to some of these LFV decay processes. The above results show that NP models can give large corrected effects to relevant observable quantity of rare decay processes as branching ratio and asymmetry etc, the value of which can attend or exceed the threshold value of high energy experiments. As the smooth operation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the measurement accuracy will further improved, and the corrected effects may be observed in the future high energy experiments. Thus the results of our work on such processes in different theoretical frameworks have a certain significance in testing the SM, finding possible signal of NP, or constraining the parameters of NP models and distinguishing different types of NP models.

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